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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 19: Out in the Sea

A week later, a ship slowly docked at the Port of Whale Island.

Unlike fishing boats, this ship was the one carrying Hunter candidates that wanted to join the Exam.

Allan and Gon already departed early morning to get on board of the ship early.

Both of them carried their luggage with some daily necessities inside, such as clothes that Mito prepared for them.

When they were about to board the ship, Mito stood in front of them, intent on seeing them off.

“Don’t worry, Aunt Mito. I will pay attention and stay safe. Furthermore, I will become a hunter, I promise.”

Seeing Gon so energetic, Mito looked at Allan and said: “Allan, please take care of him.”

“Well, you don’t have to worry, he is my friend, and I take care of my friends,” Allan said coolly.

Gon was his first friend in this world, and he won’t leave him alone.

“Also, take care of yourself, and if you have time, don’t forget to visit. You’re always welcome here.”

“Of course, I will definitively come back.” Allan shrugged, but he was avoiding meeting Mito’s eyes.

He had no attachment to Whale Island. If there isn’t an emergency, he wouldn’t want to come back here.

He just didn’t want to be blunt with Mito.

“Mito, why don’t you come to take the Exam yourself anyway? You already learned Nen and can protect yourself.”

Mito shook her head and declined Allan’s invitation.

She truly wanted to go, but she wasn’t as strong as she wanted to be now, and that didn’t allow her to go.

Although she came in contact with Nen for a short while, she knew that the outside world was full of strong people, and she didn’t want to burden Allan with her protection.

Allan already understood what she was thinking about and said: “If that’s the case, then I won’t force you. I hope by the next time I see you, you will be much stronger.”

Mito nodded and raised her head: “I will train hard. And when I’m stronger, I will just drag both of you back here if you don’t come back.”

“Then, we will wait and see.”

After saying goodbye to Mito, Allan and Gon got on the ship headed toward the Hunter Exam’s location.

Many people gathered on the deck. From middle-aged Man in their forties to young boys like Gon, they all hoped to become hunters by the end of the Exam.

Ninety percent of the participants were males, and the rest were females.

Allan glanced at Gon and said after remembering his promise with Mito: “Gon, don’t run around.”

After saying this, Allan ignored Gon and looked at the candidates one by one.

Ten minutes later, Allan shook his head as he didn’t see the two candidates he was looking for.

“How could they not be here? In the show, the other two were here as well with Gon.”

He was talking about Kurapika and Leorio.

Allan couldn’t see them on the ship, which confused him.

“Did my existence change the plot? Because of me, the people who should be on this ship missed it?”

Allan started thinking about the aftereffect of such things happening in the future.

As a transmigrator, his greatest advantage was his knowledge about the world, events, and characters.

If the events were to change, his advantage would become small to nothing at all.

Although he wasn’t clear about everything, he still remembered major events, and Kurapika and Leorio missing now change many things.

That meant that the hunter exam could be different from what he remembered in the show, which will affect him greatly. He was prepared for the same Exam Gon passed in the show.

Allan sighed, and although he was unhappy, he could do nothing about this. He could calculate each step carefully from now on.

“Hmm, where did Gon go?”

After a while, Allan glanced around him and realized that Gon disappeared.

“Hey, what is that kid doing?” Suddenly someone shouted.

Allan looked around before noticing Gon climbing the mast of the ship.

“Gon…” Allan muttered to himself before he understood what’s Gon doing: “He must be observing the weather.”

Sure enough, after a while, Gon rushed down and shouted: “Everyone, be careful, there is a super storm coming. Get in the cabin and stay there. Otherwise, you will be swept by the wind and wave and fall into the sea.”

As soon as they heard this, the examinees on the deck couldn’t calm down anymore. They stood up to look at the sky and sea, only to find the sea as calm as it could be and a blue sky without a signle cloud all around them.

“Is there truly a storm coming?”

“The weather looks good, but the wind is a bit strong, maybe.”

“That kid isn’t joking, is he?”

All the candidates talked to each other before someone asked: “Hey kid, how did you know that?”

Gon explained: “Because the wind is slightly wet, and also it tastes salty. Besides, the seagulls hovering above us are warning each other and fleeing away in groups.”

“What are you talking about, kid? Do you understand bird Language?” All the candidates were surprised by Gon’s words, while at this time, Allan’s full attention fell onto someone else on the deck.

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