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H.R.P Chapter 77: Victory

Ryoko’s heart was successfully won over by Rokk Nara, and Ryo had no more need to use his methods to cause him amnesia.

She was out of danger, and Ryo had no time to continue with the follow-up treatment. After taking down the ice walls, he had to take her to the rear.

After he had her settled with the medical Ninjas, he got back to the front line. The Sand Ninjas were on their heels with Gamahiro fighting along.

Rasa and Chiyo were seriously injured. It was difficult to escape Jiraya and Sakumo, but they managed to do it. Seeing that the Sand’s defeat was heavy and inevitable, Rasa sighed as he issued the order to retreat.

Upon receiving his order, the Sand Troops left the corpses of their comrades behind and fled the battlefield as quickly as possible.

Seeing that, Konoha Ninja’s all rejoiced and cheered.

Sakumo did not order chase, as pursuit might bring unnecessary risk. Moreover, the purpose of this battle had already been achieved, and the Sand suffered a heavy loss. With this, the Hidden Stone are surely to take advantage and start war against them. This way, balance will be reestablished and Konoha will have much less pressure put upon it.

“Sakumo san, this is a huge victory! And it’s thanks to the kid, killing a quasi Kage and killing injuring several of the Sand’s Ninja.” Jiraya came to Sakumo with his face really excited.

“Yes! Great victory! Command the troops to immediately treat the wounded and reduce the losses in lives. And also, I have some major announcements. All representatives of clans and Jonins are to come to my tent tonight.”

Jiraya nodded and proceeded to action.

Konoha’s Ninjas made a clean-up of the battlefield under the command of Jiraya and transported the wounded to the medical Ninjas.

“Ryo, if you ever need me, call me at any time.” Said Gamahiro.

“Good, thanks!” After they said goodbye, Gamahiro went back to Mount Myoboku and Ryo went to work on rescuing the wounded.

Jiraya initially wanted to talk to Ryo, but seeing how busy he was, he smiled and left him on his own.

In the evening, in Sakumo’s tent, all the senior officers of the camp were gathered in Sakumo’s tent.

Sakumo, Jiraya and Ryo, all three were unscathed. The rest were more or less injured, but most had nothing serious. Only Ryoko Yamanaka was still unable to move.

“We have won this battle, we all know that and I don’t need to say much more. But do you know was most valuable fighter in this battle?”

Sakumo stopped and glanced at everyone except Ryo and Jiraya.

“It was Ryo Yamanaka. He was the one who proposed the assassination of all of the Sand’s Sensor Ninjas. He worked with me all night to kill them all. This made the Sand blind and deaf, and allowed us to cause them great damage with our traps.”

Everyone was shocked to hear those words from Sakumo. Such an assassination is a crazy task. Just not getting caught by the sensor Ninjas themselves is an incredible feat, not to mention escaping after that. The whole mission was nothing that an ordinary Ninja could do.

In response to the crowd’s reaction, Sakumo carried on: “In this battle, we killed at least 3000 Sand Ninjas, and made them lose a pair of Quasi-Kages. From now on, our battles will be much easier.”

Everyone laughed very happily in the prosperous tent.

On the other side, in Rasa’s tent, the mood was extremely heavy. This battle could be only described as a total lose.

Rasa and Chiyo were heavily injured. Out of the 5 elite Jonin, one died, and the others were injured. Shalun was turned into Coke with Ryo’s [Kirin]. Bunpuku and Pakura were still alive and relatively well, but neither had the will to fight again.

With the other Ninja’s with just rough estimates, they’ve had as many as 3100 deaths. Nearly 700 died in the traps, and the 2000 who were injured were almost annihilated.

The rest were killed in battle against Konoha’s Ninjas and the vicious Gamahiro.

“Eh.. cough.. Everyone! We suffered a terrible loss this time. I’m afraid that we wouldn’t be able to fight them for a while.” Said Rasa as he coughed.

“That’s right. It’s like you said Rasa! We have indeed suffered extremely heavy losses this time. not just amongst the ranks of regular Ninjas, but also Shalun was killed at the Hands of Ryo Yamanaka.” Said Chiyo with a sigh.

Pakura remind silent and showed no opinion. She’s been like this since her return to the battlefield. Rasa and Chiyo thought that she was too scared by Ryo’s technique and they had no solution for that.

“Kazekage Sama, we’ve lost too many people this time. I fear that the hidden Rock would take advantage of it!”

Hugo had fallen victim during the battle to Chu Uchiha’s Genjutsu, which affected him gravely.

“We don’t have to worry about that. I’ve sent someone to call my brother over. Ebiso is coming along with Baki. If the Hidden Stone attacks, they’ll regret it.” Said Chiyo.

“Ebiso san and Baki are coming over? Great, then there’s no need to worry about the Hidden Stone.” Hearing Chiyo made Hugo feel relieved.

“Kazekage Sama, don’t you have a problem with more quasi-Kages leaving the village?” Pakura was worried about the safety of the village.

“The current state of war is a matter that requires immediate containment and preparedness. I will still be extra careful and not give anyone the opportunity to attack the village.” Said Rasa.

While top of the Sand’s village camp was discussing the battle damage, a scroll was brought from the outside.

After confirming safety, Rasa’s escort hand it over to him. after opening it and getting an overall glimpse of it, the Kazekage raised his head and said with a heavy face: “The Rock village have just declared war on us!”

“What? How could that happen so fast?” Chiyo grabbed the scroll. Reading it, hger face changed heavily: “Damn Onoki!”

At the same time, Konoha’s camp also received the news. Sakumo announced it in public.

The fact that the Hidden Stone announced war on the Sand means that the numbers that Konoha will have to face from now on will be greatly reduced.

With that, everyone understood what Sakumo meant when saying that after the 3rd battle, everything will be easier.

After the meeting, Ryo went over the medical squad. He wanted to check out on Ryoko. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best time for him to go.

In there, he found Rokk Nara giving her her medicine. After they broke the ice back in battle, the relationship between them changed drastically.

The sweet couple overwhelmed the poor single Ryo with their romance.


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