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H.R.P Chapter 173: Kurama’s Response

The next morning, Ryo, while holding Korin, used Teleportation Barrier to get from the Forest of Death to Orochimaru’s lab. 

There was no one there. Yugao had left a note saying that she and Anko went out on a task, so that Ryo would not worry.

Originally, Ryo wanted to get Yugao to meet Korin, but unfortunately didn’t happen to catch up with her. He had to leave with Korin in his arms.

Korin was just born in the world. She was greatly curious about everything, remaining Ryo’s arms, looking left and right all the time.

The villagers along Ryo’s way saw him holding the cat, and men, women and children all envied him.

It was because Korin looked extremely cute. Her yellow and white Ragdoll Cat fur was stunning, and her sapphire-like eyes looked beautiful.

Everyone’s envy made Ryo suddenly feel uncomfortable. He clung to Korin and used the Lightning Chakra Mode Flicker to disappear in plain sight.

Ryo’s destination was Ichiraku Ramen. Because he was dealing with Korin, he remained in the Forest of Death for two days. Over the course of that period, he didn’t get to eat anything.

Usually, Ryo wouldn’t have problems standing such a situation. However, ever since he changed the genetic arrangement within his cells, his daily food intake was greatly increased. After all, his great vitality required a lot of energy to be maintained.

Ryo arrived at Ichiraku Ramen, put Korin down and couldn’t wait to get three bowls of seafood ramen.

“Ryo, what is this?” While Ryo was eating, Korin smelled the scent of the ramen, and asked curiously.

“This is ramen. Do you want to eat?” While saying that, Ryo lifted some ramen with his chopsticks and gave it to Korin.

She sniffed the Ramen for a while before finally surrendering to the temptation and eating a whole lot of it.

“Ramen is delicious!” Korin immediately fell in love with the flavor!

Ryo quickly finished the three bowls, eating while feeding Korin.

From Ichiraku, Ryo entered Sage Mode, looking for Kushina’s location.

After locating her Chakra, Ryo lifted Korin and teleported to Kushina.

At the time, she was practicing with Rin and Shisui.

After Obito’s death, Rin’s character changed drastically. Previously, Rin used to be mainly interested in Medical Ninjutsu. Now, she started paying attention to gaining more strength, so she was practicing with Kushina for a while.

Shisui who did not see Ryo for a long time, also could also follow Kushina around for practice.

“Hey! Hello everyone!” Ryo saluted the three.

“Ryo! Where have you been all this time? How long are you going to leave your apprentice to me? Aren’t you going to take responsibility of his training?” Said Kushina was some anger.

“So sorry Ne-san, I had a lot to deal with lately!” 

Kushina wasn’t about to let him off the hook just because she knew he was honest. She kept scolding him indiscriminately.

“Ryo, what’s that can in your arms?” Just as Ryo was getting verbally pummeled by Kushina, Rin realized his was holding Korin in his arms.

When Kushina heard Rin’s words, she looked down, her eyes widened, and she immediately became attracted by Korin.

Girl cannot resist anything fluffy, especially if they are as cute as Korin. Kushina was immediately hooked!

Same goes for Rin, and Even Shisui could help but get his eyes attracted to Korin from time to time.

“Ryo, give it to me! I want to give it a hug!” Kushina’s mood became better just like that, and all her anger faded away.

After Ryo mentally sought Korin’s consent, he handed her over to Kushina.

As soon as Kushina reached to grab the cat, the Kyubi stopped her: “Kushina, wait! There’s something wrong with this cat!” 

Out of trust of Kurama, Kushina didn’t grab Korin, taking a few steps back instead.

“Kushina, switch with me!” Kurama said, and then took over Kushina body.

“Kid, what is the cat in your arms?” Kurama could not wait to ask.

After Korin sensed Kurama consciousness, she got all agitated.

Apparently, she could feel the pressure of Kurama’s horrible Chakra.

Ryo initially came here planning on talking to Kurama about Korin, but the Kyubi was the one to take the initiative. 

Ryo concealed the matter of Madara and the Gedo Mazo’s arm, and told Kurama about the rest of the details. Hearing that, Kurama fell into meditation.

After a good while, Kurama came back to earth, and stared at Korin with a burning gaze.

“So, the Chakra out of 5 Biju, and the soul of the Sanbi, could actually give birth to a new tailed beast?” Kurama was in utter disbelief. After all, he wasn’t only the strongest among the 9 Biju, he was also the most knowledgeable. Korin’s appearance took him by surprise.

“Kid, I want to see the power of this cat.” 

“Alright!” Ryo very happily agreed.

He then used the Teleportation Barrier to go with the Kyubi in Kushina’s body and Korin to the borders of the Fire Country. Ryo sensed that there was no one nearby, and unsealed the Chakra within his body. Korin was immediately turned from a kitten into a prestigious Water Kirin.

The Kyubi could feel her Chakra. Judging by that, he deemed her to be equivalent to the Yonbi in strength. Her Chakra on its own was nothing for him to be scared off.

What took Kurama by surprised was the Natural Energy infused within her Chakra. Among all the Biju, only the juubi was made out Natural Energy. The other Biju were only of assimilating Natural Energy, while Korin had it a constituent of its own existence. 

“You, throw a Biju Dama at me!” Kushina pointed at Korin and said.

“Oh!” The Kyubi’s power was far beyond hers, and Korin did not dare argue with him. On top of that, she didn’t sense any maliciousness from the Kyubi, and therefore, she was obedient. 

She knew well how to make a Biju Dama from the Sanbi’s memories. She opened her mouth, condensing a red and black Biju dama the size of a Human head, and then launching it at Kurama.

Kushina’s body was instantly wrapped in Red Chakra getting her to the Five Tailed Cloak mode, which caught the Biju Dama.

Kurama observed the sphere for a moment, noticing the presence of Natural Energy within it, and then threw the Biju Dama out.

“Boom!” A small piece of the forest disappeared under the explosion of the attack.

The next thing Kurama did was releasing his mental power. The Souls of the Biju were separated from the Juubi, and they were all connected to each other. The Kyubi wanted to confirm whether Korin’s soul gave any connection to that of the Juubi.

He eventually concluded that her soul was independent of the Juubi and the rest of the Biju.

“Kid, collect Chakra from the Nibi, the Rokubi, the Nanabi and the Hachibi! With their Chakra, she could be complete.” After that, Kurama gave Kushina’s body back to her.

She was listening to the whole dialogue between Ryo and Kurama. She never expected that the kitten that looked so cute before was actually a Biju.

Ryo re-sealed Korin’s Chakra into his body, and her body and soul went back to being a Ragdoll cat. She jumped into Ryo’s arm and found a comfortable position to lie down.

Seeing the cat, Kushina forgot all about the Water Kirin.

She robbed Korin from Ryo’s arms, with Kurama not stopping her this time.

“Interesting young child. Perhaps, she could become another Jubi in the future.” Watching Kushina play with Korin, Kurama muttered to himself.

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