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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 132: Wing-Sensei

Zushi was defeated.

He was utterly defeated. When he walked out of the ring, Zushi was extremely frustrated.

Allan’s words still echoed in his ears.

He doubted whether his effort so far was for naught.


Zushi heard the gentle voice of his master. Wing was wearing black trousers, a white shirt, and round glasses.

It seems like he didn’t have time to arrange his clothes and went out a little messy.

“Wing-Sensei, half of your shirt is hanging out again.” Zushi reminded his master.

“Sorry, sorry, I just came out of the bathroom.” Wing hurriedly arranged his clothes and looked at Zushi.

“Wing-sensei, sorry, I lost,” Zushi said dejectedly as he couldn’t look into Wing’s eyes.

“I saw it. Zushi, don’t feel dejected. Your opponent was way stronger than you are.

You didn’t have a chance to win against him, and I don’t blame you because of this.”

Zushi raised his head and said: “Really?”

“Yeah.” Wing nodded.

He saw Zushi’s match, and although Allan didn’t use much power, he could clearly see how strong the latter was.

“Wing-sensei, that person was so powerful, he just used one blow to defeat me, and I even though I used all of my power, I couldn’t do anything.”

Zushi said with fear.

“Moreover, that person said that I’m weak, I’m really weak, Wing-sensei?”

Wing pushed his glasses and said: “Zushi, calm down. You’re not weak. Compared to most people your age, you are a genius.

It’s just that person isn’t at the same level as you, so he isn’t wrong when he said you are weak compared to him, which means you just need to practice harder from now on.”

After winning the matches, Killua, Gon, and Allan run into Zushi and Wing in the corridor after receiving the money.

Zushi looked at Allan, and the latter said: “Hello, what a coincidence.”

“Wing-sensei, that him,” Zushi said.

“I know.” Wing nodded at Zushi and said to Allan: “Hello, I’m wing, Zushi’s teacher.”

Allan smiled and said: “My name is Allan. I fought against Zushi today. I hope he doesn’t mind my words.”

Wing said: “Allan-san, you’re also a Nen master, right?”

“Yeah.” Allan nodded.

Wing asked: “Is this the first time you came to the Heaven Arena?”

“That’s right.” Allan nodded and introduced Gon, Killua, and Hancock behind him.

“He’s Gon, that’s Killua, and that’s my fiancée.”

Wing’s gaze fell on Hancock. He was taken aback for a bit before saying: “Allan-san’s fiancée is really breathtaking. You really are blessed.”

After saying this, Wing’s eyes fell on Gon and Killua, then pushed his glasses and said: “I have seen you two fight. You performed very well.”

Then his gaze was fixed on Killua: “Killua, from your fight previously, you’re an Assassin, right?”

Killua shrugged and said: “Yeah, I’m indeed one, and a professional one at that.”

Then looking at Gon, he said: “Gon, from your fight before, you learned Nen, right?”

Gon nodded and asked: “Wing-san, from your words, you are also a Nen user, right?”

Wing pushed his glasses and said: “Well, yes.”

Gon asked: “Wing-san must be very strong then, right?”

“Haha, I’m not that strong,” Wing replied modestly.

“By the way, Gon, can I ask how long have you been learning Nen, and how much did you learn?” Wing asked curiously.

“Allan taught me Ten, Zetsu, Ren, and Hatsu, the basics of Nen.”

Wing was surprised: “Have you already learned them all? It seems that your talent is quite good.”

“No, it’s just that Allan teaches well.” Gon, who was rarely praised, touched the back of his head in embarrassment.

Wing nodded and said: “Of course, a good teacher has a great influence on a student.”

After saying this, Wing looked at Zushi and said: “I’m sorry, I have been teaching you for more than half a year, and you’ve yet to grasp the Nen of Flame. I’m really ashamed.”

Hearing this, Zushi said: “Wing-sensei, please don’t blame yourself. If you want to blame someone, it’s me, who doesn’t have any talent and learn slowly.”



The master and student hugged each other, which seemed touching, while Allan thought of something else entirely ‘Are they the reincarnation of Gai and Lee?’

Killua sighed and said: “Oh, you all know about Ne, but I haven’t learned it yet…”

Allan chuckled: “Killua when we reach the 200th floor. I will keep my promise and teach you Nen.”

“Really?” Killua’s eyes lit up.

“Of course, did I lie to you before?” Allan said.

“Then it’s settled. I will definitively reach the 200th floor very quickly.”

Killua was exceptionally motivated.

Wing pushed his glasses and said: “If Allan-san doesn’t teach you, I can teach you too, Killua.”

Hearing this, Killua was stunned for a moment. He didn’t understand why Wing was being this good to him, but he still said: “Thank you, Wing-san, but I still hope that Allan would teach me.”

“It’s okay, as long as you learn Nen, it doesn’t matter who is the one who taught you.” Wing said as he didn’t mind being rejected.

Allan thought of something and said: “By the way, Wing-san, are you a professional Hunter?”

“Yes.” Wing nodded.

“I know you guys. You are the candidates from the 287th hunter exam. You’re currently very famous in the association. Since eight candidates passed that exam and got a hunter license, and was referred as the Golden Generation by Chairman Netero.”

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