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H.R.P Chapter 85: Reunion With Orochimaru

Ryo was suddenly stopped in street by an Anbu.

With Anbu blocking his path, Ryo’s heart was shook. He immediately recalled what he did yesterday and ended up being sure that left no traces behind.

“Ryo san, Hokage sama wants to see you.” The Anbu delivered the 3rd’s message.

“Alright, I’ll go right away.” Ryo didn’t ask about any details, and immediately rushed towards the 3rd’s office.

The Anby didn’t disappear immediately, and actually went to the office along with Ryo.

When the two entered through the door, they found the 3rd sitting at his desk smoking his pipe.

“Ryo, come! Let’s not waste time, look at this information.” Saying that, he handed the scroll that was on his table to Ryo.

The scroll was sent from to front-line to the 3rd by Orochimaru. According to its content, the Hidden Rock’s Explosion Squad was causing great casualties to Konoha’s Ninjas. Orochimaru wasn’t able to limit their damage off on his own, and asked the 3rd for reinforcement.

What Ryo first though about were two Ninjas. One, was the missing-Nin Deidara. The other was Gari, who was one of the Rock Ninjas. (Author’s Note: Although Deidara used explosive clay, and Gari used explosive punches as a part of his Taijutsu style, both were users of Explosion Release.)

The rest of the Explosion Release users wasn’t introduced in the Manga, and Ryo didn’t expect them to be a whole squad. (Translator note: the squad was mentioned in the Manga, the members were not -with the exception of Gari-. Perhaps this means that Ryo just didn’t notice that.)

“Ryo, what do you know about the nature of the explosions?” Asked the 3rd.

“Hokage sama, they should based on the Kekkei Genkai: Explosion release. Since that’s an Earth Release based Kekkei Genkai, Lightning Release should be effective against it.” (Translator Note: This might go against the common theory that the Explosion Release kekkei Genkai is a fusion of Lightning Release and Earth Release)

“You’re right, but to stop a massive Explosion Ninjutsu, a regular Lightning Release Justu can’t cut it. Right now, the casualties among our lower ranks are too great, and there’s urgent need for medical care on the battlefield.” Said the 3rd with a heavy face.

“Hokage Sama, do you mean that I should go to the Earth Country?” Ryo made a guess on what the Hokage called him in for.

“Yes, but not just you. Half the medical team in the wind country shall accompany you.”

Ryo nodded and expressed his understanding of the 3rd’s arrangement. According to the scroll, Konoha was already losing ground, and reinforcement was mandatory.

“That’s good, you will contact Jiraya right away, let him summon you to the wind country through Mount Myoboku, and then will lead half of the Medical Ninjas to the Earth Country.”

“Yes, Hokage Sama!”

Ryo contacted the Toads of Mount Myoboku so that they tell Jiraya of what happened, and went straight home to say goodbye to his mother, before going to bid farewell to Yugao and Kushina.

Chinse was so disappointed that their time together is once again coming to an end, but she could only look at him in tears. Kushina however pretended to be indifferent, as she calmly bid farewell to him.

Later on, Ryo was reverse summoned to Mount Myoboku by Shima, and then was summoned by Fukasaku to the battlefield of the wind country.

After thanking the two great sages, he immediately went to Sakumo’s tent to explain the 3rd’s orders.

Jiraya became anxious when he learned that Orochimaru was unable to handle matters on his own, while Sakumo was afraid of something else. He feared that if Ryo would end up meeting the Yonbi Jinchuriki in the Earth Country, he might end up being blinded by anger.

“Ryo, if you go to the Earth Country, and encounter the Yonbi Jinchuriki, you must stay calm. That man is far stronger than you.”

“Don’t worry Sakumo san, I won’t throw my life away.” Ryo answered with a smile.

“Kid, Orochimaru will be depending on you, and make sure to stay safe.”

“No need to worry as well Jiraya san! And I’ll help Orochimaru san, we’ll get victory there as well! Now, I need to be going. Take care!”

After finishing his words, Ryo waved at the two and left Sakumo’s tent going to his medical team.

After explaining the situation, he selected nearly half of them to accompany him to the Earth country.

The Ninjas were really fast. After they finished packing up, Ryo led them to set off immediately.

In two days and nights, Ryo and his team arrived at Konoha’s camp in the Earth Country.

Many of the Ninjas in the camp were injured. Ryo immediately dispatched his team to start rescuing them, and he went to Orochimaru’s tent.

Upon his arrival, he found Orochimaru teaching Anko Mitarashi.

Orochimaru was her Sensei, and she learned all her Snake Ninjutsu from him; She respected him greatly.

After that, Orochimaru defected, and planted a cursed seal on Anko. As the product of his experiments and his only living disciple, Orochimaru wanted to take take her along, but she refused.

She did want to go with him; she had no resentment against Orochimaru. But she had to make a choice between her village and her Sensei.

“Ryo kun, I wasn’t expecting you!” Orochimaru seemed surprised to see Ryo.

“Hey! Orochi san!” With his new strength level, Ryo was less formal with Orochimaru, and was more and more friendly to the mad scientist of the Naruto world.

“You’re Ryo Yamanaka? What are you doing here?” Anko was always impressed by the two geniuses, Ryo and Kakashi.

“It’s Anko! I heard that Orochi san took you as his apprentice, not bad!” Ryo and his old classmate greeted each other.

“Ryo kun, since Sarutobi Sensei sent you here, do you have a way to deal with the Explosion Release? Or are you here to treat the injured Ninjas?”

“I’m here for both!”

Orochimaru’s eyes got bright. The Rock’s Explosion Squad was a big concern for Konoha. He’s always wanted to deal with them, and didn’t expect that Ryo would be the one with the solution.

“Ryo kun, would you tell me about your method?”

“Of course!” As he finished his words, Ryo entered the Lightning Chakra mode, and then formed a Rasengan in his hand. He then proceeded to injecting it with Lightning Chakra, rendering it into a lightning sphere.

Orochimaru felt the power of the Lightning Sphere, and became really excited. Such a level of lightning Ninjutsu should deal with the Explosion Release with ease.

“Ryo kun, you really gave me a big surprise!”

“Orochimaru san, you’re being to flattery! Now, I won’t be dealing with the Rock Ninja’s immediately. Give me two days, as I have to treat the wounded Konoha Ninjas 1st.”

Orochimaru immediately agreed. Even if Ryo didn’t think about that, it was the 1st thing he was going to ask him to do.

“I’m going now Orochi san!” Ryo said goodbye to Orochimaru and went for his intense rescue work.

Things went a lot smoother over those two days, and Orochimaru was a lot less tense. Now, with Ryo here, he can let him deal with the injuries and explosions, while he focuses only on the 3rd Tsuchikage.

Two days later, he gathered his Ninjas to prepare for a great counter attack!

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