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H.R.P Chapter 240: Korin’s Evolution

While she had heard of Ryo’s speed, Yugito Nii only realized how fast he truly was when seeing him. She was in cold sweat, knowing that she could not run. She knew all too well, that her only option was to fight.

The Nibi’s Chakra began to surge out of her, and soon, her whole body became dark red.

“Ryo, do you need me to help?” Korin felt the Nibi’s Chakra surging.

“No! Against just the Nibi, I won’t have much trouble.”

As Ryo spoke, he activated his Mangekyo, using it to enhance his Ice Lightning Chakra Mode, and then focused the violent Lightning Chakra in his fingers.

As she saw him do that, Yugito Nii was shocked: “This is… Hell Stab?!” 

“Indeed, this is you Hell Stab, the Jutsu that your 4th Raikage had to offer us in exchange for peace!”

“Yugito Nii, we should run. We can’t go against this Jutsu. If we go for a fight, we will die!” The Nibi reminded Yugito Nii.

She bit her lip, turned around and ran away helplessly. Unfortunately for her, she was late, and Hell Stab was ready.

Behind the flustered Jinchurki, there was a horrible Lightning Chakra. Matatabi was shocked: “We can’t avoid him!” 

Yugito Nii heard her Biju and released more Chakra. A massive cat shrouded in a cobalt blue and black flame finally appeared.

She turned around, shooting a Biju Dama in Ryo’s direction. The Biju Dama and Hell Stab collided, causing a massive explosion that set off a lot of dust. 

After a while, the aftermath could be seen. 

The impact slammed the Nibi into a massive rock in the distance.

As for Ryo, his Mangekyo enhanced Lightning Chakra mode made his Lightning Armor much more robust. After the impact, his body was unscathed, and only the Lightning Chakra Armor was broken.

He wasn’t about to repair it however, for what he did was condensing an Ice Bow and an Ice Arrow in his hand.

The Nibi felt the Natural energy gathering in Ryo’s hands, and it struggled to get up and escape. Unfortunately, Ryo did not give it this opportunity. The arrow was released, and in a heartbeat, the Nibi was caught frozen inside an Ice Flower.

Ryo approached him, preparing Chidori, and then melted the Ice directly cutting off one of the Biju’s tails with Chidori Eiso, sealing it directly within a scroll. Giving the beast no room to react or retaliate, he directly teleported to the Wind Country’s territory.

Ryo estimated that by getting the Nibi’s Chakra on top of the Nanabi’s, Korin should evolve greatly, which could be somewhat dangerous. Therefore, he chose the Wind Country’s desert as location for this operation.

“Korin, come out!” Ryo opened his Ninja bag, and Korin immediately jumped out of it to the ground.

As she landed, she absorbed Chakra from Ryo’s body, and soon, a mighty water kirin appeared in the desert.

Ryo took the scrolls with the Nanabi’s and the Nibi’s Chakra and asked: “Are you ready, Korin?” 

She nodded and replied: “I can’t wait!” 

Ryo laughed, and then undid the seals on the two scrolls, injecting Korin’s body with the Nibi’s and Nanabi’s Chakra. On the other hand, Korin controlled her own Chakra to fuse with them.

It wasn’t a swift process, but a few hours later, it was complete, and Korin’s body began to change.

She started to grow in size, reaching, and eventually even surpassing the other Biju.

The Chakra in her body disappeared and was replaced by natural energy. Like the Juubi, she became an incarnation of Natural Energy itself. 

It wasn’t just that. Ryo, who was sensitive to Natural Energy, could clearly perceive the surrounding Natural energy flooding into her body like a massive tide.

As Korin absorbed the incoming energy, something strange happened: she grew a third eye on her forehead! 

It looked the same as the Rinnegan, but was red in color.

As Korin evolved, the surrounding environment also gradually changed. In the desert that hadn’t seen rain for many years, dark thunderclouds gathered in the sky, and raging winds howled through the dunes.

The scene even reminded Ryo of the occurrences caused by the Juubi’s transformation to its second form.


In the Rain Country, Black Zetsu was lurking near the Akatsuki. Suddenly, he felt an surge of Natural Energy, far far away. It felt like the Juubi was being resurrected!

However, being familiar with the Juubi, Zetsu Black knew that this wasn’t it. The scale of what happening was way smaller than should happen upon its resurrection. 

Black was eager to find out what was happening, but he was tied to monitoring Nagato.

With the latter having the Rinnegan, White Zetsu could only remain undetected in spore form. Therefore, Black Zetsu had to do the monitoring himself. (T/N: Black Zetsu could avoid being detected even by the Rinnegan, like when hiding from Madara until the last moments of his life.)

It wasn’t only black that sensed Korin’s transformation; the inhabitants of all three unexplored sage regions sensed it. This Natural Energy surge was far beyond anything that they had ever encountered; silence took over their lands as they all stared into the distance.

The matter lasted for hours, before Natural Energy stopped flowing into Korin’s body. The sky cleared up, and wind finally calmed down.

Korin slowly opened her eyes, but she did not move, remaining still in place.

“Korin?” Ryo tried to call her, but a while passed and she did not respond. 

As he failed to get her to respond, Ryo could only try to establish a spiritual link with Korin, and before he could speak, he heard her voice in his mind.

“Ryo, this is too much, my power is growing too quickly! It’s overwhelming my soul, and I cannot control it at all!” 

Ryo heard Korin and he frowned. He did not expect this to happen, and could only ask: “What should I do?” 

After some silence, Korin answered: “Take away all my power; get it back into your seal and let me get back to being a Ragdoll Cat. My soul is still growing and getting stronger; I should be able to control this power, but not now!” 

Ryo nodded, and sealed all of Korin’s power in his body. She gradually got smaller as that happen, eventually changing back to the form of a Ragdoll Cat.

After changing back, she finally was able to control her body like she predicted. (T/N: While reading that Korin did not answer Ryo, I was like, “Please don’t become mindless like the Juubi! Please!” XD)

As for Ryo, he also found that some unexpected changes occurred to him as well…

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