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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 147: Winner And Loser

“It seems like Hisoka intends to restrict my movement using Bungee Gum.”

Allan saw through Hisoka’s motive instantly.

Hisoka pulled his hand hard to pull Allan away.

Allan snorted coldly and cut the Bungee Gum sticking to his body using the Ice Saber.

With the Bungee Gum cut, Hisoka couldn’t move Allan.

“You saw through that?”

Hisoka’s face was gloomy, and he didn’t expect Allan to notice his Bungee Gum so quickly.

He was good at concealing Nen using [In], and no one ordinary could notice it even if they tried.

But Allan noticed it and cut it off almost instantly.

This may seem simple, but it showed that Allan was proficient in using Gyo during fights.

“It’s useless, Hisoka. I already know your abilities, and they are useless in front of me.”

Allan said with a sneer.

“Oh? Really?” Hisoka said amusedly as if he didn’t believe Allan.

“You don’t believe me? Well, I tell you in detail then. You’re a transmuter; you can change your Nen into chewing gum that can stick to surfaces and targets. This chewing gum also has the properties of rubber and can reflect projectiles and so on. This is your main ability and the one you use often. Right?”

Hisoka looked at Allan gloomily and said: “So you investigated me before I noticed.”

“Wrong, I didn’t do such a thing.” Allan denied.

“How do you know this then?” Hisoka was curious.

“That’s a secret.”

Allan sneered as he raised his hand and released cold air.

Hisoka jumped up and stuck to the ceiling again.

Allan looked at him and said: “Heh, Hisoka do you think you’re the only one who can fly?”

Allan directly took a step and started rushing toward Hisoka using Geppo (Moonwalk).

Hisoka didn’t seem surprised. He seemed to know that Allan can step on air which was similar to flying.

In the blink of an eye, Allan already used Armament Haki and punched Hisoka.

The air howled from the power behind the dark fist, which made Hisoka abandon any thoughts of blocking it.

He released his Bungee Gum and jumped from the ceiling back to the ring.

As soon as he touched the ring, Hisoka looked up to be greeted by a huge Icicle falling down on him.

Hisoka’s pupil shrunk as he rolled awkwardly.

The ring tiles broke apart by the Icicle.

Hisoka raised his head again and saw Allan rushing down toward him.

“So Fast!”

Hisoka was taken aback, and in the next moment, Allan’s fierce attacks arrived.

Wolf Fang Fist!

This move was used by Yamcha from Dragon ball.

This is the first time Allan used this style, as he wanted to try the power of this move.

Hisoka felt like he was facing a fierce wolf.

He was able to parry at first, but Allan’s speed picked up, and, in the end, Hisoka received many hits.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The muffled sound of each punch made the audience swallow hard.

“Wow! Allan Senshu (player) is attacking Hisoka Senshu fiercely.”

The female commentator outside exclaimed, watching this scene.

Needless to say, anyone can tell that Hisoka was being hammered by Allan right now.

The Referee didn’t know how to count points anymore.

Hisoka fell down after the fierce attack and didn’t move.

“It seems that it’s quite powerful.” Allan smiled.

“Start the count.” Allan glanced at the Referee.

The Referee directly started the count down, and when he reached five, Hisoka suddenly got up.

Seeing this, the Referee stopped for a few seconds.

Allan was surprised.

As expected, Hisoka’s ability to endure pain is comparable to Gon’s.

It should be his instincts guiding him to stand up.

“This is so great! It’s been a while since the last time I took a beating, so comfortable.”

Hisoka said with excitement, combined with his swelling face. He seemed really funny.

Allan almost screamed at this. He got goosebumps all over his body as he didn’t continue fighting this freaking Masochist.

Hisoka smiled a wicked smile and directly utilized his Bungee Gum like a web to grab a few spectators and threw them at Allan like cannonballs.

The spectators screamed as they flew toward Allan.

Allan easily dodged and said: “Boring!”


Hisoka sneered and once again dispatched a few spectators toward Allan.

