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H.R.P Chapter 97: Burning Youth

While Ryo and his team were heading towards the Wave Country along with Shinshiro’s family, their destination was witnessing an earth-shattering battle.

The Mist Ninjas had made a great plan of attacking with regular Ninjas, and then dispatching the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist to hunt down the young talents among Konoha’s ranks.

Their plans were long figured out by Shikaku Nara, but there was too much difference in high-end combat power.

No side had a Kage-tier Ninja. The heads of the Yuki and Hozuki Clans and the personal guard of the Mizukage were all Quasi Kage tier; while the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist with their Swords were all above the average Jonin tier.

The heads of the Ino-Shika-Cho alliance could block the Hozuki clan head. The 3rd’s Quasi Kage Anbu could deal with the Mizukage’s bodyguard.

Since the 3rd’s son was dispatched to the Lightning Country, the remaining 5 Jonins had to gather in order to face the head of the Yuki clan.

With that, the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist found themselves free to do whatever they wanted. In order to keep the worst from happening, Shikaku Nara took the opportunity and made all the young Ninjas in the camp run away.

The seven were Fuguki Suikazan, using Samehada; Kushimaru Kuriarare, using Nuibari; Juzo Biwa, using Kubikiribōchō, Raiga Kurosuki, using Kiba; Jinin Akebino, using Kabutowari; Jinpachi Munashi, using Shibuki and Hoozuki Ha, using Hiramekarei. (Author Note: The wielder of Hiramekarei at the time was not mentioned in the Manga, so the author just picked a name.)

The seven of them, even with ordinary swords, were Jonin level. With the power of the Seven Legendary Swords however, they become even more terrifying.

They went in like tigers into a herd of gazelles, ravaging through Konoha’s Genins and Chunin. In no time, corpses were everywhere.

After killing no less of 500 Konoha Ninjas, they started searching for the younger ones to kill.

Like in the Manga, Might Guy, Genma Shiranui and Ebisu were found and cornered by the seven.

The three knew how strong their opponents were, and they were really desperate. Just then, a man dressed in a green jumpsuit that was the same as Guy’s appeared in front of them!

“Dad! Dad! What are you doing here!” Guy looked at his father, Might Duy, whose body was emitting green steam.

“Never mind, just run and I’ll buy you some time!” Duy interrupted his son’s words and told him to escape with his friends.

“If we flee, what would happen to you? Dad you’re just a Genin, and they are all Jonins, plus, they are the Seven Ninja Swordsman! You are no match for them!”

“I have the Gate of Death… the Eight Inner Gates Formation!” Duy firm voice made Guy realize how resolved his father was.

“But if you use that trick, Dad…”

Might Duy turned back and gave a proud thumbs up to his son, and then looked firmly at the seven in front of him.

“Hey there! Sorry to interrupt your father-son moment. But don’t worry, I’m keeping you together, and you’re staying here kid! My sword needs your blood to repair its blade!” Said Juzo Biwa.

“Don’t talk nonsense, you’ll find plenty of blood everywhere. Let’s hurry up and deal with them all!” Raiga Kurosuki sounded somewhat impatient.

“It is time to fulfill my oath, to protect what’s important to me. Eighth Gate of Death: Open!” Duy saw the enemy about to make a move, and opened the Gate of Death without any hesitation.

Blood-red steam was emitted out his body, along with powerful Chakra, dozens of times beyond that of a Hokage.

The blood red steam was, like Guy later said, the peak of burning youth, burning to become nourishment for the new, fresh leaf, his own son.

Both the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist and Guy’s team were scared by Duy’s incredible state.

“Open?! What in the world? This Chakra, even the Sanbi wouldn’t match it! Is this really a Genin?” Kushimaru Kuriarare said, trembling.

“Do not panic! Chakra is not the only indicator of strength!” Fuguki Suikazan’s words somewhat gave some stability back to his colleges.

The three Genins, finally left the scene. Duy saw them leaving with relief, and then rushed over to the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist.

A red figure that was at a distance of them appeared out of nowhere in front of Hoozuki, kicking him: “[Evening Elephant: First Step]!”

Hoozuki died with one kick! He didn’t even have the time to react.

The rest of the seven, including Fuguki, the calmest of them, panicked. One kick killed their comrade; this man can kill them that easily!

They all rushed to escape, scared for their lives. But Duy wasn’t about to let them go free. He caught up with Kushimaru with his second step.

The other six people were scared to escape, and Matte did not let them go. They caught up with the chestnut string and kicked the second foot.

Jinpachi was hit by the 3rd step, and the 4th took the life of Jinin Akebino. The seven had no chance to resist, and they could only run.

In the Manga, even Uchiha Madara with his almost immortal Six Path Mode could not fight back the continued barrage of Evening Elephant, let alone these seven.

There were 5 steps in the Evening Elephant, and the last was shot at the escaping Fuguki.

Because he managed to gain distance, the hit was not lethal, and he managed to survive. Along with Him, Raiga Kurosuki and Juzo Biwa also escaped with their lives.

Ryo, who had just set foot in the Wave Country, was shocked by the explosion in the distance. He went directly into Sage Mode, and felt the colossal Chakra, being that of even the Kyubi in the direction of the explosion. However, it was gradually weakening.

“Ming, Maan, protect Shinshiro san! I’ll go there to see!” After that, Ryo left Sage Mode, entering the Ice Lightening Chakra Mode, and he hurried with the Ice Teleport and his Lightning Chakra Flicker in the direction of the explosion.

Such a massive Chakra, that’s gradually declining, Ryo already guessed who it was.

Sure enough, when reached the scene, he saw a blood-red figure, kicking three escaping foes. Three of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist were taken down by only three kicks!

Might Duy launched just one other kick towards Fuguki, and then collapsed to the ground.

Ryo was already greatly impressed by the power of the Eight Gates Released Formation. He had rewound Guy’s and Madara’s fight countless times in his past life.

And it was visible to him now, how superior the magnitude of real Evening Elephant was compared to the Anime.

Duy’s blood-red figure was ingraved in his memory. The man who had just burned his youth to carry out his own beliefs, he was more admirable to him than ever.

Ryo ignored the three surviving swordsmen who were running for their lives. Instead, he went to check on the situation of Might Duy. After a brief moment, he sighed helplessly.

“How… is… Guy?” Duy asked.

“Dai san, don’t talk, I’ll get you to see Guy one more time!” After he finished his words, Ryo used Ice to freeze Duy’s body and stop his passing.

He knew that he wasn’t going to be able to save his life, but he could at least allow him to see his son one more time. That was the only thing Ryo could do.

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