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H.R.P Chapter 147 : Shisui’s Growth

A few days later, Konoha’s Ninjas returned and the whole village was boiling. The villagers were shouting the names of their new heroes.

The most prominent names were those of Minato and Orochimaru. Under unintentional propaganda, the two men’s reputation was right behind that of the 3rd.

The 3rd however was very happy to see this. One of the two was his direct apprentice, and the other was a second generation disciple as well as well.

He deemed them as worthy inheritors of the will of fire, and it seemed to him that handing over his position of Hokage to either of them was fitting at that moment.

Like the hero welcoming spectacles, the 3rd said a few words and then asked the public to let the Ninjas go home.

When Ryo returned home, he found that Chinse was a little surprised. Her son had been out of the village for only half a month.

Nevertheless, she was extremely happy to see her son, and cooked him all sorts of delicious food.

Ryo, Chinse, and Shi started eating, and he told them that the Sand had surrendered, and promised to return Shi to her village rather soon.

After eating, Ryo went to find Yugao, but learned from Anko that she was put on mission to hunt down thieves by Orochimaru, and had just set off.

Ryo was helpless, he could only go to the Uchiha and look for Shisui.

The Uchiha were one of the two most ancient clans in the village. Outsiders who wanted to enter their district had to register with police.

When Ryo went there however, he wasn’t questioned. He just left his name, got a pass and went into the district.

The Uchiha’s district was remote, but their area was quite large, just like a small town.

Ryo had no idea where Shisui was, but he remembered his Chakra. So, he entered Sage Mode, and located him immediately.

While in the district, Ryo couldn’t just flicker as he wanted, so he walked slowly while perceiving his apprentice’s location.

Shisui was a remote place, and Ryo walked for a long time before finding himself at the edge of a forest.

After confirming that no one was around, Ryo entered the Ice Lightning Chakra Mode and quickly flicker to where Shisui was.

He found him practicing in the forest. This last battle had left quite the impact on him. The people he was just talking to and laughing with turned into corpses in the blink of an eye. The impact of that shocked him into awakening his Sharingan.

After watching him practice for a little while, Ryo decided to test Shisui progress. He separated a Shadow Clone with one tenth of his own power, and sent him in.

Ryo’s own strength, without the use of Sage Mode or the Ice-Lightning Chakra mode was only at the level of Quasi Kage.

On top of that, Ryo’s ordinary Shadow Clones could not enter Ice Elementization, and were thus unable to Ice Ninjutsu. That, coupled with the Clone’s Chakra made it at the level of regular Jonin.

Shisui was still very vigilant even this long after the war. At the moment that the Clone approached with the Lightning Chakra Flickered, he detected him, but didn’t react.

The Clone was a bit surprised. He realized that Shisui found him, so why didn’t he hide?

The clone flickered in, and while he wasn’t in the Ice Lightning Chakra mode, he was very fast. He reached Shisui in an instant, stabbing him directly with a Kunai.

The still Shisui turned in a crow.

“A crow? Haha, it seems like Shisui had already gained a lot in this battle.” Ryo remembered the strange crow from the Manga and laughed.

The clone was also shocked by this tactic. He wanted to flicker away, but Shisui didn’t gave him an opportunity. He flickered to where his was at, and instantly slashed him in half.

“Wonderful! It seems like this battle had made you grow a lot!” Ryo jumped from between the trees praising Shisui.

As his Sensei, he could see his apprentice achieve such great growth. It invigorated him with a sense of achievement.

Seeing Ryo, Shisui immediately realized that this whole matter was just trial from his Sensei. He felt a bit embarrassed when he heard him praise him.

After that, the two talked about Shisui’s feelings after the battle and the gains that he had made.

Ryo learned that this battle didn’t just awaken Shisui Sharingan, but also made him accidentally come into contact with a Summoning Contract.

The summoning beast he had was a crow. It wasn’t a high-level summoned beast. Shisui didn’t care much about this. After signing the contact, he put it aside.

It wasn’t until Shisui tried summoning after the battle. He brought in a crow that was called the Genjutsu Crow. It was born with the ability to used Genjutsu and was special crow that existed in both Genjutsu and reality.

He started working with this crow to make a Substitute Clone that did not require forming hand seals to make. He had other ideas, but he hadn’t tried them out yet.

The two agreed to meet the next day at the 3rd training ground, and Ryo left the place.

While Shisui had been his apprentice for quite some time now, Ryo did not introduce him to Minato and the others yet. So he planned to make everyone get to know him.

Early the next morning, Shisui entered the 3rd training ground accompanied with 4 or 5 year old child.

Soon after, Kakashi’s trio came, followed by Sakumo, Minato and Kushina.

Ryo was looking for Jiraya, only to find him at the hot springs as usual, and the two came late. As for Orochimaru, he immediately returned to his cloning experiments as soon as he got back to the village, and Anko was also caught up with him, so Ryo didn’t even get to see him since they returned.

With everyone at the training ground, Ryo called Shisui, saying to everyone: “This is my apprentice, Shisui Uchiha. Shisui, say hello to everyone!”

“Hello, I’m Sisui Uchiha, it’s my pleasure to meet you all!”

Shisui was a bit nervous. Standing before him were some of the most prominent people in Konoha.

One of the Sannin, Jiraya; the Kyubi Jinchuriki, Kushina Uzumaki; Konoha’s Yellow Flash, Minato Namikaze; Konoha’s White Fang, Sakumo Hatake; facing such people, he could only be nervous.

“Ryo’s disciple? Very good! I’m Sakumo Hatake. Come to me whenever you have any questions about Taijutsu!” Being the most senior person of the field, Sakumo spoke first.

Jiraya also expressed his satisfaction with meeting Shisui. As Sakumo promised to help him with Taijutsu, Jiraya felt he had to be up to the occasion, and promised to teach him about Ninjutsu whenever he wanted.

Minato smiled and said hello, giving him a Flying Thunder God Kunai.

“Ah, Ryo’s disciple, this makes like… my grandson! Well I can’t give you a gift that’s too shabby. I’ll give you a Seal!” Kushina took out a scroll on which was written [Evil Sealing Method] and handed it to Shisui.

Shisui thanked everyone, and now it was time for Kakashi’s team.

Kakashi gave him a Chakra-phile blade, while Rin gave him a [Healing Stone].

Shisui obviously recognized Obito, and the two already had a good relationship. Obito was living alone with his grandmother, and they had no fixed income. He didn’t really have anything to give Shisui at hand. But in order to keep himself from being humiliated in front of this crowd, he gave him his own battle saber while biting his teeth.

Shisui know of Obito’s financial situation, and he knew even more about his character. He could not refuse, smiled, and accepted Obito’s gift.

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