Allan didn’t avoid this time. Instead, he waved his hand and froze them.

When Hisoka saw this, Hisoka didn’t stop. The audience was just a chess piece to him, and he can use them as much as he wanted.

In a few seconds, dozen of spectators were dragged out of the stands and thrown at Allan only to be frozen.

Hisoka didn’t care if the spectators died, but Allan wouldn’t kill needlessly. He just froze them and left them alive.

Although Allan didn’t care about the audience, he couldn’t just watch Hisoka’s behavior. So he moved to stop him.

Allan flashed at high speed and appeared in front of Hisoka in a blink of an eye.

Hisoka couldn’t react, and in the next moment, Allan released his Conqueror’s Haki directly at him.

Hisoka felt his spirit and consciousness become sluggish.

“Hisoka, try this!”

A spherical ball appeared in Allan’s hand.


The Rasengan directly hit Hisoka’s abdomen and sent him flying away.

A swirling wound appeared on his stomach.

The scene was so quiet that if a pin dropped, everyone in the Arena could hear it.


Hisoka fell on his back at the edge of the ring, and blood flowed out of his mouth.

His abdomen was severely injured by the Rasengan, and his internal organs were damaged, which should prevent him from continuing the fight.”

“Critical Hit! 2 points for Allan.”

“TKO! Allan Senshu accumulated 10 points and won the match.”

The Referee’s voice rang through the Arena.

In fact, if you really count Allan’s previous attacks, he should’ve accumulated more than ten points already.

“Hisoka, you lost.” Allan walked toward Hisoka and looked at him.

Yes, Hisoka lost, and very thoroughly at that.

“You completely defeated me,” Hisoka said.

Although he was severely injured, he didn’t resent Allan for this. Instead, he was sincerely convinced by the overwhelming power Allan showed.

As a challenger, he failed, but he was still convinced of his defeat.

Allan was a little surprised that Hisoka would actually be convinced by his loss. After all, he was an arrogant man who was confident in his strength.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Take the opportunity to kill Hisoka. Reward: Spring Spring Fruit]

[2: Gain Hisoka as a friend and save his life. Reward: Rare Treasure Chest x1]

Allan thought for a bit. Although the devil fruit was good, he didn’t want to kill Hisoka. He didn’t know why, but he thought that he and Hisoka were the same kind, so he chose the second one.

“Hisoka, for the sake of old times, I will save your life.”

Originally, Allan wanted to use the Senzu bean to heal Hisoka, but he thought that it would be a waste since it was the only Senzu bean he had.

However, Hisoka seemed on the verge of death already.

“Right, I can try that.”

Allan had an idea: ‘I can just use Raphael.’

Allan directly activated the Holy Prayer of Light.

“Master, what’s your order?”

A white two-winged Angle appeared in front of Allan.

“Raphael, save this guy.”

Allan pointed at Hisoka, who was lying on the ground.

“Yes, Master.”

Raphael immediately flew in front of Hisoka and opened his hands, and placed them on Hisoak’s abdomen.

With a burst of light, Hisoka’s wound started healing quickly.

But at the same time, Allan frowned.

He could clearly feel his Nen being consumed by Raphael.

“That’s enough, Raphael.”

Seeing Hisoka’s expression improve, Allan decisively stopped Raphael.

In just a short ten-second healing Hisoka, Allan consumed 30,000 Nen point.

If he continued, he would be exhausted at the end.

At the same time, Allan received his reward from the system.

At this time, Hisoka, who was lying on the ground, got up.

Although he was fully healed, he was brought back to life.

“Allan, you…” Hisoka looked at Allan.

He really didn’t expect Allan to save him and to even possess such a powerful healing ability as well.

Allan stopped him and smiled: “You don’t need to say anymore, Hisoka, if you feel grateful, remember that you owe me.”

After that, Allan stopped talking and left.

“It looks like I completely lost to him.”

Hisoka looked at Allan’s back with a complicated expression and smiled bitterly before leaving as well.

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