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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 20: The Gen’ei Ryodan Appears

Hearing that a storm was coming, many candidates started evacuating the deck and entering the cabin.

Everyone was afraid of the storm, and since they were in the middle of nowhere, it would be the end of anyone who falls into the sea.

Even if some of them still doubted Gon’s words, they would rather take caution than being swept out of the ship.


Gon easily jumped down from the mast back on the deck and arrived beside Allan. Seeing him motionless, he became curious.

“Allan, why are you, daze? A storm is coming. Let’s get inside.”

But Allan seemed oblivious of Gon as he was staring at someone not far away.

He thought that person was familiar and was trying really hard to remember him.

The man had a pair of earing embedded with blue gems, black hair combed back, a blue suit, and a book in his hand.

The most eye-catching thing is the purple tattoo on the man’s forehead.

Allan concentrated on the tattoo before finally recognized the man.

He was the leader of the Gen’ei Ryodan (Phantom Brigade), Chrollo Lucilfer.

“I didn’t expect him to be in this place,” Allan muttered with a trembling heart.

It seems he came here to participate in the Hunter Exam. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be here on this ship.

‘I truly didn’t notice him before because I was looking for Kurapika and Leorio, or was he in the cabin before?’

Allan’s brain was working at extreme speed. Looking back, he saw a woman that had short, straight, blonde hair reaching down to her neck. Her most prominent feature was her aquiline nose. Her attire consisted of a dark purple suit, reminiscent of a working woman suit, which exposed much of her cleavage, and a pair of flat, pink shoes.

She walked out of the cabin and went to Chrollo’s side. This was Pakunoda, from Gen’ei Ryodan.

As for the big ugly guy, Allan did not doubt that it was Uvogin from Gen’ei Ryodan.

Allan greatly alarmed, Chrollo was enough to give him a heart attack, and now three of the Gen’ei Ryodan were on board the ship.

At this time, Chrollo seemed to feel Allan’s gaze and glanced at him, but Allan already moved his eyes away and said to Gon: “Gon, I’m sorry, I was just deep in thoughts.”

Gon looked at Allan helplessly and said: “It’s okay. I’m already used to it. You often do the same when we were on the island.”

Allan smiled with guilt before he walked with Gon to the cabin.

Only Chrollo, Pakunoda, and Uvogin remained on the deck while everyone else entered the cabin.

“What’s the matter, Chief? Is there someone you know?” Uvogin noticed Chrollo’s gaze and couldn’t help asking.

Chrollo shook his head gently and said: “No. Maybe I’m thinking too much. Someone was staring at me just now, so I was concerned.”

“Chief, your presence is different from ordinary people, so, normally, people would look at you,” Uvogin said.

“Compared to Chief, you’re more eye-catching, Uvo. You’re so big and look wild.” Pakunoda stated.

Hearing this, Uvogin’s gaze on Pakunoda’s proud twin peaks and counterattacked: “I can’t be as noticeable as you are.”

Pakunoda sneered and warned: “Be careful, or I will pluck your eyes out.”

Uvogin snarled and said: “Who told you to wear something so revealing. You just want people to look in that kind of clothes. Besides, you aren’t losing anything even if people look at you.”

Pakunoda gritted her teeth and said: “What clothes I wear is my problem. I always dressed like this, and if you dare talk any more nonsense, I will pull your tongue out of your mouth.”

Uvogin was about to fight back, but Chrollo said coldly: “Enough.”

This simple word was enough for the two to stop before they even start.

Chrollo glanced at the two and said: “I don’t want to be noticed when I participate in the exam this time. If someone finds out that Gen’ei Ryodan’s members are participating, it will become troublesome, so don’t fight.”

“Yes, we will pay attention to that,” Uvogin said.

In the entire organization, only Chrollo can make him obedient.

At this time, Pakunoda asked: “Chief, all those guys are inside the Cabin, is there a storm coming?”

Chrollo looked at the sea before he nodded: “Yeah, that kid with similar hair to a hedgehog is right. A terrible storm is coming.”

At this time, the sea breeze started changing.

The Seagulls were already out of sight, and the originally blue sky darkened.

The situation changed really fast.

Further away from them, a thin line connected the sky to the sea, and if closely observed, anyone can tell that a tornado was forming.

The clouds in the sky become darker as time passed. Thunder roared like an angry beast out of nowhere, which made most candidates in the cabin tremble in fear.

The most frightening experience is encountering a storm in the middle of the sea.

Chrollo closed his book and said: “Let’s go into the Cabin.”

Pakunoda and Uvogin silently followed behind him as they entered the cabin.

There were three layers to the cabin, with each one holding up to two hundred people.

And more than 700 candidates were on the ship, which made it overloaded.

What made this even more exaggerated is that other than this ship, their dozens or hundreds of other ships filled with candidates as well.

The number of candidates for this exam reached is in the tens of thousands or even more.

And the people who had a chance to reach the first exam is less than 10% of all of those.

After this nightmare of a test, more than 90% of the candidates will be eliminated.

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