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H.R.P Chapter 82: Reunion with Kushina

Ryo left the place. The next morning, Homura Mitokado, Koharu Utatane and Danzo Shimura gathered. The three ex-members of the Konoha council went to the 3rd’s office.

“Hiruzen, do you know about what happened last night?” Homura didn’t waste time chit-chatting, and cut straight to the chase.

“What?” The 3rd put on an ignorant face.

In fact, the 3rd had already known about Ryo’s stunt yesterday while it was still happening. Thinking it over, he decided to turn a blind eye to his actions.

The 3rd’s position was shown when he refused Danzo’s proposal. The Yamanaka’s have always been avid supporters of the Hokages. Recently, they brought the village a genius such as Ryo Yamanaka. The 3rd wasn’t letting Danzo hinder the clan’s interests any time soon.

Danzo was extremely bothered by the 3rd’s attitude. He took a deep breath then said: “Yesterday, Ryo Yamanaka crashed into Root’s headquarter.”

“Oh ! You’re talking about that? Well, kids these days, they don’t know any better. You should be tolerant with him.” The third smiled as he said that, as if he was taking it lightly.

“Hiruzen! Your telling us to treat crashing into the Root Headquarter, and insulting Danzo just like any prank done by some random child?” Said Karuha, who also seemed to be dissatisfied with the 3rd’s way of treating the matter.

“Karuha, don’t get angry! This is a trivial matter, and Root have been dismembered already. Breaking into their headquarter holds no meaning anymore.”

“Hiruzen, Root’s archive are still there. Ryo entering might be targeting our mission information.”  Danzo was accusing Ryo of something serious.

“You worry too much Danzo. Root’s archive should be fine. Ryo Yamanaka carries the Will of Fire. He wouldn’t do such a thing.”

The three were listening to the Hokage siding with Ryo. They were already dissatisfied with being kicked off the village. With this on top of that, anyone would be furious.

“Hiruzen, just give me a reason why you’re siding with him?” Homura’s question was very blunt. The 3rd who had worked with him for years, knew that he was extremely angry.

“Ryo kun is Kage tier, at the mere age of 12! You must understand what that means to the village!” After saying that, the 3rd took Sakumo’s scroll giving it to the three of them.

Opening the scroll, Karuha was shocked! Seeing the expression of his partner’s face, Homura understood that the 3rd was not exaggerating. Instead of looking at the scroll himself, he passed it on to Danzo directly.

After reading it, Danzo said with heavy face: “Maybe this is just nonsense made up by Sakumo!”

“Anbu! Tell them!” The 3rd asked the Anbu beside him to speak up.

“Danzo sama, yesterday, Ryo and I had a fight. He was a speed-type ninja, and managed to defeat me in only 3 seconds flat.” After saying that, the anbu disappeared again.

“You know that Anbu’s strength. Although speed type Ninjas Might have certain advantages, if there wasn’t a huge gap in power between them, Ryo would never be able to beat a quasi Kage in an instant.”

“Even so, could someone who holds no respect for his elders in Konoha carry the Will of Fire?” Danzo was still arguing.

“Oh well, how about this? I will allow you to reconvene a small Root team. The job is to protect Root’s archive, nothing more!”

Danzo knew that he wasn’t getting the 3rd to punish Ryo any time soon. Getting to restore some of Roots presence was the best possible outcome of this meeting, so he nodded in agreement.

Ryo didn’t know anything about what happened in the 3rd office. At that time, he was busy with Yugao.

He hasn’t seen her in over a year and a half. The biggest change about her was her height, as she got a lot taller. Nothing else had changed.

Yugao was also very happy about Ryo’s return. She told him excitedly about the Ninja academy.

The two went hand in hand to the 3rd training ground. Kushina was waiting for Ryo in there.

“Ryo, is this why you called me this early in the morning?” Kushina pointed at Yugao and asked.

“Of course not! I just met her on the way and brought her along. Kushina Ne-san, I brought you here to give you a present!”

“A present? What present?”

“Here!” Ryo took out a short knife made out of his Ice.

Kushina took the Short knife. Women love sparkling things, and Kushina was no exception, and that knife was really shiny!

“Ne-san, this is intended to be your new weapon, not an ornament.” Ryo said helplessly.

“A weapon? This is made out of your Ice, how would it compare to an iron one?” Asked Kushina.

“Ne-san, you can try it out yourself against a normal blade.”

“Alright!” Kushina held the Short Knife in her left and an Iron one in her right. She did not expect the result of the collision between the two, as the iron one ended up being cut!

Ryo’s short knife was made of Ryo’s ice. Then, Ryo went on to compress natural energy within it, making the ice more like a shell for the actually knife, which is in reality a polymer of Natural Energy.

Just like Hashirama’s necklace that held his Wood Chakra, Ryo intended this short knife to be a vessel for natural energy.

Seeing how sharp it was, Kushina was loving it even more.

“Well done Ryo, you’re getting good!” She said.

“I’m Kushina Ne san’s only disciple. She taught me well, so of course I’m good.” Things always go smoothly with flattery, and Kushina nodded in agreement.

After giving Kushina her gift, there was still of course the loli, Yugao, who had her own present. It was a book with Sakumo’s physical training methods.

After that, Yugao had the privilege of watching a fight between to Kage tier Ninjas: Kushina in the 3 Tail mode, and Ryo Yamanaka.

It ended up with Kushina beating him with a slight edge. She even was able to take on his Rasenshuriken, but she did have to go into the 4-tails mode.

“Ne-san you cheated!” Beaten, Ryo protested!

“You all can use that Rasenshuriken. Why can’t I use four tails?” Kushina’s answer was indeed valid, and Ryo couldn’t answer.

Watching them from a distance, Yugao was stunned by the battle between the two. She never thought that people could get so powerful.

“Ne-san, how many tails can you use now?” Just now, when catching the Rasenshuriken, Kushina used the 4 tails mode without being affected at all.

“Five tails! I actually went into the 6th once accidentally, and ended up almost dismantling the entirety of the 4th Hokage’s office. 5 should be my limit.”

“Five tails! Ne san, your relationship with Kurama is that good?” Things were getting really different from the Manga.

“Yes! I’m good friends with Kurama now!” Said Kushina proudly.

“Ne-san, you actually know the Kyuubi’s name?” Ryo actually slipped and uttered Kurama’s name before being told about it. He tried to cover it up, and managed to fool Kushina. But the Kyuubi himself, Kurama, noticed it.

“This brat! How does he know my name?”

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