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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 130: Heavens Arena

The Heaven’s Arena was on the same continent as The Republic of Padokea, Killua’s Zoldyck country, but on the opposite side of the continent on the eastern part.

After riding the aircraft for a day, Allan and the others arrived at the city where The Heaven’s Arena was located.

Since it was late, the four found a hotel nearby to stay the night temporarily. Killua and Gon shared a room, and Allan shared one with Hancock.

The next day, after eating breakfast, the four of them took a bus and went to The Heaven’s Arena.

The Heavens Arena was the fourth-tallest building globally, with a height that reaches 991 meters and 251 floors.

Almost all of The Heaven’s Arena floors have a battle ring in them, and the fighters could only go to the upper floors when they win their fights in the Arena.

According to data, more than a million fighters are gathering here from all around the world.

In addition to that, at least four thousand fighters come and go each day, which brings this place’s popularity.

Half an hour later, Allan and the others got out of the bus one after the other.

The tower seemed to reach the sky when they stood in front of it.

“Wow! This is the Heavens Arena? It’s so tall.” Gon looked like a country bumpkin who just came out of a mountain somewhere and never seen the world before.

However, no one can really blame him because even Allan and Hancock felt awe when looking at the tower.

Hancock said: “This is the first time I see such a majestic building.”

“This is the Heavens Arena.” Allan sighed.

You can only feel this shock when standing in front of the tower personally.

Killua wasn’t shocked since he’s been here before, so he directly said: “Let’s go register on the first floor.”

The registration office was located on the first floor with five reception windows. Each one of them had a long line.

The lines reached outside into the hall.

“Wo, there are so many people.” Gon exclaimed in surprise.

“Four thousand people register every day in The Heaven’s Arena after all,” Allan explained.

“It hasn’t changed at all.” Killua sighed as he remembered the first time he came here.

“Let get in line.”

Gon and Killua directly started lining up.

“What are you going to do?” Allan looked at Hancock and asked.

Hancock was attracting gazes from all over the place. It was like this everywhere they went.

Allan has long been accustomed to the envious and jealous gazes. After all, Hancock was a beauty that can destroy an empire.

Of course, they can only look from a distance since they knew their worth.

To be worthy of such a woman, a man can’t be simple.

And Allan was the man beside her, which means that they can’t mess with him.

Although he looked young, he was handsome, and his face can match that of Hancock.

Hancock was lazy to deal with them, so she looked at Allan and said: “You go in line, I won’t.”

Allan nodded as he knew that Hancock wasn’t interested in this place.

She was only here because Allan was here.

Two hours later, Allan, Gon, and Killua finally registered and became official fighters in the Arena.

According to the rules, all participants must fight a preliminary match on the first floor.

The three of them directly headed toward the vast area on the first floor, which contained many fighting rings.

There were sixteen fighting rings on the first floor, which means that thirty-two participants will fight in each round.

Each participant had three chances to fight, and the judges would determine which floor the participant would ascend to.

The better the performance, the higher the floor.

The best can be directly promoted to the 199th floor.

Participation numbers were issued to each participant. Killua’s number was 2054, and Gon’s was 2055.

As for Allan, his number was 2068.

When Allan brought Hancock to the fighting hall, Killua and Gon’s fights were already arranged. They were fighting middle-aged men.

Gon only used his right hand and pushed hard to knock out his opponent, while Killua knocked them with a chop to the back of their head.

Gon was directly assigned to the 50th floor. And since Killua had already participated before, the referee appointed Killua to the 180th floor.

However, he didn’t want to get ahead of Gon, so he refused and requested to be assigned to the 50th floor like Gon.

“You performed well,” Allan said.

“If we can’t even pass the first floor, then it will be really awkward.” Killua shrugged.

After a while, Allan heard his number being called and said: “It’s my turn. I will be back soon.”

Both Gon and Killua expressed sympathy for Allan’s opponent.

Sure enough, Allan entered the ring and came out in less than three seconds.

His opponent was someone famous and ‘strong,’ but a light palm strike knocked him out.

The referee directly decided that Allan can directly go to the 100th floor.

However, he did the same thing as Killua and stayed on the 50th floor.

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