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H.R.P Chapter 142: Battle of Kikyo Pass (4)

The Ice Blade in Ryo’s hand was surrounded by Lightning Chakra. As it flickered, Kitsuchi felt the immense Lightning Chakra within it, and he had shivers.

“I must not be cut by that, or I’ll really die!”

Kitsuchi, the Kage tier veteran, had a very accurate judgement. Ryo had named this technique the [Ice Lightning Blade], which revolved around getting an Ice Blade into a state similar to the Lightning Chakra Mode.

The blade itself is mainly a condensation of Natural Energy. Adding Lightning Chakra Mode on top of that, effectively made Lightning a carrier to that Energy.

Lightning-carried Natutal energy is a terrible existence to all those with no experience with natural energy. Once the Lightning Chakra made contact with a body part, the effect wouldn’t be local. It would actually go beyond the contact point to completely destroy the body part it came into contact with.

Ryo had developed this technique quite a long time before, and had been keeping it as one of his hidden cards.

He was actually intending on keeping it for the Kyubi’s attack night. Now, in order to go to Minato’s help, he could only show it this too soon.

Although Kitsuchi’s right hand hadn’t completely recovered, he was able to move it normally. Sensing that Ryo was about to attack, he was already prepared to defend himself.

Ryo made the first move. He chose to use Ice to teleport directly. Unlike his Lightning Chakra Flicker, Ice teleportation was like a Space-Time Ninjutsu, and Kitsuchi was unable to detect it.

Ryo teleported behind Kitsuchi, where there was a Scalpel he had left before destroying the Stone Giant.

Kitsuchi was watching Ryo’s movement closely. As soon as the latter disappeared, the Tsuchikage’s son was prepared in advance.

“[Earth Release: Great Moving Earth Core]!” Kitsuchi’s Jutsu greatly raised the surface, changing the landscape. This made Ryo’s 1st strike hit the ground.

“WHAT!” Kitsuchi glanced at the ground around the [Ice Lightning Blade] attack and gasped.

A large area of the ground was covered by frost, and an electrical spark went through the ice, creating an explosion, and bursting the ground into black smoke.

Kitsuchi panicked. What would happen if he was the one to receive this cut? How much better would he be compared to the ground?

Thinking about that, he just gave up. Any small mistake he made from now on meant eminent death!

“Ryo Yamanaka… you’ve won! I admit defeat! I quit this battle!”

Ryo stopped attacking. Kitsuchi from the Manga left a good impression on him, and he decided to believe him.

Ryo run past his opponent, rushing straight towards the corner in the direction of the Yonbi Jinchuriki. Kitsuchi kept his promise and left the battlefield.

On his way, Ryo told Minato that he had already handled Kitsuchi, and that he was going his way.

Minato was still in a pinch facing the Yonbi Jinchuriki and Kakuzu. He was able to dodge with ease, but he wasn’t getting any window to attack.

The Yonbi Jinchuriki relied on his practically infinite Chakra to arbitrarily splatter lava around, forcing Minato to move erratically, while Kakuzu used the windows that his colleague opened to attack Minato.

During this period, Minato also found Kakuzu was using Lightning, Wind, Fire and Water release as if they were his main affinities.

Ryo quickly rushed to the place where the three were fighting. He didn’t rush to attack, but first contacted Minato.

“Minato ni-san, I’m here!”

Minato heard Ryo’s voice and felt finally relieved. With Ryo joining his side, it was finally time to counter attack.

“Ryo, you should wait. Kakuzu is by no means a weakling, and the Yonbi itself is sure to be familiar with you. Although the new Jinchuriki is not perfect yet, he should not be underestimated.”

Minato and Ryo’s thoughts coincided. These two are not easy to deal with, and to beat them, they needed to play smart.

“Ryo, one more thing. This person, Kakuzu, is extraordinary. I have already crushed through his heart, and he’s still alive!” Minato shared the information he had with Ryo.

Ryo pretended to contemplate, then answered: “Ni-san, perhaps his heart is on the right side! We’ll attack his right side or his head for a while, and we should be fine!”

“Well, that should be the only possibility. Next, I’ll create opportunities for you. Use your speed to finish Kakuzu, and then, we’ll deal with the Yonbi.”

“Alright, I understand!”

After discussing their plan, Minato’s counterattack began.

As he was forced to teleport once again, Minato went to a new mark that he had made nearby, and he disappeared from his opponents’ eyes.

Both Kakuzu and the Yonbi Jinchuriki were shocked, and they began to trace him. It was at this time that Minato reappeared in a place that they had never imagined.

Behind the Yonbi, Minato’s right condensed an Oodama Rasengan, and he directly hit the Yonbi Jinchuriki’s body.

Even with the Lava Release Chakra Mode and the Yonbi’s Chakra protection, the Jinchuriki was injured.

Red Biju Chakra emerged from within his body, healing the wound. The constant erosion created by the Rasengan forced the Biju Chakra to constantly heal the wound, making the Jinchuriki start to lose control.

As Minato was preparing for a bigger attack, Kakuzu came from the side. Minato already knew that he was coming, but he faked being caught up in the moment, not being able to see the approaching threat.

Kakuzu thought that he was free to move in, and he directly went for an all out Lightning Jutsu aimed at Minato.

As for the Jinchuriki’s life, that didn’t matter one bit to Kakuzu.

After all, all he had to do was to kill Minato, then take his money and leave.

“Ryo, Now!” As soon as Kakuzu launched his Lightning Ninjustu, Minato teleported to where Ryo was at.

Ryo, who was hiding, had made his full preparations. He flickered behind Kakuzu, and aimed his Ice Lightning Blade to the back of his neck.

Ryo knew all about Kakuzu secret. If he was to aim to the right, he might only be able to destroy one heart. If he directly went for the head, he might get a chance to kill.

Kakuzu had a lifetime of experience, and could feel a threat one was coming. Just as the Ice Lightning Blade was about to cut his head off, he dodged evading a deadly hit.

Nevertheless, he was slashed, and massive amounts of Lightning Chakra carrying Natural energy poured into his body, while its surface was covered in frost.

It didn’t take long before his body got ravaged by the violent Lightning Chakra.

Ryo didn’t hesitate, and immediately throwing second knife at Kakuzu, but that hit the ground. The damaged Kakuzu was still able to make a clone and flicker away.

His current location had no Ice Scalpel, and no Flying Thunder God Kunai.

He looked back at Ryo with his eyes full of hatred, turned around a left.

Ryo wanted to chase him, but he was stopped by Minato. The Yonbi Jinchuriki was still there, and he was the one posing the bigger threat to Konoha’s Ninjas.

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