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H.R.P Chapter 84: Shi

On The wedding night at the Yamanakas, after the crowd spread out, Ryo sneaked into Konoha’s prison.Ryo went in for the female Sand spy caught by Jiraya. For the sake of his future plans, he decided to take the opportunity brought by that night to rescue her.

He was in a hurry, for that night was a rare chance. The Anbu Ninjas should be scattered scattered on that night. On the night when he invaded root, he found no more than 10 Anbus inside.

Because of Inoichi’s wedding, half the Ninjas in the village went to participate. Since there were too many places to guard in the village, the protection put on the prison was less tense.

Another reason for that was the fact that Ryo was about to go back to the battlefield now that the wedding was over. He had to take this opportunity.

As for the place she would go to, Ryo was ready to give her to his mother Chinse.

The other night, Ryo went to Root’s headquarters. His purpose was to warn Danzo and anyone else who had bad thoughts in Konoha: You can’t just stick your nose in the Yamanaka’s business.

But rescuing people from Konoha’s prison was a completely different matter. He must be careful not to be seen by anyone. He had no thoughts of betraying his village, but he had to do this for his future plans.

Unsurprisingly, Konoha Anbus were too scattered. Ryo used his secret technique to hide his Chakra, and carefully avoided the Anbus to get to Konoha’s prison.

Upon his arrival, he found that the defenses put on the prison were not too strict. He perceived only 20 people around the place. Six of them were Chunins, one of them was a tokubetsu jonin. The rest were assisting civilians.

However, it wasn’t surprising the prisoners in Konoha’s Ninjas all had their Chakras sealed, becoming more like civilians.

The gate was being guard by just two Chunins. With Ryo’s speed, even without using the Lightning Chakra Mode, he could pass in the blink of an eye under their noses.

Ryo stayed close to the door, waiting for an opportunity after placing an Ice Scalpel. He was waiting for the door to open as someone entered or left the prison.

After about half an hour, the door opened for a civilian to go out. Ryo took the opportunity to invade the prison with success. The two guarding the door and the one going out did not notice anything.

The prison’s structure was not complicated: a basement, and four floors. Ryo carefully avoided the Ninjas in the prison and tried to perceive the position of the Sand spy.

After some searching, he suddenly remembered that her Chakra was sealed. He only remembered her Chakra’s fluctuations from her using her abilities. Other characteristics weren’t something he remembered, so he couldn’t find her the way.

What he had to do was to seize one the civilians. He then used his Sharingan to get information out of him with Genjutsu.

What he learned was that for the past 40 years, all the spies caught were kept on the west side of the 2nd floor.

So Ryo snuck his way in there, and found the Sand female spy immediately. He found her with ease because her hair color was the same as that of Pakura.

“Who are you?” The Sand spy asked him as he broke the seal on the gate of her cell. She was only sealed up with Chakra.

“Stay quiet! Pakura sent me to rescue you.” Ryo didn’t want her to make any bad move and directly mentioned Pakura. When the spy heard her name, she remained quiet.

After Ryo destroyed the seal, she came out of the cell. It didn’t look like she was abused in the prison, but it seemed that her mental state wasn’t very stable.

“Now, I’m taking you out. Stay assured, I won’t hurt you.” As he finished her words, he formed his hand seals, and the spy was frozen.

With his Ice teleportation, Ryo couldn’t teleport people, but he could take Ice along with him. freezing her was the best way for the two of them to leave Konoha’s prison.

Ryo walked, carrying the frozen spy, to the nearest point of the second floor to the gate. After sensing his Ice scalpel, he successfully left the prison with her.

Afterwards, Ryo moved on the melting the Ice and carrying the female. While avoiding the Anbu Ninjas around the village, he returned to Yamanakas.

“Open up mom! Mom!” Ryo’s knocking woke up his mother. Chinse opened the door confused to find her son with an unconscious woman.

She immediately let him come in. After he got the women on the ground, Chinse asked: “Ryo, who is she?”

“Mom, she’s someone important to a Sand friend of mine. She just was in Konoha’s prison!”

“Ryo, you’re a Konoha Ninja!” Chinse was shocked by the words of her son!

“Mom, don’t worry. I have absolutely no intentions of betraying Konoha, but her friend will be of great help to me in the future. I just had to free the woman in return.”

As the two were arguing, the female spy woke up, and she listened to the two. Seeing how Ryo was not malicious to her, and knowing Pukura well, she opened her eyes and sat up.

“Thanks for saving me Ryo Yamanaka. But a few years ago, you took part in my capture with Jiraya.” The female Ninja was somewhat confused.

“Cough, I didn’t know Pakura back then. I only knew her when I went to the battlefield of the Wind country.”

“War has started again? I didn’t expect it to happen so fast.” She was a little surprised by the news.

“Right, I don’t know your name. What is your relationship with Pakura?” asked Ryo.

“My name is Shi, Pakura is my sister. My mother died giving birth to her, and my father was always out on mission. So we grew up together and I was to one raising her.

Listening to Shi, Ryo understood what Pakura was so concerned about her.

“Mother, please take care of her for some time! Oh, and your Chakra will remain sealed until you return to the Wind country. Then, I’ll help you with that.”

Chinse looked at Shi, then looked back at Ryo, and ended up helplessly agreeing.

“The seal doesn’t bother me; it’s already great just to leave that prison!” Shi agreed with Ryo’s conditions.

The next day, Chinse went out to buy clothes for Shi and her daily necessities, while Ryo went outside to inquire about the news from Konoha’s prison.

He didn’t get anything, but the Anbu Ninjas seemed somewhat busier than usual.

The 3rd learned about Shi escape earlier, and what reached him was that the prisoner escaped by herself. People in the prison reported that no one had sneaked in on the previous night.

A spy caught a few years ago was no interest of the 3rd. It didn’t matter if some years old intelligence were leaked. The Anbus search for here was merely following the protocol.

What really concerned the 3rd was the intelligence on his table right now!

“Anbu, go call Ryo Yamanaka!”

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