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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 120: Kalluto Zoldyck

Mike was moving very fast. After passing through the dense forest, Allan saw a large villa on the hill where the Zoldyck family resides.

Seeing the Villa, Allan couldn’t help exclaim: ‘The Zoldyck are really rich!’

The villa was built on a mountain peak, where everything there belongs to them, wasn’t that awesome?

Soon, Mike stopped moving.

Allan looked up and saw a courtyard in front of him.

The courtyard was full of butlers and maids. About twenty of them blocked the way.

Allan narrowed his eyes as he looked at the servants of the Zoldyck family one by one and said: “We are here to find Killua. Please ask him to come out.”

A butler stood up and said: “Without the permission of the Patriarch, no outsider can enter the Zoldyck’s family ground. Since you’re invaded this private property, you can’t meet Master Killua.”

Allan shrugged: “So we won’t discuss this?”

“Just leave now.”

Just as Allan was about to say something, the system gave him 3 choices.

[1: Get rid of the Butlers. Reward: Mysterious Treasure Chest x1]

[2: Insist on staying until meeting Killua, and use the Ice Ice Fruit to freeze the Butlers. Reward: Random Skill Card x1]

[3: Turn around and leave. Reward: Increase Nen by 2,000]

Allan thought for a moment before deciding on the second option. He didn’t want to destroy the bridge with the Zoldyck Family, so he wouldn’t just kill them.

The third option is out of the question as well. Since they came all the way here, they wouldn’t return without achieving their goal.

“If we don’t see Killua, we won’t leave.”

Allan’s words made the Butlers gloomy.

“Since you insist on not leaving, then we won’t go easy.”

“Do it.”

In the next moment, the butlers rushed toward them. Allan signaled to Gon and Hancock not to do anything as he jumped down from Mike’s back.

“You’re nothing more than Butlers in the Zoldyck Family.”

Facing Allan’s Provocation, all of the butlers and maids rushed toward him, but in a blink of an, everything was frozen solid.

The Butlers and maids turned into Ice Sculpture before they could get close to Allan.

At the same time, Allan received his reward from the system.

The reward was a random skill card that he could activate just by holding it in his hand.

He can use the skill card without any effort from the user, which was the advantage of having it, but the skill card’s cooldown was a week.

The skill he got was called [Gaara’s sand defense].

The skill was quite good, and although its cooldown was seven days, it can effectively save his life when it matters.

Putting away the card, Allan glanced at the butlers and maids and then gestured for Gon and Hancock to move forward.

“Allan, is it okay to freeze them?”

Gon asked Allan in worry.

Allan waved his hand and said: “It’s okay, this won’t kill them.”

Most people couldn’t withstand his ice, but they were butlers and maids from the Zoldyck family. They won’t die from this. They only needed to melt the Ice slowly or wait for someone to free them.

Looking at the villa on top, Allan said: “Well, let’s go. We’re not far from where Killua is.”

Gon directly followed Allan along with Hancock.

Simultaneously, in the villa, the current Patriarch of the Zoldyck Family, Silva Zoldyck, was talking with an old man.

“Silva, what are you going to do?”

The Silver Haired old-man asked Silva.

“I will ask Killua first, then decide what to do.”

The Silver Haired old man said again: “Just now, there is a report saying that the butlers and maids that were blocking them are all frozen in the courtyard. Now they are heading this way. It seems like they are quite capable.”

Hearing this, Silva was slightly surprised: “If you can, I will trouble father to deal with them first.”

“Well, leave it to this old man.”

The silver-haired old man was Zeno, Silva’s father.

On the other side, Allan, Gon, and Hancock already arrived in front of the Villa.

Suddenly, a violent gust of wind roared out of nowhere and swept toward the trio.

Allan’s face didn’t change as he waved his hand and created an Ice wall that stopped the win easily.

A girl with short black hair and wearing a Kimono, holding a paper fan in her hand, came out and looked at them coldly.

The girl was surprised a little when she saw Allan completely disintegrate the gust of wind without effort.

Allan’s eyes fell on the adorable girl that she can’t be a boy.

Gon on the side asked: “Who is she?”

“Kalluto Zoldyck, Killua’s Sister,” Allan said casually.

Whether Kalluto was a male or female, he wasn’t sure, but she didn’t seem like a boy according to her appearance.

So Allan just said what he thought was true, and Gon won’t believe him if he said it was a guy.

“Killua’s sister?” Gon was a little surprised and waved at Kalluto: “Hello, Killua’s sister, we are here looking for Killua. Could you ask him to come out?”

In the yard, Kalluto heard Gon’s words and snorted coldly. Instead of answering, she raised the paper fan in her hand and waved vigorously.

The wind rushed forward fiercely toward Gon, but Gon didn’t evade. Seeing the situation was getting dangerous, Allan was about to make a move, but Gon said: “Allan, please don’t move.”


Allan shrugged and stepped aside with Hancock.

The wind was like sharp blades cutting Gon’s body.

Right now, Gon’s body had a dozen of wounds, but Gon didn’t find back. Instead, he accepted the attack head-on.

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