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H.R.P Chapter 241: Sasuke’s Birth

Korin’s power went back into the seal, and by the time that was done, he felt his spirit was submerged within an ocean of Natural Energy.

Obviously, this was Korin’s power. However, unlike what happened with her, the power was lying quietly within the seal without any signs of fluctuation.

Ryo felt eager to try using this energy, and he tried to enter Sage Mode…

It was… a success! This meant that, to him, Korin’s Natural Energy was controllable, and he could access Sage Mode without having to rely on the Yin Seal!

Immediately, Ryo went on to condense and Ice Bow, also using Korin’s Energy.

As he pulled he arm, the Bow and Arrow formed instantly, and a horrifying amount of Natural Energy was gathered within the Arrow without any gathering time.

Ryo went on and experimented with several other Ice Jutsus, just to realize that they were all instant.

Ryo never expected this, and was extremely excited, and even happier with the completion of Korin’s evolution. She, on the other hand, looked at him with slight envy.

“Ryo, calm down. I have something to say to you!” 

“What?” Ryo asked Korin after taking her out of his bag.

“I have completed my evolution. I’m now a Juubi-like being. This means that while its power is different than mine in quantity, it’s no different in quality. You can benefit from this, and eventually reach the Six Paths Sage Mode.” 

“I knew it!” Ryo was surprised even happier as he heard Korin’s words.

“Well now you’re sure, so stop being such a retard and let me talk! I’m feeling bad anyway and you…” 

Ryo’s face turned gloomy as he heard Korin, and he directly put her back in his bag while she was speaking.

She struggled to jump out, and then shouted to Ryo: “I’m not through yet! Ryo, teach me the secret techniques of the Yamanaka clans to help me evolve my spirit!”

Ryo sighed and nodded, and then established a spiritual connection with Korin, teaching her all he knew about his clan’s Jutsus.

When done, he then asked her: “Korin, how long should it take before you can control your strength now?”

After some thought, Korin answered: “Now that I’ve leared your techniques, it should take me around four to five months. By then, I should be able to control my power for short bursts of time.” 

Ryo nodded and asked no more, and got Korin back in his bag to practice the techniques she just learnt.

Then Ryo did not immediately return to Konoha, instead teleporting to the Wave Country. He did just experiment with many Ice Jutsus, but he hadn’t tried Ice Colossus yet.

This was mainly before he was in the desert, and Korin couldn’t use her usual power to give him water. Therefore, he decided to go to a non-enemy country to experiment with Ice Colossus.

Ryo found a small lake, and used its water to enter Ice Colossus.

This time, he was using Korin’s Natural Energy. As a result, the Colossus was much more stable than before.

The last time he used it, the Ice Colossus was managing to get foreign Natural Energy from its environment. Now, this was perfected, and it became the same as a part of nature itself.

A few hours passed, and the Ice Colossus was still there, showing no signs of being about to dissipate.

In the end, Ryo could confirm something: whatever energy the Ice Colossus was consuming, it could replenish it just as quickly from its surroundings. Now, as long as Ryo chooses to, he could remain in this state indefinitely. 

With this experiment done, Ryo moved back to Konoha. After meeting and informing Minato that he was back, he returned to Konoha’s hospital to work again.

Time went on, and as days went, twelve kids of Naturo’s generation were born one after the other.


On July 23, year 48, a member of the Uchiha clan came to the hospital in a hurry. 

He asked for a certain female medical Ninja, an Uchiha as well.

Seeing this, Ryo know that Sasuke was about to come to this world. Sure enough, the next day, the Uchiha clan announced and celebrated the good news: The Clan head’s wife, Mikoto Uchiha, gave birth to her second son yesterday, and he was named: Uchiha Sasuke.

After receiving the news, Chinse wanted to go congratulate Fugaku’s family personally, and Ryo agreed immediately as he heard her. Even if she didn’t make the suggestion, he himself had already planned to see Sasuke.

On one hand, this was Fugaku’s child, in the other, Ryo wanted to go and see Indra’s reincarnation himself.

On a full Moon night, Ryo quietly sneaked into the Uchiha’s district after leaving work at the hospital.

Being the Clan-Head, Fugaku naturally lived in the centre of the district.

Ryo understood well that his relationship with the Uchiha’s wasn’t exactly the best, so while letting his mother go to Fugaku’s place to congratulate him normally, he chose to sneak in instead, just to avoid causing his “uncle” trouble.

After reaching the house, Ryo perceived only 3 Chakras; 2 of adults and one of a baby. He knew that it should be Fugaku, Mikoto, and Sasuke. So he approached the house carefully, entering through a window.

As soon as Ryo entered, he heard Fugaku: “Who?” 

The latter immediately activated his Mangekyo, and his Sharingan’s strength increased rapidly. Nowadays, he was a Kage Tier Ninja. When Ryo entered, he was hiding himself, so he was easily discovered by him.

“It’s me Fugaku san! I’m here to see Sasuke!” Ryo said from the back room.

“Oh it’s you, Ryo! Welcome!” Fugaku smiled and relaxed after confirming it was none other than Ryo.

After Ryo and the new parents chatted for a bit, Fugaku offered to let him hold Sasuke.

Of course, Ryo wasn’t going to refuse, taking the baby from Fugaku’s hands.

Looking at the young Sasuke sleeping in peace, Ryo realized what drove all the young girls mad about him when he slightly grew up: the kid was rather handsome!

After sighing, Ryo began to perceive the child’s Chakra, trying to find Yin Chakra that’s above normal for a child his age.

However, Ryo found nothing unusual about him, and could only give up, handing the child back to his parents.

After returning Sasuke to Fugaku, Ryo congratulated the parents once more, and before leaving, he left Sasuke a Chakra Absorbing Blade as a present.

After leaving, Ryo went to Minato’s place. At this time, Kushina’s belly was getting bigger every day, along with the life within it.

The night on which Naruto will be born was approaching…

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