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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 129: Hisoka

Two days later, Allan and the others booked an aircraft, and their destination was the heavens arena.

Killua was the one who suggested going to the Heaven’s Arena, as he visited that place when he was six years old with his father to train.

The Heavens Arena was a paradise for fighters, as fighters from all around the world gathered there.

It was an excellent place to train for Gon and Killua, who wanted to get stronger.

On the aircraft, Gon and Killua were drinking juice while talking about their childhood.

Allan was older than both, so he wasn’t interested much, so instead, he brought Hancock to the rest area.

“What a coincidence, I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

Someone said behind Allan.

Hearing this voice, Allan turned around in surprise.

He saw Hisoka playing with his cards.

“Hisoka? Why are you here?”

“It’s a coincidence,” Hisoka replied.

“A coincidence?” Allan didn’t think so.

Hisoka: “I’m going to the heavens arena. What about you?”

Allan looked at Hisoka and said: “I seriously suspect that you’re following us now.”

Hisoka looked uncertain before saying: “Hmm? Could it be you’re going to the Heaven’s Arena as well?”

Allan: “Exactly!”

“Oh? It’s entirely a coincidence. I’m not following you there.” Hisoka said with a smile.

Allan saw Hisoka and could tell that the latter wasn’t lying, so he said: “It does seem like a coincidence. By the way, are you alone here? Isn’t Illumi with you?”

“We separated after the hunter exam. We haven’t seen each other since then already, but we call each other sometimes. He is on a mission.”

Unexpectedly, Hisoka answered Allan honestly.

Illumi was a professional Assassin, and he only got the hunter’s license for his job.

Hisoka looked around and saw that only Allan and Hancock were there and was a little curious: “By the way, are you alone with your fiancé? Where’s Gon?”

Allan said in a deep voice: “You came for Gon after all.”

“Although I like fruits like Gon, I didn’t come for him. I was just curious about what he is doing.”

“Well, I can tell you, he is chatting with Killua over there.”

“Oh? Killua’s here as well?” Hisoka was a little surprised.

“They’re going to the heavens, Arena as well? Interesting, it seems like it won’t be a boring journey.”

Seeing Hisoka so excited, Allan didn’t react at all.

With his current power, he is no longer afraid of Hisoka.

Therefore, it didn’t matter what he wanted to do as long as he didn’t go too far.

But looking at Hisoka, Allan knew that he would likely attack Gon and Killua.

At this time, the system’s voice echoed in his head.

[Ding! Make a Choice.]

[1: Let Hisoka help train Gon and Killua. Reward: Rasengan!]

[2: Prevent Hisoka from fighting Gon and Killua. Reward: Fire Release: Fireball Technique!]

Rasengan was better.

Allan directly looked at Hisoka and said: “By the way, Hisoka, I will trouble with you something.”

“What is it?” Hisoka asked puzzledly.

Allan replied without hesitation: “I want you to help me train Gon and Killua a little bit.”

“Training?” Hisoka frowned and looked weirdly at Allan as if he didn’t expect such a request.

Allan said again: “Just teach them.”

“Why are you asking me?” Hisoka asked.

“The two of them are going to the Heaven’s Arena to train, and you can tortu… threaten them one, but don’t go too far. Just make them realize they are still too weak.”

“So that what you mean.” Hisoka understood Allan’s plan.

He wanted to borrow Hisoka’s help to strike Gon and Killua’s current pride and make them grow up.

But that wasn’t good for Hisoka since he will be a target for Gon and Killua.

Although Husoka didn’t mind it very much, he wasn’t happy to be used that way.

“Hisoka, what do you think? Can you help me with this?” Allan asked since Hisoka didn’t reply.

Hisoka raised his head and said: “I don’t think I will agree.”

Allan instantly replied: “Don’t forget that you owe me a favor.”

Hisoka directly froze and remembered that he did owe Allan a favor.

“It seems like there is such a thing. Okay, I will do it.”

Allan nodded: “Well, the matter is in your hands then.”

“No problem, leave Gon and Killua to me. I will help them grow.”

Hisoka smiled evilly.

Allan knew that Hisoka was weird, but he wasn’t worried much about Gon and Killua.

Even if he went too far, Allan can intervene and stop him.

“By the way, can you ask why you want me to do this? In the heavens, Arena, there is no shortage of strong opponents. In fact, you can even do it yourself, so why ask me?”

Allan shrugged and replied: “Because you’re more suitable.”

“I’m more suitable?” Hisoka asked puzzledly.

Allan nodded: “Well, you look more like a villain.”

Hisoka was dumbfounded: “I thought that I looked kind. I didn’t think I looked like a villain. I’m so sad.”

Allan patted his shoulder and said: “Anyway, I will leave that matter to you. But you shouldn’t appear in front of Gon and Killua for the time being.”

Hisoka nodded regretfully.

“Well, I will surprise them in The Heaven’s Arena then.”

After saying this, Hisoka left.

At the same time, Allan received the reward from the system.


Instantly, a blue ball of energy appeared in Allan’s palm.

Rasengan was an A-class technique much like Chidori.

While Chidori causes damage to the surface of the body, Rasengan messes up the insides completely.

Hancock, beside Allan, looked at the Rasengan and said: “What kind of skill is that!! It looks dangerous. Where are you learning those things?”

Allan smiled: “This is called Rasengan. As for where I learned it, that’s a secret.”

“By the way, do you want the two kids to fight against that Hisoka person? He seems very dangerous.”

“As expected of you, you have good eyes. Hisoka indeed is dangerous, but there is no need to worry that he will do anything since he promised to help. You should know that the stronger the man, the less he would break a promise.”

At this time, Gon and Killua shuddered at the same time. They looked at each other and felt numb, as if someone sold their souls to the devil.

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