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H.R.P Chapter 246: The Kyubi’s Night (4)

In the center of Konoha, both Ninjas and civilians ended their day’s work and left to enjoy the serenity of the night.

Ever since the 3rd Shinobi World War had ended, it’s been particularly peaceful in the village, and everyone for once was able to relax…. No one could foresee, what was about to happen.

As Obito appeared on the street, he did not hesitate to use [Summoning], bringing the Kyubi out of thin air, and clouding Konoha with its horrifying Chakra!

As his Mangekyo flashed, he said: “Go, Kyubi! Destroy it!”

As soon as the Kyubi got Obito’s order, it went rampant, crushing the buildings around him.

Feeling Kurama’s Chakra, Ryo teleported to the vicinity and looked at the Kyubi going mad.

“Kurama, even with no Jinchuriki is still to terrifying! Even if I was able to use my strength, it would be very difficult to defeat him in such a short time window!” Korin muttered.

Ryo, whose face was gloomy, did not pay attention to her. Instead, he began to condense the moister in the Surrounding air into an Ice Bow.

With Korin’s Natural Energy sealed within him, massive amounts of Natural Energy converged all at once into his Ice Arrow, which he shot towards the Kyubi.

The Ice Arrow went directly towards Kurama’s back, freezing him instantly!

Seeing ice envelope the entirety of the Kyubi, many of Konoha’s Ninjas recognized the owner of such a technique, and began to excitedly cheer and shout Ryo’s name.

Ryo couldn’t not afford to even notice their voices; he hurriedly rushed to the Kyubi, activating his Mangekyo to undo Obito’s control over it.

Unfortunately, Ryo tried this for a while, and just when he was about to succeed, the Kyubi managed to break out of the Ice.

The attack only served to anger him, and he immediately shot a rapidly condensed Biju Dama towards Ryo.

The latter had to act fast, so he condensed the Ice that fell off the Kyubi into a massive Ice Hand that extended from his body, catching the Biju Dama and throwing it towards the Forest of Death.

A few seconds later, a massive explosion could be heard. The light almost brought day to Konoha, as a good portion of the Forest of Death was turned to a scorched land.

“Korin, help me with the Water!” Ryo had to take a risk; he had to go all out. Konoha building could be reconstructed, but lives could not be restored. Now, no matter what, he had to stop the Kyubi!

Korin heard Ryo, and used her energy to gather water. She had just enough control energy to do so, and then she had to let go and leave the rest to Ryo.

He immediately froze the water korin had gathered, and in no time, the Ice Colossus stood before the Kyubi.

Ryo felt so powerful in this mode, and his confidence was greatly increased. He raised his hand, and went in with punch directed towards Kurama’s head.

Feeling the threat of the Ice Giant before him, the Kyubi decided not to resist the punch, choosing to evade instead.

The punch went past him, but Ryo’s onslaught was far from over, for he had already anticipated where the Biju might escape. As Kurama ducked, he found another one of Ice Colossus’s fist awaiting him.

The Kyubi was in hit in the stomach, and the impact was so huge, it threw him far away.

Kurama struggled to get up, feeling great pain that made him more and more violent and agitated. He opened his mouth, and condensed a massive Biju Dama. With this one however, he took his time….

“Ryo, this one is much more powerful than the last time; even Ice Colossus could be blown to pieces if you try to block it!” Feeling the terrifying power of the incoming attack, Korin could only tell Ryo of what she had perceived.

“I know! I don’t plan on going against this one; our backup is finally coming!” 

“Backup? How could the old man block such an attack?” Korin thought of the 3rd Hokage.

Ryo did not continue to explain, and looked back at the Kyubi. With firm eyes, he watched the Biju Dama leaving its mouth and coming his way.

As it was about to make contact with him, a barrier was formed, one that enveloped it and then seemed to absorb it! In a heartbeat, the Biju Dama was no more!

“The Teleportatioon Barrier! This is… Minato?!” Korin saw the Teleportation Barrier many times, and recognized it at a glance.

“Yes, but there’s another uninvited guest that came along with him!” 

“Is that the one who took Kurama from Ne-san?” 

“It should be him! Minato Ni-san should be able to deal with him, and we should focus on Kurama!” After that, Ryo rushed towards the Kyubi.

On the empty land before the place where Kushina gave birth to Naruto, Minato looked like he was in a dilemma. His last attack against the masked man went right through him, and then, his hand was caught, and he was almost absorbed. 

He only could escape this fate because he could use the Flying Thunder God and escape to this place. Obviously, Obito followed him.

As soon as he appeared, Minato felt space fluctuating, and understood how he moved away with Kushina.

‘He defeated the Anbu under the direct command of the 3rd, got past the most powerful top-secret barrier we have, and must have known that the seal would be weak while Kushina was giving birth. Then, with the seal undone, he tamed Kurama, took him, and marched straight into Konoha without so much as pausing to deal with the barrier… there’s only one man I can think of that makes sense…’

“Are you Uchiha Madara? No.. You couldn’t be, he’s long dead…”

The masked man uncovered his head and said contemptuously: “Oh… I don’t know about that!”

Minato’s face was becoming more and more serious: “On second thought, it doesn’t matter who you are… But why are you attacking Konoha?”

“You know… It’s on a whim; it’s part of my plan… To start a war; to bring peace…” As the masked man was speaking, he let the chains locked to his wrists fall slightly.

Minato did not say anything, and the two looked each other for a while before rushing in!

Minato’s attack went through the masked man, but then he was almost caught by his chains. Immediately, he slipped away using Flying Thunder God.

This fashion of attack, along with the Space-Fluctuations Minato felt, allowed him to have some speculations on the Masked Man’s weakness.

He could guess that at least, he had to materialize when attacking. This meant that those moments when he attacks are the ones when he’s most vulnerable. To damage this man, Minato’s only chance was to trade blows with him! 

On top of this, Minato could also guess that this man was the reason behind the Kyubi’s rampaging. He had to act quickly, for wasting time was in the masked man’s favor. It was a battle of speed between the fastest man in the world, and a man that could not be touched!

Without hesitation, Minato dashed in, and so did his foe. Very rapidly, he threw a Flying Thunder Kunai ahead of him, which just passed through Obito’s mask as usual.

He then started forming a Rasengan, while Obito reached for his shoulder. For once, Minato was behind, and the masked man was closer to his shoulder. As he re-materialized to absorb Minato, he couldn’t help but announce his victory…

All of a sudden, Minato teleported to the Kunai that was still in midair! As the masked man could not de-materialize in time, he was hit in the back by Minato’s Rasengan that drilled him into the ground. As the Rasengan exploded, Minato’s hand reached Obito’s back, and there, he left his Flying Thunder God Mark!

In this contest of speed, the one to come out on top was non other than Minato!

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