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H.R.P Chapter 78: Suggestion to Jiraya

A few days later, the Sand and Stone went to battle, and Konoha didn’t interfere. Although they won the last battle, they still had close to a 1000 injured people. They were in no shape to keep fighting.The Stone thought that they could take advantage of the Sands latest defeat and beat them completely. What they didn’t expect was they actually rose up and resisted them.

This actually ended with the Stone suffering a heavy defeat, and even the Tsuchikage’s son was severely injured in a Sand ambush.

Over the course of those days, Ryo never seemed to get off his feet. There were too many injured in the camp, and as head of the medical team, he had no time to rest.

After a few days of hard work, he finally finished treating the wounded. He sighed of relief as he was lying in bed ready to sleep.

Jiraya had wanted to speak to him ever since the battle ended. However, he kept finding him being too busy to be bothered.

But when he found out that he had finished treating the wounded, he rushed to his tent and pulled him out of the bed!

“Hey Jiraya san! What are you doing?” Ryo was confused and hated the fact that Jiraya disrupted his rest.

“I wanted to talk to you for long time now. Come with me.” After he finished his words, both went outside the camp to the desert.

“What do you want to talk about? And why did we have to go so far?” Ryo didn’t understand.

“Kid, I have two questions for you. First: What was that technique with which you guided the lightning? And second, Why did you let Pakura go?” Jiraya’s tone was unusually serious. After all, letting a strong enemy go was no trivial matter.

“Well I’ll tell you about that technique. It has many requirements. One needs the presence of a cumulonimbus cloud, and there must be the friction necessary for it to produce lightning…” Ryo went on explaining the use and disadvantages of Kirin. Jiraya was disappointed as he thought that it could be more readily available for use.

“So what happened to make you deliberately let Pakura go? Don’t think that no one noticed it. You know well about the perception capabilities given by Sage mode!”

“Jiraya san, I let Pakura go on my own term, and that’s because I need her in my plans. That plan is something I’m not willing to discuss.” Faced with Jiraya’s insistence, Ryo had to say the truth.

“What plans are so mysterious? You’re just a stinky little kid!” Jiraya looked at Ryo’s eyes and was not buying the whole deal.

“Old man, you’re really troublesome!” Ryo wasn’t that polite responding to him.

Jiraya was still 34 at that time. He hated being called an old man so much that he raised his hand to Slap Ryo’s head.

Ryo sensed it coming, and he dodged to the side.

“You little smug! [Wild Lion’s Mane Justu]!” Jiraya was angry and felt somewhat insulted. His hair stretched out and reached for Ryo.

Just as the hair was reaching him, Ryo managed to throw an Ice Scalpel. When Jiraya thought that he was about to be caught, Ryo teleported towards it.

“Flying Thunder god… or no! This is your Ice Teleportation? So that’s what you’ve been working on for so long with Sakumo San!”

“Oy, Jiraya san, seems like you can’t catch me anymore!” Ryo laughed provocatively.

“It seems that’s you made a great progress this time around! But still, you’re still far!” As he finished talking, Jiraya formed his hand seals and a swamp formed below Ryo.

It all happened to fast. Ryo couldn’t find time to escape and was caught by the infamous Swamp of the Underworld.

“Jiraya San, aren’t you forgetting about my Ice Release? Mud has a lot of water in it!”

Of course, Jiraya had that thought out already, and wasn’t going to let him escape so easily. A fireball was already on its way to Ryo.

The latter made an Ice Wall to block it. Then he froze the swamp and managed to get away.

“My turn Jiraya san!” Finishing his words, Ryo formed his seals sent a massive water stream towards Jiraya.

“[Doton: Earth-Style Wall]!” The wall blocked off the current, but could not stop Ryo from freezing it.

Ryo turned the second half of the stream into Ice Ramming it through the wall, and it managed the break it.

Ryo entered his Ice-Lightning Chakra mode immediately, teleporting into the Ice and popping in front of Jiraya.

He condensed Ice Blades and launched himself towards Jiraya to slash him, but all that was there to receive the hit was a wooden log that was cut in half.

“Hey Kid you want to kill me or something?” Jiraya was exaggerating.

“Jiraya san, if were so easy to kill, you would’ve died so many times already.” After flattering Jiraya for a bit, Ryo blinked with his blades in front of him.

Both went at each other several times, without anyone getting an edge.

“Haha! All right, let’s stop fighting, you’ve gotten really good kid!” Jiraya felt really pleased with Ryo’s progress.

His praise made Ryo embarrassed. After all, he’s learned half of his techniques from Jiraya.

After that, the two sat down and talked; mainly about the 3rd. Jiraya could feel that Ryo had some prejudices against his Sensei.

“Jiraya san, have you ever thought of making money?” Ryo didn’t want to talk about the 3rd that much so he chose to divert the topic.

“Making money? Of course I did! With money, a man can enjoy a hot spring and Sake, what more would a man want?” looking at his wretched smile, Ryo understood what else he was thinking about and shook his head helplessly.

“Jiraya san, I always see writing something. Wouldn’t you be interested in writing a book? In case it sells, you’ll make a lot of money!”

“A book?” Jiraya found Ryo’s proposal really interesting.

“Yes, a book! Make it about your autobiography, or a story about peeping at women’s Baths.”

Listening to Ryo’s proposal, Jiraya’s eyes went brighter and brighter. He couldn’t wait to start.

“Kid, I have no more time to chat, I’m off!” Jiraya turned and never looked back!

Ryo didn’t know precisely when Jiraya started writing books in the original timeline. When Kushina was pregnant with Naruto, the 1st book was already written, with Naruto being the name of its protagonist.

He also knew that Kakashi was a huge fan of his “Flirting Paradise” since the age of 18.

So for those reason, Ryo pushed Jiraya to that direction. It’s just that he never expected that he would be so enthusiastic for the idea.

“Kakashi, I’ve just made a great contribution to your future happiness. Next time we meet, you better invite me out on a barbecue!” Ryo said to himself.

“Achoo!” While training, Kakashi sneezed in the Earth Country camp.

“Kakashi you’re okay? Do you have a cold?” Rin asked him concerned.

Obito who felt immediately jealous answered her: “Kakashi Yaro must have offended so many people that he’s being badmouthed right now!”

Kakashi didn’t care about what Obito said, he just nodded saying to Rin that he was okay and got back to his training.


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