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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 121: Zeno Zoldyck

Hancock couldn’t help asking Allan after seeing Gon’s behavior: “Why isn’t the kid avoiding these attacks?”

Allan shrugged and said: “Probably because he wants to prove that we aren’t here to cause trouble.”

Hancock shook her head and said: “That’s very naïve.”

“It is.” Allan smiled: “But it’s because of Gon’s innocence that he can make real friends, right?”

Hancock snorted, obviously disagreeing with Allan’s words.

As a Shichibukai, she didn’t have friends or allies.

At this moment, Kalluto saw that Gon didn’t dodge her attacks and was slightly surprised.

However, she didn’t stop, and she regarded Gon’s behavior as stupid.

Another wind blade shot out of her fan and tore a new wound on Gon’s body.

Gon clenched his fist and tried his best to ignore the pain.

His blood was already dripping on the floor, and the sight was terrifying.

However, even with such severe injuries, Gon didn’t fall.

Kalluto stared at Gon, who was panting. She almost exhausted her strength after so many wind attacks, but Gon didn’t fall.

“Why don’t you fight back?” Kalluto couldn’t help the curiosity as she asked.

Her voice was cold yet delicate.

Gon replied with a weak voice: “Because… You’re Killua’s sister, so I can’t attack you.”

“Idiot.” As she heard Gon’s words, Kalluto couldn’t understand his reason.

“Even if you’re brother’s friend, I won’t be merciful.”

Kalluto raised her Fan and said: “This will be the last attack.”

At this moment, someone from behind Kalluto said: “Enough, Kalluto!”

Hearing this voice, Kalluto immediately stopped her fan from moving and looked behind.

She saw a silver-haired old-man walking with his hands behind his back.

“Grandpa? Why are you here?” Kalluto was a little surprised.

At this time, Allan’s eyes fell on the silver-haired old man. It was Zeno, Killua’s Grandfather.

He was wearing a black and white robe with some words on them.

Zeno moved toward Gon and asked: “Little kid, aren’t you afraid of death?”

Hearing this, Gon raised his head and said: “I’m afraid of death!”

Zeno then asked curiously: “Since you’re afraid, why didn’t you avoid Kalluto’s attacks?”

“Because I want to see Killua!” Gon replied.

Zeno asked in a deep voice: “Are you really Killua’s friend?”

Gon nodded heavily: “Well, of course, at least I think of Killua as my friend.”

“What about Killua? Does he treat you as a friend?” Zeno asked.

“I think he does.” Gon said without hesitation.

Zeno stayed silent for a bit and asked: “Boy, what’s your name?”

“Gon Freecss, you can call me Gon.”

Hearing his, Zeno’s eyes changed as he looked at Gon more intently: “Your surname is Freecss?”

“Yeah.” Gon nodded.

After receiving Gon’s confirmation, Zeno looked at Gon deeply before saying: “Gon, I’m Killua’s Grandfather, Zeno.”

“Hello, Grandpa Zeno.” Gon said politely.

“Gon, are those two friends of Killua as well?” as he said this, Zeno looked at Hancock and Allan.

“Grandpa Zeno, they came with me. His name is Allan, and he saved Killua once. That woman is Allan’s fiancée, The Snake Princess.”

“Is that so.” Zeno nodded thoughtfully before he looked at Hancock then at Allan.

“Pushing the fourth Gate in seconds, using Mike as a mount, and Freezing the Butlers and maids into Ice. You guys seem really capable.”

Allan looked at Zeno without fear. On the surface, Zeno seemed to compliment him, but in fact, he was slightly dissatisfied.

Allan was helpless about that. He was just accompanying Gon and to find Killua. He didn’t want to find trouble with the Zoldyck.

However, at this moment, the system gave him a Choice.

[1: Provoke Zeno and fight him. Reward: Golden Treasure Chest x1]

[2: Insist on Fighting Zeno. Reward: Wolf Fang Fist style (Yamcha’s Fighting Style From Dragon Ball!]

[3: Ignore Zeno and fight him. Reward: Increase Nen by 10,000 Points]

Seeing those rewards, Allan directly said: “Master, you must be joking. I just accompanied Gon to find Killua. If I offended you, please forgive me.”

Zeno said: “Of course you offended us. We, the Zoldyck, have a few guests. As killers, most of our acquaintances are enemies.”

Allan smiled slightly: “We are really not here to look for trouble.”

Zeno nodded and said: “Anyway, come in first. Gon lost a lot of blood. If we don’t deal with it quickly, he might die. As Killua’s Grandfather, I don’t want to see Killua’s friend die like this.”

“This old man seems to like Killua very much.”

After that, Allan took Gon and Hancock and followed Zeno into the villa.

Upon seeing this, Kalluto on the side couldn’t help asking: “Grandpa, will you really bring them inside?”

Zeno said: “Anyone who can pass the Testing Gate is a guest. Let the old man call the shots.”

Hearing this, kalluto didn’t say anything else.

Zeno is her grandfather. No matter how much she hated outsiders, she couldn’t say anything to him.

“It seems like I can only look for mother. If mother knows that someone was looking for Brother Killua, she would be very unhappy.”

Kalluto found an excuse to leave Zeno’s side.

Zeno glanced at Kalluto and shook his head. He already guessed what she wanted to do, but he didn’t anything about it.

Allan followed behind Zeno while thinking about a way to fight with Zeno.

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