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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 18: Master of the Swamp

Time soon flew by as January arrived, leaving one weak before the Exam starts.

Allan successfully registered online so he can enter the Exam, but the problem was Gon.

Although Mito agreed that he could participate in the Exam even if he didn’t catch the Master of the Swamp, Gon stubbornly refused and vowed to catch the damn thing.

Early in the Morning, Allan went to Gon, who was fishing in the swamp.

“Gon, did you catch it yet?”

“Not yet.” Gon replied with a tone full of depression.

He didn’t know what was going on, but the Master of the Swamp was nowhere to be seen. Allan even started doubting that it was here at all.

“Gon, did you see the Master of the Swamp before?” Allan asked curiously.

He still remembered how easily Gon managed to catch that big monster.

But now, Gon wasn’t successful, which meant something was wrong.

Hearing Allan’s question, Gon shook his head: “I didn’t see it before. It is said to be a very large fish, more than ten meters long. I heard that someone in the village fell into the swamp, but no one saw him after that. So, the rumor says that the Master of the swamp is the one who ate him.”

“Who did you hear it from?”

“Auntie Mito.”

“Mito?” Allan frowned.

He is now a little skeptical about the Master of the Swamp. It could be just a fake story that Mito fabricated, so Gon won’t participate in the Hunter Exam.

That may be the reason why Gon still didn’t catch it.

“Gon, you don’t suspect that maybe there is no Master of the Swamp in here?”

Gon was taken aback before he replied firmly: “I believe Aunt Mito won’t lie to me.”

“Too innocent.” Allan sighed and said: “In that case, let me check if he is really down there.”

Although Gon didn’t believe that Mito would lie to him, hearing Allan’s suspicious, he couldn’t help but wonder if it truly was there.

After a while, he agreed: “Okay, what will you do, though?”

“It’s easy. I will just force it out.”

Allan immediately moved to the shore and squatted down, rolled his cuffs, and gently put his hand on the water’s surface.

A frost-like white air spread out of Allan’s hand immediately and gradually froze the lake’s surface.

The surface wasn’t the only thing affected, as the coldness traveled down deep into the lake.

Within a moment, the entire lake was frozen.

Like a clear gem, the Ice was transparent while strong enough to support anyone who stands on top of it.

Allan named this technique Sen-Kiro Ice Field (Thousand Kilometers Ice Field).

Of course, with his current ability, he wouldn’t dream of actually freezing a thousand kilometer, but it wasn’t difficult to freeze a small swamp.

He froze up to a kilometer away at best currently, but this already stunned Gon, who asked right away: “Allan, what is this ability? You froze the swamp!!”

Allan didn’t conceal anything as he explained with a smile: “This my Nen Ability. It can freeze anything I come in contact with and turn it to Ice.”

“Amazing!” Gon had stars in his eyes as he looked at Allan in worship.

But suddenly he remembered something and panicked: “Oh no, now that the swamp is frozen, how can we confirm that the Master of the swamp in there or not?”

Allan sighed and said: “Don’t worry so much. If there is such a thing down there, it will come out.”

“It will show up by itself?”

“You will see.”

Seeing Allan’s confidence, Gon started to believe that Allan could do it.

They started waiting patiently. Before long, Allan started walking on the Ice while looking down.

Since the Ice was crystal clear, he could see underwater easily.

But the water wasn’t as clear, and he could only see three or four meters down.

He could only see dark green color deep down the swamp, which made him conclude that the swamp was ten meters deep.

After ten minutes passed, Allan quickly stepped away from his position as he saw a huge shadow swimming quickly under the Ice.

Allan sneered: “It looks like there is indeed a master of the Swamp.”

“Did you see it?” Gon was surprised.

“Yeah.” Allan nodded.

He didn’t make a mistake, he saw it, and indeed, it was a very big creature, but he wasn’t sure if it is a fish or not.

When confirmed it, Gon was cheerful: “Great, I know that Aunt Mito won’t lie to me.” He said to Allan: “Allan, what you just saw must be the Master of the Swamp.”

Allan was about to answer, but his pupil shrank and a huge creature crashed against the frozen surface of the swamp.


The Ice cracked due to the hard slam it received from the creature.

Allan jumped away in a hurry and sighed: “It’s dangerous.”

Once again, the Ice was hit hard by the creature.


A giant fish more than ten-meters long broke out of the Ice.

The fish was green, with scales forming an armor. It looked quite ferocious and nothing like a fish.

Moreover, it has numerous legs, which helped it crawl.

All of a sudden, it’s gaze was fixed on Allan and directly ran toward him.

“Is that the Master of the Swamp?” Gon was taken aback. It was completely different from what he imagined. He almost vomited as he said: “It’s so ugly!”

Allan also thought that this creature was ugly. Seeing it come running at him, he didn’t evade it at all. Instead, he attacked it and froze it.

“Gon, carry it back, whether it’s the Master of the Swamp or not, I don’t think that there is any bigger fish down there.”

Gon agreed. After all, his agreement with Mito was for him to catch the biggest fish in the swamp.

So whether it was the one or not, it would be enough.

“Here we go.”

Gon was very strong, so he easily picked the frozen Master of the Swamp and walked to the town looking for Mito.

Allan breathed a sigh of relief as Gon completed his promise.

Now, it’s time to leave Whale Island.

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