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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 133: Deal

After exchanging a few words, Allan took Allan and Gon to continue climbing The Heavens Arena.

Each fight, they can climb ten floors before they reach the 200th floor.

After winning on the fiftieth floor, Gon, Allan, And Killua received 60,000 Jenny each.

After that, Allan and the other two continued to fight and win successfully till the 90th floor.

Their matches were fast since they didn’t waste time and directly knocked out their opponent, and they have yet to encounter a powerful foe.

Allan was looking forward to seeing their reaction when they see Hisoka.

Hisoka is already above the 200th floor, so Allan was certain that they would meet him after reaching the 200th floor.

Hisoka was most likely observing Gon and Killua from somewhere.

At four in the evening, Allan, Gon, and Killua reached the 100th floor.

According to the rules, contestants who reach the 100th floor can get a private room for free.

However, if they lose even once, you will fall back to the 90th floor.

Those, who can climb to the 100th floor, are somewhat strong, and to remain there, they will do their best to fight.

They won’t show mercy to their opponents.

Since it was late, the three of them decided to stop climbing today and continue tomorrow.

Although they are on the same floor, their rooms weren’t close to each other, so each went to his room to rest.

Since they each had a room, Allan took Hancock over to his room, saving accommodation costs.

It has been months since Allan summoned Hancock to the Hunter X Hunter World, and she was already used to living with Allan.

And even though she was disobedient at the start, she was now obedient and no longer arrogant when dealing with Allan.

Allan no longer forced her to stay here and gave her control to decided whether she wants to stay here or not.

After being in this world for a few months, Hancock became interested and was no longer in a hurry to return.

The next day, after having breakfast, Allan and the other two continued climbing the tower.

On this day, Allan, along with Gon and Killua, reached the 150th floor and won a lot of money.

This continued the third day as well, and on this day, they reached the 190th floor.

Allan’s fights were concluded the fastest as he only needed one attack to end the battle, which gave him the nickname ‘One-Punch Man!’ in The Heavens Arena.

In The Heavens Arena, a strong contestant will attract the audience’s attention and become a celebrity.

When Allan’s match, the audience would mourn his opponent before the fight starts.

Although Gon and Killua performed really well, their opponent became stronger and stronger, and they were no longer effortless.

Even so, they gained a great response from the audience as the rising stars. They were young and strong, so of course, they are popular.

When they get into the ring, the audience will call their names and cheer them. Killua was embarrassed by this, but Gon felt very good about it.

After reaching the 190th floor, Allan didn’t immediately rush to the 200th.

Gon and Killua reached the 190th floor a week later after Allan.

“They performed very well; it was slightly beyond my expectations.”

Allan saw Hisoka looked fascinated.

“Are you residing on the 200th floor?” Allan asked.

“Well, I was here a few years ago, and I’m a frequent visitor,” Hisoka replied truthfully with a playful expression.

“Are you going to meet Gon and Killua on the 200th floor?” Allan asked again.

“Well, it seems like I can’t hide anything from you,” Hisoka replied.

Allan nodded and said: “The 200th floor is the line between Nen Masters and ordinary contestants. Are you going to use Baptism on them?”

Hisoka’s face changed: “You even know about this. Have you been to the 200th floor?”

“I didn’t reach there yet, but I know about it.” Allan didn’t explain much.

“Their fundamental strength is enough, so the Baptism is necessary. Even though Gon has learned Nen, his Nen isn’t strong enough, so I will use this opportunity to teach him that.

As for Killua, he might feel the horror of Nen since he didn’t learn it yet.

In short, I will give both of them a good baptism. You wait and see.”

After saying this, Hisoka left the corridor.

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