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H.R.P Chapter 175: Ice World

CRyo’s strength had grown tremendously in the last period. 

First, he activated the Mangekyo Sharingan, and then found a way to keep it from losing sight by rearranging the genes in his cells. On top of that, just a few days ago, he became Korin’s Jinchuriki.

Ryo at his current level should have no problems dealing with the Rokubi Jinchuriki.

He immediately flickered back to the Mist Group, and looked at the him.

The only Rokubi Jinchuriki that Ryo was exposed to in the Manga was Utakata, a Mist Ninja often wearing a long, light blue kimono, and a handsome young man with long hair.

But Ryo’s first impression of the guy in front of him was disgust. The man had thick mucus all over his body, just like the Rokubi.

Ryo rarely gave any value to people’s appearances, but this guy ruining the image of the Rokubi Jinchuriki to him made him more hostile.

The Rokubi Jinchuriki was also looking back at Ryo; a black haired young man, with Konoha’s forehead protector, three tomoe Sharingan and whose body shines with Lightning Chakra. He felt eminent threat from the person in front of him.

The quasi Kage behind him took two steps back, apparently recognizing Ryo.

“You are the one who took Pakura just now! Where is she? Hand her over!” The quasi Kage and the Rokubi Jinchuriki did  not speak, and a Jonin was the 1st to jump in.

Ryo smiled, and his Ice Lightning Chakra mode became more violent. After leaving an Ice Scalpel in place, he disappeared in front of his enemies’ eyes.

“Be careful! That’s Ryo Yamanaka! His lightining…” The Quasi Kage’s words weren’t finished when suddenly stopped, as the Jonin who had just spoken had Chidori go though his heart.

“DAMN! [Suiton: Water Prison Jutsu]!” The other Jonin tried to trap Ryo in water.

“RUN YOU IDIOT!” By the time the Quasi Kage finished his words, Ryo had already flickered in front of this Jonin, slitting his throat. 

After killing the two Jonins, Ryo dropped his scalpel and went back to his initial place.

The Quasi Kage was trembling. He already knew that Ryo Yamanaka was so terrible. However, facing him was a whole other deal. To him, it seemed that the myth is real, and that there’s a young man in Konoha, with both the skills of Konoha’s Yellow Flash and White Fang.

The Rokubi Jinchuriki was also looking at the young man in sight. From what he saw, he had no confidence in his ability to take him sown.

At this speed, even the Rokubi itself couldn’t capture Ryo’s movements, let along his Jinchuriki.

“Ryo Yamanaka, our mission is not in conflict with Konoha’s interests. Why stop us? Does Konoha want to provoke war once again?” The Jinchuriki tried to reason with Ryo.

“Pakura’s my friend; it’s as simple as that. As for war, you think that your village still has more people to kill at Konoha’s ninjas hands?” 

“You’re too arrogant child!” The Rokubi Jinchuriki was a good level Kage tier. Even the 3rd Mizukage did not want to provoke him. Today, Ryo pushed the line and made him furious.

“Sir calm down! Right now, we must retreat 1st!” The Quasi Kage tried to prevent his superior from fighting.

The Rokubi Jinchuriki pushed the Quasi Kage aside, and around his body, a cloak of crimson Chakra slowly started to appear.

“Brat, I’ll make you witness Saiken’s power! [Wisdom Wolf Decay]!” 

With the Saiken’s Chakra, the Rokubi’s Jinchuriki released a Jutsu similar to [Skilled Mist Technique], but that consisted of strong corrosive acid mist.

The group was in the desert, with no trees around. They could not gauge the specific destructive power of the Ice Mist, and Ryo didn’t care about it too much.

The Acid Mist quickly spread out, and was closing in on Ryo who tried to send it away using [Wind Release: Great Breakthrough] twice, but the mist did not show signs of being blow away.

At this time, Ryo noticed with his Sharingan that the stones that came into contact with the Acid Mist were corroded in an instant, and that the Great Breakthrough was being countered by the Mist’s momentum.

“This is bad!” What happened to the stones scared Ryo, pushing him to jump away. The destructive power of this Jinchuriki was far beyond his imagination.

However, Ryo wasn’t about to hide, but he needed to act fast. His pupils quickly took the shape of 6 pointed stars, and he made use of the Scalpel he left behind after killing the 2nd Jonin to teleport behind his enemy’s back.

The Rokubi Jinchuriki immediately noticed Ryo and turned around to attack him.

Ryo, however, did not dodge. Instead, he activated his Mangekyo. Suddenly, the Rokubi Jinchuriki sensed that the weather had changed, and felt that he went into another place.

The original desert had disappeared, and in front of them was world covered with snow.

The north wind came whistling carrying snowflakes. Mountains, tries, and fields, everything was made out of Ice.

“Genjutsu! This is definitely a Genjutsu! Kai! Kai! Kai! Dammit! Why isn’t it working?!” Said the Jinchuriki.

“Sir, could it be that Ryo Yamanaka used a Time-Space Jutsu to get us in this place?” 

“Impossible! Saiken just told me that this is a Genjutsu. We are definitely in a Genjutsu space, I…” The Rokubi Jinchuriki was not through talking, and he was suddenly hit by a block of the surrounding Ice.

“Bastard: [Wisdom Wolf Decay]!” He tried to use the Acid Mist jutsu again to corrode the Ice World.

Unfortunately for him, his Mist lost its effect in this environment. As soon as it appeared, it got frozen immediately becoming Pink Ice.

Outside the Ice World, Ryo, who was using putting the Jutsu into practice for the 1st time,  felt he was within an inch of death.

As soon as he opened the Ice World, all his power, Mental Power, Chakra and Even Natural Energy poured madly into crafting the Ice World Like a tide.

Originally, Ryo thought that this technique was just a Genjutsu space. He expected it to drain his Mental Power mostly. However, the Ice World was space between Genjutsu and Reality.

 This space was all covered with Ice and Snow. With the same principle he used in his teleportation, Ryo could freely shuffle his body and mind between the two world, and could draw people’s consciousness into the Ice World.

Ryo managed to get the consciousness of his two foes into the Ice World.

However, as soon as the Ice World opened up, Ryo’s power and Chakra were exhausted. He temporarily lost contact with the Ice World.

Quickly, he recovered his power with the help of Korin’s Chakra. Then, he started by entering the Ice World. 

By the time he went in, the two people’s consciousness was assimilated by the Ice World, becoming two Ice sculptures.

Ryo left the Ice World, and wiped the blood off of his right eye. After a while, he walked towards the Rokubi Jinchuriki’s body.

This was a rare opportunity for him to get part of the Rokubi’s Chakra.

However, Ryo did not expect that after the death of its Jinchuriki, Saiken would take control of his body!

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