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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 237: Command

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“Master Leo, I heard that you need to pay to eat in the human’s society, otherwise, you will be regarded as stealing food and will be arrested.”

“I see.” Leol nodded as if he realized something.

“Then, Master Leo, are we going to pay them?” Hina asked.

“Idiot, where will we find the money. Besides, do we need to pay humans for a meal?” Leol said angrily.

The restaurant manager’s face became gloomy: “Your meal amount to a total of 1.03 million Jenny, you literally wiped the restaurant clean. So are you going to pay with cash or credit card?”

“I don’t have any money, so let us go or I will kill you.” Leol threatened.

However, the restaurant manager didn’t fear Leol and coldly snorted: “You want to dine and dash, it won’t be easy, guards, catch the three of them!”

Several security guards rushed forward to catch the three of them.

“You’re looking to die!” Leol angrily roared as he raised his claws and knocked out all the guards in one move.

The manager was shocked by this.

“You want to escape? It’s not that easy.”

Leol sneered and grabbed the manager, then he threw him ten meters up only to fall to his death.

“Let’s go, I don’t think that there are other fools who will block our way.”

After resolving the trouble, Leol waved his hand and left with Hina and the Dragonfly Ant.

“Master Leo, this is the territory of the humans, let’s leave quickly, otherwise, we will be hunted by them.”

As they went out of the restaurant, the Dragonfly Ant suggested.

Leol nodded: “That makes sense, let’s go then.”

At this moment, someone blocked the way of the three.

“You are, Master Pouf?”

Seeing the one blocking their way, Leol was surprised.

“Yes, that’s me,” Pouf confirmed.

“Why did you become so small?” Leol asked.

Pouf was less than ten centimeters in size.

“This is just one of my clones.” Pouf said.

This is one of Pouf’s abilities, he can split his body into countless smaller parts.

Each one can move freely, but the overall strength is too weak.

“So, Master Pouf, what can I do for you?” Leol said respectfully since the other party was higher ranked than him.

“The Ant King was born, and now we are short on manpower, so I need you to go back and assist our king.” Pouf said straight to the point.

Leol didn’t immediately agree when he heard this.

Pouf noticed this and said: “Don’t think about it, you can’t live in the territory of the humans just because of your appearance.

Before long, you will be discovered by them and they will hunt you down. The Ant King is very strong, and he will surely lead us to the rule the world.”

Leol pondered for a while before he nodded: “Okay, I will go back with you, but I have one condition.”

“What condition?” Pouf asked with a frown.

The other party dared to lay terms for his return, if it wasn’t for the lack of manpower, he wouldn’t bother talking things out with him.

“It’s very simple, we want to be free, and not listen to anyone’s command except for the Ant King’s,” Leol said.

Pouf thought for a while then nodded: “Okay, as long as you obey the king, there is no problem at all.”

Pouf directly led Leol and his subordinates to the Ant King.

Pouf’s clones convinced several Squadron leaders and captains to return and serve the Ant King.

In less than ten days, Pouf found four Squadron Leaders and six captains.

Although the King looked at the other Ants in disdain, he didn’t punish them for running away, because there are only a few of them right now.

Therefore, the King gave Pouf another order, which is to find the Queen they abandoned before in the NGL and bring her back to produce more Chimera Ants.

The King gave the four Squadron leaders and six captains orders to bring all the people of this place to him.

On the other side, Kite sent an investigation team to find the Ant King.

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