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H.R.P Chapter 83: Inoichi’s Wedding

Ryo learned from Kushina’s remarks that her relationship with the Kurama made great progress over the past year and a half, especially after the deal they made.

The deal went like this: No matter what, the Kurama will never try to take over Kushina’s body, and Kushina will remove the seals she placed upon it.

Kushina was a survivor of the Uzumaki clan. She was born with a special Chakra allowing her to suppress the Kyubi. Even with that, he is able to effect on her if unchained. Still, consciously, she removed her chains setting Kurama free.

The Kyubi didn’t intend to take over, thinking that she would seal him back whenever a move, but she did not. She said that she trusted him.

This incident was a turning point in their relationship. After that, Kushina said that she was going to give him a name. Facing all kinds of wonderful suggestions that he would never accept, Kurama couldn’t help but tell her his name.

“Kushina! Let this brat come on, I have something to ask him.” Kushina was telling Ryo about how she became friends with Kurama, when she suddenly heard the latter’s voice.

At that time, Ryo was already in awe! By butterfly effect, his existence in this world changed Kushina’s attitude towards Kurama. She really accepted the Kyubi, and now the vicious beast is actually a friend of Naruto’s mother.

Ryo was really excited. The Kushina and Kurama are becoming close so perhaps, the Kyubi attack will not happen?”

“Ryo, Kurama wants to see you.”

“See me?” Kushina’s words shocked Ryo. This time, the Kyubi will not by tied by Kushina’s Fuinjutsu. What in the world could guaranty that he won’t be just bit in two by the beast?

Out of trust of Kushina, he nodded. Just like with the last time, she led to see the Kyubi.

“Brat, we meet again.” Faced with the Kyubi, Ryo wasn’t feeling good. The unchained immense Chakra of the beast made him feel breathless.

“I’ll cut to the chase. Kid, how do you know my name?” Kurama restrained his Chakra and asked.

The immense pressure that was put on Ryo disappeared immediately, and Ryo found it easier to think and speak.

Hearing the Kyubi’s question, Ryo decided to take a gamble.

“Who knows? I just have these names in my mind, Shukaku, Matatabi… Gyuki, Kurama. When I saw you for the 1st time, for some reason, I recognized you as Kurama.” Ryo put up an ignorant look on his face.

Kearing his words, Kurama remained silent. Kushina’s ability to perceive good and evil came from him. Naturally, he was even more proficient than her with that ability.

He felt that Ryo’s words that he said just now were true.

Of course, nothing of what Ryo just said was a lie: He know all those name from the previous anime. Ryo did want to get close to the Kyubi, to ask him a question about the Mangekyo Sharingan.

“Kid, you have Natural Energy in your body, are one of its users?” Asked Kurama.

“I learned Sage Mode in Mount Myoboku.”

This kid, knowing the Name of the Tailed Beasts, and also a user of the Sage Mode, Kurama was very interested in him.

“Kurama, can I ask you a question?” Ryo tried to talk about what concerned him.

“Go ahead!” Kurama did not refuse.

“Kurama, I want to know, would you be controlled by a Mangekyo Sharingan?” As soon as Ryo said that word, Kurama’s Chakra erupted once again.

Ryo’s personal question was tough for the Kyubi to swallow. Memories of Madara controlling him became vivid in his mind.

The reason why Kurama didn’t just lash out on Ryo, was that he was interested in the kid, and also, he felt that he was kind to him. This may just be a casual question.

Thinking of that, Kurama restained his Chakra again and asked: “Kid, why are you asking this?”

Ryo sat down and said: “It’s for your sake, and Kushina Ne san is very important to me.”

Kurama felt Ryo’s seriousness. And he felt that this was matter of extreme importance to him.

He didn’t hesitate: “Just a Mangekyo limits my consciousness at most, and cannot fully control me.”

“Thank you Kurama.”

Kurama didn’t say anything more Ryo, and let Kushina get out along with Ryo.

The conversation between the two was also heard by Kushina, but she didn’t ask much. She believed in Kurama and in that he would not hurt her.

The Kyubi might still get controlled in case someone manages to extract him out of Kushina, and then it could be forced to attack Konoha.

In the Manga, with the help of Hashirama’s cell, Obito was able to use his Mangekyo Sharingan to successfully control Kurama. In the end, Minato was able to defeat him, and to release the Kyubi from his control.

In case the Kyubi gets controlled and it doesn’t get unleashed in time, the outcome will not change even with the recent change of heart of Kurama. For the sake of preserving Kushina’s life, Ryo must be careful.

After meeting with Kurama, Ryo kept an unhappy face. After bidding farewell to Kushina, he sent his girl back home, and returned to the Yamanakas.

Half a month later, Ryo was left at home by Chinse who went to help for the preparation for Inoichi’s wedding.

Time went by and Ryo didn’t realize that it was already the 15. All the Yamanakas were busy since the early morning.

The Nara clan was the 1st to arrive for help, followed by the Akamichis. Shikaku Nara, who was the chief commander of the Water Country’s battlefield, sent a gift to congratulate the couple.

After that, various clans came to congratulate. The Uchiha, the Hyuga, the Sarutobi, and even the Shimura clan sent to people to attend the wedding.

The host of the wedding was the 3rd Hokage himself. In the parent’s seats were Chinse and Yamanaka Akishi. Yamanaka Akishi was Ryoko’s father and also Ryo’s uncle.

The wedding was in western style, and somewhat similar to Naruto and Hinata’s wedding in “The Last: Naruto the Movie”.

Ever since the outbreak of the 3rd world war, the Mood in Konoha was tense. Both the villagers and the Ninjas were nervous.

This wedding brought a touch of warmth to the village that was immersed in this brutal war, and also allows to the tense nerves of the people to get a chance to relax.

At the wedding, Inoichi was somewhat reserved. On the flipside, the bride was dancing gracefully, giving her groom a glimpse of the happiness she’ll be bringing him as a wife.

Looking at the happy couple, Ryo thought of Yugao and marrying her by the time they grow up.

The girl obviously had no idea about his thoughts. She just sat there and ate a lot of different sweets. For children, sweets are the best thing about weddings.

After the ceremony, Kazuha accompanied Inoichi to entertain the guests. Ryo was admiring how friendly the Akamichi clan was, especially in weddings, with how many drinks they get.

So with such joy for everyone, the wedding was over.

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