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H.R.P Chapter 57: Conspiracy

In the two weeks that followed Shanyu’s capture, the Sand didn’t send anyone to harass Konoha’s camp.

Even though Konoha didn’t show any more vigilance, the Aburame and Hyuga ninja were constantly monitoring the Sand Ninja on the other side.

During this time, Ryo taught more modern medicine to his team, while he learned Wind Release Jutsus from Jiraya.

Like Jiraya said, Ryo had some talent for it. In just half a month, he mastered 4 C class Jutsus, 3 B Class ones, and one that was A class.

The reason why Ryo worked on wind release was that he wanted to practice the [Futon: Rasenshuriken] in the future. After all, this was a Justu that was developed jointly by both Minato and himself, so he had the right to use it.

Every time Ryo thought of Minato’s experiment with that Jutsu in the forest of death, he was in awe.

In the past, he spent a lot of time trying to solve the problem of Chakra overuse that he had with Ice Release. Afterwards, he worked on mastering Water Release. After all, it was really clear for him that his Ice Release was the trump card given to him to survive in this world. Before mastering that skill, he didn’t have time to focus on the Rasenshuriken, no matter how powerful it was.

But now that he solved the problems he had with Ice release, and that the Sand village are not making any moves, Ryo doesn’t want to waste time.

After all, the battle of Kannabi Bridge was approaching. Ryo wanted to save Obito, and that puts him in risk of facing Madara. Even if he was  in his late years, he would be at least Kage tier.

And then there’s the Kyubi’s attack. If he saves Obito, that whole event will become really unlikely to happen. But in case Obito is still confused by Madara, then on that night, he should also be strong enough to save Minato and Kushina.

Therefore, Ryo should make use of every second he has and practice.

“Jiraya San, Ryo San, Sakumo san is calling for you and wants you to go to him immediately!” While Ryo was practicing in peace, he was summoned along with Jiraya by Sakumo.

It is worth mentioning that after the last battle, Konoha’s Ninjas started calling him “Ryo San”. In this world, people worship the strong. So, after that amazing performance Ryo had in the last battle, everyone naturally had great respect for him.

At 1st, Ryo felt that it wasn’t right. But as time went by, too many people were calling him that and it didn’t matter anymore.

When Ryo and Jiraya arrived to Sakumo’s tents, six Jonins and all representatives of the different clans were there.

The two had seats waiting for them at the right and left hand sides of Sakumo. When they sat down, he gave the sign to the Hyuga clan representative to start talking.

“Ladies and gentlemen, just now, the ninjas of our family have discovered that the Sand Ninjas were gathering. This might mean that they are preparing for something big.”

“Sakumo san, they’re just gathering and we’re making such a fuss about it?” said the Uchiha representative. Actually, his words weren’t just out of rivalry with the Hyugas’. It is indeed true that the gathering of troops when in such a state is a normal thing that happens way more often than battles.

“Of course there’s more than this. Shibi, tell us about what you found out!”

“Like my bugs have told me recently, there were many traps and explosive tags set up by the Sand in front of our camp and on the way to the field between us.

Aburame’ words made everyone realize that the gathering was not so simple. It seems that the Sand couldn’t just stay away from battle and are up to launch their second attack.

“The Sand’s operation is beginning, and we should also be well prepared. Now that I’ve informed, you have the responsibility as representatives of your families to tell your ninjas and prepare with them for the next battle.”

“Yes! Sakumo san!”

Konoha’s camp quickly entered the phase of war preparations, and soon they received the news that the Sand’s troops have reached the front of Konoha’s camp.

“Before you go in, you should be careful Jiraya. Rasa knows well how powerful your Sage Mode is and yet, he chose to face us head on. He should have found a way to deal with you.” Sakumo said to Jiraya who nodded in agreement.

He was also prepared for such an attack from Rasa.

“Ryo, this time, we need you to be on the front with us. The medical team should be in the rear so there should be no problems.”

“No problem, Sakumo san. You don’t have to worry.”

In the previous battle, Ryo played a crucial role in Konoha’s victory. Without him, even if Jiraya was able to suppress Rasa, and Even if Sakumo was able to beat Chiyo, they would have been able to change the fact that their men were outnumbered in a hostile environment that limited their power.

But thanks to Ryo’s use of Sage mode, and his summoning of Gamahiro, Konoha’s losses were limited by a great margin.

So after the battle, Sakumo was able to really appreciate Ryo’s value on the battlefield. It was clear for him that he was far more than a medic saving people in the backline. So now, in face of the Sand’s second attack, he chose to go all out from the start and bring Ryo to the front.

“Sakumo san, we are ready to go!”

“Good! Marche!” Sakumo issued his order, and over 7000 of Konoha’s Ninjas went to the battlefield.

Shibi Aburame has discovered the Sand’s traps, so he and the Hyuga’s were in front getting rid of them.

“So you’re coming out?” Rasa was looking the way of Konoha’s camp. When he saw them getting rid of the traps he had a strange smile of the corner of his mouth.

“Is there any problem on your side?” He asked Chiyo.

She did not speak, but nodded solemnly.

“The let’s start this! Sand Ninjas, charge!” The 4th Kazekage issued his order and the second battle between the two camps broke out!

This is the second time that Jiraya’s facing Rasa, so he didn’t hold anything back. When he entered the battlefield, he was already in Sage Mode.

Sakumo and Chiyo have faced each other many times. Against her puppets, he had his special method to break her down. Like before, it was all just a matter of time.

To Ryo, everything looked just too familiar. This was too strange. Rasa should know that they could not win this way. Why did he come again?

Although he had his doubts, he knew that the situation doesn’t allow him to over think. He summoned Gamahiro, and went right in to face the Sand’s Jonin.

“Brat! Your opponent is us!” Hugo and his companions were waiting for Ryo’s appearance. Right then, the 4th Kazekage and Chiyo began to work together: Rasa tore a scroll and the two printed at the same time.

A white sealed boundary appeared and enclosed the four of them from the outside world. (Tl Note: The ones who are entrapped within the cage were Jiraya, Sakumo, Chiyo and Rasa)

“Jiraya Chan! This is…” Fukasaku stared at this summoning that came out of nowhere. Ii wasn’t too solid. If they attacked it for two minutes straight, is should collapse. The problem was that Rasa would never give them the chance to do so.

“Rasa! Your target is Ryo?” Sakumo stopped fighting and looked at the two with a heavy face.

“Yes! I’m not afraid to attack just because you managed to capture Shanyu. Today’s traps were just a distraction to make you think that I had a way to deal with the Sage Mode. I’ll just keep on fighting you.”

“Just to get rid of Ryo, you’re actually willing to sacrifice some of your elite Jonins?” Jiraya couldn’t believe it.

“Oh, if we can kill there brat, it would be worth the life of a Jonin. He’s a genius isn’t he? Well, let’s see if he’s enough of a genius to survive Shukaku’s wrath!” Said Chiyo with a sneer.

“Shukaku!” When he heard Chiyo, Jiraya became too anxious and wanted to attack. He used [Odama Rasengan] and to take down the summoned boundary, but it was unscathed.

“It’s useless Jiraya Chan. We should keep on attacking one point of that wall simultaneously for at least two minutes to take that boundary down. Now we can only try to deal with the 4th Kazekage, and hope that Ryo Chan will be all right!”

Hearing Fukasaku’s words, Jiraya didn’t argue, and he decided to beat the 4th as quickly as possible.


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