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H.R.P Chapter 174: The Rokubi and the Scapegoat

C“Hokage sama, this is all the information that we could collect after investigation.” 

In the Hokage’s office, the 3rd’s face was rather heavy after listening to the Anbu’s report.

Two days ago, he suddenly received intelligence saying that there was a Biju Dama released on the borders of the fire country.

This was what happened between Korin and Kurama. But it just happened by coincidence that the 3rd also received information about the Rokubi Jinchuriki leaving being sent out by the Mist Village.

Combining these two piece of information, the 3rd could not just sit still, and immediately dispatched an Anbu group to investigate the borders if the Fire Country.

According to the information they obtained through their investigation, the Anbu confirmed that the damage in forest was doing of a Biju Dama, but they found no direct proof that it was that of the Rokubi.

The 3rd coukd not afford to take the matter lightly. Konoha had immerged as the sole victor of the 3rd World War. It could be very possible for other Villages to have movements in the area.

“Anbu, bring me Ryo and Minato.” The 3rd asked the Anbu around him.

“Wait! Bring Ryo and Kushina!” The 3rd suddenly thought of something and changed his mind.

As usual, the Anbu had no questions asked, and even though he had some doubts, he meticulously carried out his task.

In the past few days, Ryo was “brainwashing” Shisui in the 3rd training ground.

Ryo thought that some Shisui’s actions in the Manga were too selfless and borderline dumb. He felt that the kid was completely “poisoned” by the Will of Fire, and that he had balance things out and correct his values.

Shisui wasn’t agreeing with Ryo’s views, as they conflicted with the education he received ever since childhood. 

However, Ryo wasn’t thinking of changing Shisui’s ideas immediately. He just buried a seed in his heart that should sprout when the time is right and change his actions.

Later, the mentor and apprentice started practicing. Ryo had inherited the method of his own teachers. He used his own fist to make his apprentice recognize his deficiencies. The two were training almost daily.

Shisui’s strength greatly improved with fighting Kushina and Ryo. With the blessing of having the Sharingan, he soon reached the level of a Jonin. 

Their training was soon over, and Shisui laid on the ground panting.

Ryo was about to give him his evaluation, when the Anbu showed up.

“Ryo san, the Hokage sama wants you in his office.”

“I see. Did he summon anyone else besides me?” Ryo asked casually.

“Yes, he also summoned Kushina.”

Ryo raised his eyebrows in surprise. The 3rd actually called to Kage tier Ninjas for this matter, with one of them being the Kyubi’s Jinchurki.

At the office, Ryo and Kushina soon arrived, and the 3rd immediately handed out two scrolls to the two.

Opening the 1st they read: “The explosion of Biju Dama on the borders of the Fire Country.” The two realized what it was all about, but neither of them showed the faintest smile. They went ahead and read the 2nd Scroll: “The Mist Ninjas sent the Rokubi out on a mission”

“This is an S Rank mission! I need you two to investigate and trace the Rokubi and find out why he was sent out of his village. Also, the Biju appearing on our borders was not the Rokubi.”

After taking the mission, Ryo and Kushina left the 3rd’s office.

“Ryo, where are we going to find the Rokubi?” Kushina asked with a bitter face.

While no one else knew what was going on, Ryo and Kushina had special insight on the matter. The Biju in the fire country was none other than Korin, with the Biju dama’s explosion being hers and Kurama’s work.

What information they received was actually equivalent to nothing! It was as if the 3rd sent them out blindly to find the Rokubi, which was just like looking for needle in a haystack.

Ryo smiled and said: “Where ever he is, didn’t Kushina Ne-san want to leave the village for the longest time? Isn’t this a perfect opportunity?” 

“YEAH!” Kushina’s eyes lit up, and she was thrilled to realize that she was about to go out of the village again.

The next morning, Ryo, who was carrying Korin, gathered with Kushina at the entrance of the village.

There were also Shisui, and Pakura’s sister, Shi.

The war between Konoha and the Sand was finally over. Ryo intended to take this opportunity and fulfill his promise by carrying Shi to the Sand Village.

Last night, Chinse heard about this and felt very reluctant to accept the matter. The two spent many years with each other, and they became very close to each other. 

Shi was also reluctant to leave Chinse, and the two spent the whole night talking and bidding each other farewell.

On Konoha’s gate, Ryo transported the whole group to the nearest Teleportation Barrier Mark to the Sand Village. 

They could only continue their Journey by walking. The Seals on Shi’s Chakra were already removed a few years ago. None of the group was slow, and in under one day, they all reached the Wind Country’s territory.

Returning after so many years, Shi had mixed feeling about entering her home land again. After the group gave her a moment, they got back to moving again.

“Wait!” Ryo suddenly felt great Chakra fluctuation from their front left, and stopped his group’s movements.

“Ryo, what’s wrong?” Kushina asked. 

“Ne san, use Kurama’s Chakra to perceive whatever’s in that direction.” Ryo pointed to the front left.

Kushina nodded, and with the help of Kurama, she also sensed the massive Chakra in front.

“Kushina, that’s the Rokubi.” The Kyubi perceived Saiken and notified Kushina, who immediately told Ryo.

“Haha, it seems that we are lucky! Ne-san, I’ll go ahead and finish the task, while you stay here to protect them.”

After finishing his words, Ryo entered the Ice Lightning Chakra Mode and disappeared in front of everyone.

Ryo went ahead following the Chakra he perceived. As he got closer to the Rokubi, he perceived another familiar Chakra.

Perceiving this Chakra, Ryo took out his Ice Scalpel and picked up the pace. 

When he reached the scene, he saw a seriously damaged Pakura besieged by Several Ninjas and the Rokubi Jinchuriki. 

“It’s one thing after another! But I guess it’s alright!” 

Ryo smiled and left an Ice Scalpel in place, and he Flickered in.

The Mist Ninja’s just had a glimpse of him. Before they had time to react, both Ryo and Pakura had disappeared. 

Pakura felt confused. She did not expect that Ryo would suddenly appear to save her life. 

“Hey, don’t we know each-other?” Ryo smiled at Pakura who was in a daze. 

Pakura returned to her senses: “Ryo Yamanaka! How are you here?” 

“I came to bring your sister back to the Sand Village. I didn’t expect that you would be encountered by the Mist Ninjas.”

“My sister? Don’t! Don’t get her back to the village! Cought!” hearing the news, Pakura became agitated, aggravating her wound. 

“Do not worry. I haven’t gotten her there yet! By the way, the Rokubi is my main mission. Don’t you mind letting me deal with it?” 

“Be careful. Besides the Rokubi Jinchuriki, they have a Quasi Kage and two elite Jonins!” Pakura kindly warned Ryo.

“That’s quite the lineup that the Mist prepared for you. How did you survive?” Asked Ryo curiously.

Pakura gave him an awkward gaze and said: “Do you think that everyone is as fearless of my Kekkei Genkai as you? They simply could not touch me. They had to exhaust my Chakra 1st. I’m not like I used to be you know, I’m already Kage tier!” 

“Is that so? Well, you’re still far from catching up with me! Just watch how I’ll avenge you!” 

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