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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 122: Meeting Killua

Zeno was a superb professional Assassin for a long time, and his power was unfathomable.

But Allan wasn’t worried about losing to Zeno. He was worrying if he could fight Zeno.

Zeno was a killer, unlike the martial art idiot Netero.

He is a businessman who doesn’t do a losing deal.

It’s obviously impossible for a fight between warriors to unfold between them.

Allan didn’t want to provoke Zeno. After all, he was Killua’s Grandfather.

But at the same time, he didn’t want to give up the reward.

If there is a chance, he wanted to fight Zeno.

After thinking for a bit, Allan said: “I have heard about you for so long, Master Zeno, and your reputation is impressive.”

Hearing this, Zeno waved his hand and said: “This old man is just a killer. It’s not a big deal. But I’m still somewhat famous in this line of work. If you want to kill someone, then for the sake of Killua, I will give you a 20% discount.”

Allan was speechless.

“Thank you, Master Zeno, but I don’t have anyone I want to kill right now,” Allan replied.

In fact, with his current power, he doesn’t need others to help him as he can deal with almost everyone himself.

If there was someone Allan wanted to kill, it is Uvogin, but he was confident in killing him easily if he appeared before him.

Allan’s current Goal was Zeno, but he couldn’t think of a good way to make Zeno fight him.

After thinking for a bit, Allan spoke directly.

“Master Zeno, other than finding Killua, I also accompanied Gon to have a fight with you.”

Hearing this, Zeno shook his head: “Haha, I am sorry, I can’t agree to this request.”

“Why?” Although Allan knew Zeno would say this, he was still asking for a reason.

Zeno replied: “This old man isn’t a warrior, but a killer. I only accept assassination requests, and I don’t like fighting uselessly.”

Allan nodded: “I understand, but I still hope we can have a spar.”

“Do you really want to fight me?” Zeno stopped and looked straight at Allan.

“Yes, please fight me,” Allan said without fear.

Zeno looked at Allan deeply before he retracted his gaze and turned his back, and walked ahead.

When Allan wondered what Zeno would say, the latter’s voice came: “This old man will think about it.”

Hearing this, Allan was overjoyed. Although Zeno didn’t agree directly, his answer meant that he would probably agree.

Gon looked at Allan as if he didn’t understand and asked: “Allan, why do you want to fight Killua’s Grandpa?”

“Because that old man is powerful. As someone who wants to get stronger, I need to fight strong foes. It’s kind of like training. You will understand later.”

Gon nodded and didn’t ask anything else.

He was here for Killua, so he wasn’t interested in anything else.

Hancock on the side glanced at Allan and said: “It was the other old man last time, and now it’s this old man… You seem to like fighting old man very much.”

“Well, it’ because they are strong,” Allan said embarrassedly.

The one Hancock is talking about is obviously Netero.

Hancock nodded and said: “From his aura, he is indeed not ordinary.”

Allan smiled and said: “The old man I fought last time is Netero, the Hunter Association chairman. And this is the top Assassin in the Zoldyck. By the way, let me tell you a secret.”

“What secret?” Hancock was a little curious.

Allan said: “That old man isn’t ordinary. He looks younger than he should.”

“What?” Hancock was surprised.

“I mean, Netero is over a hundred years old, and Zeno is around 70 years old. Compared to Chairman Netero, Zeno is a young man. Also, Chairman Netero belongs to Zeno’s Grandfather’s generation.”

Hancock could only sigh: “What a monster!”

Then she said: “I also know a few old men; I think they are monsters as well.”

Allan smiled: “Are you talking about The Yonko, Whitebeard, The Hero Garp, and The Dark King Rayleigh?”

“You, how do you know them?” Hancock looked at Allan in surprise.

Allan nodded: “Of course, they are the top powerhouses in the previous Pirate’s Era. Although they are old, their power is still terrifying.”

Hancock couldn’t help asking: “How do you know this?”

Allan shrugged as a transmigrator. He, of course, knew characters like Whitebeard and the others. However, Allan looked at Hancock and said mysteriously: “Secret!”

Hearing this, Hancock said: “I’m really curious about who you are now.”

“You will know later.” Allan laughed.

However, Hancock will never know because Allan won’t tell anyone about his secret.

After entering a large living room, Zeno said: “Sit here for a while. This old man will go and see my grandson.”

“Killua?” Gon asked.

“Of course.” Zeno smiled.

At this time, a man wearing glasses and a butler’s suit came to Allan and the others with tea: “The road should’ve been long, and you may be thirsty, please have some tea.”

Allan recognized Gotoh, the chief butler of the Zoldyck Family.

“Thank you.” Gon took the teacup and started drinking, as he was thirsty.

Allan narrowed his eyes slightly.

When Gotoh saw this, he asked: “Aren’t you going to drink?”

“Thanks, but we are not thirsty,” Allan replied in a deep voice.

Gotoh nodded and then said:” You two are worried that I put something in the tea, right?”

Allan shook his head: “The Chief Butler from the Zoldyck Family wouldn’t use something like that, right?”

Gotoh’s complexion changed slightly: “Do you know me?”

Allan smiled: “Only slightly.”

Gotoh was surprised because he has been in this place for 20 years and didn’t leave the Zoldyck ground that often.

“Did Master Killua tell you?” Gotoh could only think about this.

Allan shrugged and didn’t deny anything since Gotoh guessed this on his own.

Although Gotoh was still doubtful, he didn’t ask anything else.

At this moment, Gon clutched his head and said dizzily: “I feel so dizzy, I really want to sleep.”

After a while, Gon collapsed on the Sofa.

