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H.R.P Chapter 242: Action in the Dark

In the Water Country, the Mist Village, the 4th Mizukage was looking at some of the orders he had issued since becoming Kage.

After Madara’s death, his control over Yagura naturally disappeared. 

Obviously, Yagura did not know that he being controlled when this happened and only had blanks in his memory. But as he looked back at some of the orders he had given during the past period, he started feeling suspicious.

Fast forward, he was able to figure out what happened to him, and also conclude some the purposes of his controller. 

Being someone fit to become a Kage, Yagura was certainly not lacking in wit. He had already guessed from the day on which control over him was lifted that the one behind this had died.

Therefore, he started thinking about sneaking into the Rain Village himself and find out about this “Akatsuki” that his orders were linked to. After days of hesitation and consideration, he finally decided to take risk and go try to find out.

Yagura handed over the ruling of the village to his councils, and left their head a task of picking the Ninjas in the village who are fit to be Mizukage, and then left.

However, he did not know that his every move was being closely watching by the White Zetsus around the village. Upon his departure, Zetsu immediately reported to Obito, who had been lurking in the Water Country.

He popped out of the ground saying: “Obito, Yagura left the Hidden Mist, and is now heading towards the Rain Country.”

From under his mask, Obito’s eye shined as he said: “He’s finally making a move!”

Zetsu said: “Yeah, I did not expect him to take so long hesitating with all the clues left behind to him by Madara sama! I actually started doubting that he’d act.”

“Well, a well guided prey cannot escape a hunter’s hand. Now, let’s get prepared!” After that, Obito and Zetsu both disappeared.

Yagura, who did not know that he was being watched, was advancing out of the country. Obito and White Zetsu had already set up an ambush for him on the borders of the Water Country, waiting for him to fall in the net.

Yagura moved very fast, and in no time, he reached the ambush.

As he stepped in the right spot, White Zetsu activated a barrier to rise and trap him in. Obito, and several White Zetsu Clones emerged around the trapped Mizukage.

Looking at the white Barrier around him, Yagura looked very calm, not panicking at all. This made Obito feel somewhat uneasy.

However, he quickly chased away his anxiety, and in the tone of Madara, he said: “Yagura, we meet again!” 

Yagura smiled, and said with some sarcasm in his tone: “Oh, so you’re the one who was controlling me before?” 

“You’ll know soon enough!” Obito assumed a fighting posture, letting two chains hang down from his arms like he did in the Manga against Minato.

“Alright! When I catch you, I’ll know everything I need to know!” Yagura was not to be outdone, and red Chakra began to ooze from his body.

He was now the Sanbi’s Jinchuriki, and with most of the latter’s soul sealed and taken by Ryo, it was even easier for him to control his Biju.

Therefore, he felt no worries upon seeing Zetsu’s barrier. As he went into the battle, he was extremely confident. If only his opponent wasn’t Obito, of all people…

While he had the power of the Sanbi on his side, Obito’s Kamui made him nearly invincible. Yagura used the Sanbi’s Chakra to dash forward, and his fist clad with lethal Biju Chakra went right through Obito, just to hit thin air! He found himself on the other side, in disbelief of Obito’s “hack”! 

Yagura immediately realized that he couldn’t win the way; he couldn’t beat what he couldn’t touch. Therefore, he decided to use the Biju’s power just to break through the barrier and leave this seemingly invincible enemy behind.

As he saw the Sanbi forming before him, Obito laughed out loud, and used the Mangekyo to directly control the Biju’s consciousness. 

Yagura wasn’t about to remain idle, putting on fierce mental resistance. However, against the Mangekyo, and with an already weakened soul for his Biju, he stood no chance.

His perfect Biju form was automatically lifted, and he fell to the ground. Immediately, Obito flickered before the Mizukage, using Genjutsu on him to control him once again.

Seeing that Obito had finished dealing with Yagura, White Zetsu lifted his barrier. Yagura, his eyes sluggish, walked towards him. He was ordered by Obito to return to the Mist Village and continue his work as Mizukage like usual.

With Yagura gone, Obito asked: “Now we’ve dealt with Yagura, so what’s happening on Black’s side? Are the Akatsuki making any moves?”

White shook his head and replied: “We’ve made no progress on that front for the time being. The young man having Madara sama’s eyes is being so righteous.”

“In that case, let’s not wait for them. Tell Black Zetsu to come, I need him to help me find two people.”

White Zetsu asked: “Looking for someone? Who?” 

“You will know when it’s time!” Obito did not answer White’s question.

“Where are these people? You can always tell me!” White Zetsu insisted on asking.

“The forth Hokage’s wife is giving birth soon; that’s Kushina, the Kyubi Jinchuriki. I intend to take this opportunity to give Konoha a present!” After hearing Obito, White just disappeared into the ground with no more questions.


In Konoha’s hospital, Minato teleported in with Kushina to do some tests, and to determine the specific date of her labor. 

Being the Kyubi’s Jinchuriki, the strongest weapon of war that Konoha had, her giving birth was certainly not something trivial. It was necessary to confirm the date in advance, so that the site for the birth could be secretly prepared.

In the end, Kushina’s birth was expected to happen approximately around October 15th, which was around a month and a half away.

In the Hokage’s conference room, Minato, Jiraya, Hiruzen, Sakumo and Ryo, the five Kage Tier Ninjas gathered.

With a serious expression on his face, the 3rd said to everyone: “We are here today to discuss the matter of protecting Kushina while she’s giving birth. A Jinchuriki giving birth is no small deal. We should be on the same page and prepare well, so go ahead and say your thoughts!” 

“Old man, you shouldn’t worry so much! Konoha has so many Kage Tier Ninjas, and we have barriers around all around the village. No matter what happens, we should be able to react on time.” Jiraya sounded very optimistic.

Sakumo on the other hand was somewhat dissatisfied with his attitude: “We can’t be too careful, Jiraya! I think it will be necessary to get the village on alert on that night. Perhaps, we should have Anbu soldiers disguised as civilians, and have more surveillance on any outsiders who could happen to be in the village at that time.” 

“Sakumo san is right. We can’t be careless, but I think we shouldn’t strengthen the village’s state of alert. It would be better and stealthier to just have some Anbu around the designated site.” 

Everyone expressed their opinions, and only Minato remained silent.

All eyes were at him for while, and then, he eventually stood up and left his seat of Hokage saying: “Kushina is the most important person in the world to me. I want you all to protect her, I don’t think the circumstances can get too safe. This is not a Hokage’s order; this is a concerned husband’s request!” 

Hearing Minato, everyone looked at each other, their eyes saying: “We must protect her!” 

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