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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 131: Zushi

After finishing their fights, Allan and the other directly ascended to the fiftieth floor of The Heaven’s Arena.

Several people were on there handing over the tickets given to them by the referee.

In The Heaven’s Arena, you get a bonus on each fight below the 200th floor.

Every winner on the 50th floor can get 50,000 Jenny as a reward. And the higher the floor, the more money they received.

According to Killua, he reached the 190th floor the last time, and he received about 200 Million Jenny.

With such a huge bonus, even Allan was excited. Two Hundred Million Jenny isn’t a small sum.

Allan, Gon, and Killua arrived at the waiting area for the fighters on the 50th floor, while Hancock was invited to the staff’s audience area since she wasn’t a participant.

Many participants looked quite fearsome, and they even released their killing intent without holding back.

Allan and the others didn’t feel anything because they already know how to restrain their aura, and the weak killing intent being released didn’t bother them in the slightest.

People who can’t control themselves may seem strong to ordinary pedestrians, but they were just an empty shell to an expert.

Soon, Allan and the others were called for their fight. Killua’s opponent was a middle-aged man named Zal.

Killua didn’t bother with his opponent and directly chopped him on the neck from behind, intending on knocking him out, but to his surprise, Zal was stunned and didn’t faint.

Killua quickly used his assassination technique and once again appeared behind Zal and chopped again.

This time, he used about one-third of his power, which should be enough to knock Zal out.

But to his shock, Zal didn’t fall, and at this time, Killua realized that Zal was using Nen to defend against his attacks.
Although Killua didn’t learn Nen yet, he knows that Nen can improve power and defense since he fought with Gon last time.

Killua looked at him and said: “Do you think that I can’t knock you out because you’re using Nen?”

After saying this, Killua quickly rushed toward Zal, who couldn’t react in time to Killua’s speed.

Killua almost used all of his power this time, chopping Zal on the back of his neck. Zal’s Bones cracking sound echoed as he fell to the ground.

“Damn, kid!!”

Zal was unwilling. He didn’t understand why he lost while Killua didn’t know how to use Nen.

Killua realized that although Zal could use Nen, he wasn’t as good as Gon.

In other words, Zal wasn’t close enough to be a match to Killua.

This also made him want to learn Nen even more.

It was now Gon’s turn, and his opponent was a Nordic giant.

Gon seemed like a small cat in front of a tiger.

He was a little bit frightened but got over it when the fight started.

The giant threw a punch at Gon, and the latter didn’t avoid it. Instead, he punched back.

Gon’s fist seemed pitifully small compared to the giant’s fist.

However, the tiny fist’s power was terrifying. As soon as the fists collided, the giant clutched his arms and backed away in disbelief…

The audience was stunned. Unexpectedly, the little kid was so powerful!!

The giant once again slammed his other fist toward God.

Gon punched back, and the giant’s entire arm made a crisp bone-cracking sound as it directly shattered.

Gon won the fight smoothly, and now it was Allan’s turn.

Allan’s opponent was a young boy in a white karate uniform, who seemed younger than Gon and Killua.

Allan was a little surprised seeing him as he knew who it was. It was Zushi.

“Unexpectedly, you’re my opponent.” Allan laughed.

“Do you know me?” Zushi was a little puzzled.

“No, it’s the first time we met,” Allan replied.

“Okay, please advise,” Zushi said politely.

Allan nodded and said: “I will.”

Zushi heard this and said: “Please don’t underestimate me, or you will regret it.”

Allan wasn’t underestimating Zushi. After all, he knew that this kid already learned Nen at this time.

Sure enough, as soon as the fight started, Zushi wrapped Nen around his body directly.

Allan could see the layer of Nen wrapping around Zushi, but it was pretty weak.

Allan directly appeared in front of Zushi, who was taken aback, as he couldn’t react.

Allan just lightly chopped Zushi on the head, making the latter fall clenching his head in pain.

“This… How is this possible? You hit me gently, but it is so powerful.”

Zushi couldn’t believe what happened.

Allan just stood in front of Zushi and said to him: “You are too weak.”

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