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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 197: Numbers

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It was not until the next morning that Allan reached a village to settle the villagers he rescued.

Allan took a short rest and recovered some energy before setting off again.

He was sure that Gon, Killua, and Kite were in the NGL right now.

As he moved deeper into the NGL, Allan encountered a few low-leveled Ants who rushed at him instantly.

Allan didn’t pay them any attention as he just waved his hand and froze them one by one.

As he continued forward, more and more Ants come toward him, and of course, he just froze them.

But he was annoyed since they were too many of them.

“The numbers of the Chimera Ants actually multiplied so quickly.” Allan frowned.

In just half a day, he killed more than a hundred Chimera Ants.

Adding the ones he killed in the nest, they were more than 200 hundred of them.

He guessed that the Chimera Ants already developed quite well right now and spread all over the NGL.

The villages in the NGL probably became the Chimera Ants targets. He already passed through five villages, and all of them were either captured or eaten.

Finally, when he arrived at the sixth village, Allan saw a group of Chimera Ants attacking and killing many people.

“Look for all the villagers hiding here, don’t let any one of them escape.”

A captain ranked Chimera Ants was flying in mid-air and commanding the soldiers below while patrolling the sky, making sure no one escaped.

Suddenly, the captain noticed Allan walking out of the wood.

He looked at him with eyes full of greed and smiled: “I will capture that person myself.”

He quickly flapped his wings and rushed down toward Allan.

His sharp eagle claws pointing toward Allan fiercely.

Allan noticed him and sneered.


After being hit by Allan’s Partisan, the Chimera Ant didn’t die, but it fell down and was injured, which surprised Allan.

This Chimera Ant seemed to be the leader of the soldiers in the village and even given them orders.

Allan walked over and froze the feet of the Chimera Ant, and then he tore off his wings so he can’t escape.

After doing this, Allan entered the village and slaughtered all the Chimera Ants inside, and rescued the villagers who were still there.

“You can leave from the direction I came from, and you can safely reach a protected area.”

Allan gave the villagers some instruction on the direction they should take. Since he wiped out all of the Chimera Ants on the way, there shouldn’t be any danger for a while there.

Allan could only help them this much since he couldn’t go back with them to escort them.

After seeing the villagers leave, Allan walked to the injured Captain Chimera Ant.

The Chimera Ant was currently looking at Allan in fear.

I never imagined that a small weak human could be this terrifying.

“No, don’t kill me.” The captain begged for mercy.

Allan sneered: “You don’t want to die? Answer my questions honestly then.”

“What question? Ask, and I will tell you everything I know.” The captain said.

Allan thought for a bit and said: “How many of you are there? No, how many Chimera Ants are there?”

Hearing this, the captain shook his head and said: “This… I’m not sure because I’m only a captain, but as far as I know, there 707 captains like me generally order 30 soldiers, and the more advanced ranks, like Squadron Leaders, can order nearly 300 soldiers.”

Allan nodded that many of them were really beyond his imagination.

“How many commanders are there?” Allan asked.

“I don’t know, but as far as the ones I come into contact with, there are at least 20 of them, but there is definitively more. Our numbers change every day.”

Allan frowned as he heard this. So the source of everything should be the Queen.

“Then the last question, do you know where the queen is?”

Facing Allan’s question, the captain shook his head: “I don’t know about this because we don’t have just one nest, but many nests scattered all over the place. Amongst them is the Queen’s nest.”

“Really?” Allan snorted coldly: “You can go die then.”

Allan used his Armament Haki to cover his fist and directly punched the Chimera Ant into smithereens.

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