“Sure enough, something was added to the Tea?”

Allan frowned and looked at Gotoh.

Gotoh said: “Don’t worry, It’s not poison. He will wake up after a good sleep.”

So why did you do that?” Allan asked curiously.

“It’s just to test if you are here with bad intentions,” Gotoh explained.


“To see if you are here to find Master Killua or for another purpose.”

“So what did you test exactly?”

“Gon drank the tea from a stranger without any hesitation, which indicates he is a naïve person. So it is concluded that he is here to come to find Master Killua sincerely.”

Allan nodded, as Gon was really naïve.

“As for you, you’re not Master Killua’s friends.”

Gotoh said sharply as he looked at Allan and Hancock.

Allan didn’t deny it and shrugged: “We are accompanying Gon. We really aren’t friends with Killua. We also know that Gon is too naïve. So as his temporary Guardian, I should watch over him.”

“Temporary guardian?” Gotoh was a little surprised.

“Well, it’s similar to a role model or a big brother.” Allan said, and Gotoh nodded, then he asked: “Can you tell me how Master Killua and Gon met? I’m really curious.”

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Tell Gotoh about Gon and Killua. Reward: Silver Treasure Chest x1]

[2: Refuse to tell anything to Gotoh. Reward: Increase Nen by 1,000 Points.]

Allan directly decided on the first option since he had nothing to lose and said: “Okay, I will tell you everything I know.”

“Then, I will listen intently,” Gotoh said gratefully.

Although he was just a butler, he watched Killua grow since he was a child, and his relationship with Killua surpassed that of an ordinary master-servant relationship.

“Gon and Killua met during the Hunter Exam, they…”

From the First Phase of the Exam till their duel, and Killua’s surrender to make Gon pass the Exam, Allan told Gotoh everything.

After hearing Allan’s words, Gotoh stayed silent.

After a long time, he said: “I didn’t expect Master Killua to surrender so that Gon can win. I’m really impressed.”

“Indeed, he was trained as a killer since he was a child, and he actually became a friend with someone as innocent as Gon, which is incredible,” Allan said.

“So Gon came here to look for Master Killua. Is there anything he wants to tell him, or does he want to take him away?” Gotoh asked.

“It should be both,” Allan said.

Gotoh said: “Master Killua can leave if Master Silva allowed it. If he doesn’t allow it, Master Killua won’t be able to leave.”

Allan, who knew from the show that Silva would give his consent, wasn’t worried about it.

“I think Killua will get his father’s understanding and consent.”

Seeing how confident Allan was, Gotoh pushed his glassed and asked: “I don’t know why you’re confident, since Master Silva isn’t an ordinary person.”

Allan replied: “It doesn’t matter. There is always one thing beyond all else. He is Killua’s Father, and a father and son understood each other.”

Hearing this, Gotoh nodded, as he felt that was reasonable.

Indeed, Silva always treated his family harshly, but it was because he hoped for his children to excel.

Killua was trained since he was a child and wasn’t allowed to have friends. However, since he already made one, it will be a new experience for him.

It was different from the cold Assassin route. He would go with his friends and grow together with them.

Half an hour later, Killua arrived with Zeno into the living room.

“Hi, long time no see.” Allan raised his hand and said hello.

“Allan, you are here as well?” Killua asked in surprise: “I thought that Gon came here alone.”

“No way. I’m Gon’s temporary Guardian. I can’t let him risk himself to come here alone. After all, your house is dangerous.” Allan said jokingly.

But it was the truth, with Gon’s current power, it will be hard for him to see Killua, and he may even face danger.

Killua also knew that his family was special, so he apologized: “Sorry, I made you run all the way here. By the way, what’s wrong with Gon?”

“He’s just asleep,” Gotoh said.

“He fell asleep?”

“Your butler put something in the tea as he wanted to test Gon’s sincerity. As a result, Gon drank it without hesitation and without even being alert.”

Hearing this, Killua frowned and looked at Gotoh: “Gotoh, how can you treat my friend like that?”

Gotoh was embarrassed and quickly bowed: “I’m very sorry. I did this because I care about Master Killua.”

Killua snorted coldly: “Don’t do this next time, or I will hate you. I know who Gon is and whether he came here with an ulterior motive or not. He is a friend I recognize, and I won’t allow anyone to hurt him.”

“Yes!” Gotoh nodded as cold sweat oozed from his Forehead.

Killua could make Gotoh disappear with just one word after all.

Killua turned toward Zeno and said: “Grandpa, I want to keep Gon and the others here for a few days, okay?”

“Of course, no problem.” Zeno nodded.

“Thank you, Grandpa.” Killua smiled heartedly and said to Gotoh: “Gotoh, prepare two rooms, please.”


“Well, one for Gon and one for Allan and his fiancée, is that okay, Allan?” Killua asked.

“That’s fine.”

Gotoh efficiently worked and prepared two rooms for Allan and the others to rest.

Outside the room, Killua said: “Allan, you can stay for a few days.”

Allan nodded and said: “Of course, it just happens that I have something to do.”

“What is it?” Killua asked curiously.

Allan didn’t hide anything and said: “I want to fight with your grandpa.”


Killua was taken aback: “Why are you fighting? Do you have some conflict with him?”

“No.” Allan shook his head and explained: “I just want to challenge your grandpa because as a warrior, I need to challenge stronger people to get stronger myself.”

“But my grandpa probably won’t accept.” Killua said and explained: “He is a killer, not a warrior. He doesn’t make a losing deal.”

Allan smiled: “I already asked him, and he said he would consider it. I think he will agree to fight with me.”

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