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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 238: Promotion

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Two days later, Allan was invited by Beans, the Personal Secretary of Netero, to the Hunter Association and met Netero there.

This is the second time Allan was invited by Netero, the first time was when he took his hunter license and became a professional Hunter.

That was the time when Allan fought against Netero.

After entering Netero’s office, Beans said: “Mr. Allan, the chairman is having a meeting with the Twelve Zodiacs, please wait here for a while.”

Allan nodded and sat casually, with his legs crossed.

With his current power, only a few people can match him, even in the Hunter association

He is willingly waiting because he respected Netero, nothing else.

“Mr. Allan, do you want a drink? Coffee, juice?” Beans asked.

“Juice,” Allan said

“Ok, please wait a moment.” Beans went to pour a cup of juice to Allan while the latter stood up and went beside Netero’s desk as he was curious about what kind of work the chairman had.

Allan opened the desk drawer and flipped through it, and a picture caught his eyes.

It was a picture of a middle-aged man with a woman. It looked very ordinary.

But he felt something familiar in the photo.

The man in the picture was Netero himself, and Allan could guess that the woman was either Netero’s wife or close friend.

In short, it was someone who has a close relationship with Netero.

As a transmigrator, Allan naturally knew that Netero had an illegitimate child who isn’t known in public.

Allan boldly guessed that Netero’s child, Beyond Netero, is also the child of that woman.

After a while, Allan put the picture back and returned to the sofa.

At this time, Beans returned and said: “Mr. Allan, here is your juice.”


Allan waited another ten minutes and finally, Netero finished his meeting with the Twelve Zodiacs.

“Allan, Sorry for making you wait for so long.” Netero apologized.

“If you were a little bit later, I would’ve left,” Allan said.

Netero smiled: “Do you know why I invited you?”

Allan shrugged: “Isn’t this about killing the Chimera Ants.”

“Yes.” Netero nodded.

“Except, the few fishes that slipped through the net, such as the Ant King, all the Chimera Ants were wiped out,” Allan said.

“Yes, thank you, I invited you here today to thank you in person as the Chairman of the Hunter Association,” Netero explained.

According to the report submitted by Kite, Morel, and the others, Netero learned that Allan performed the best out of the extermination team and almost wiped all the Chimera Ants.

“Oh? Thank me? It’s not a verbal thanks, is it? Are there any prizes?” Allan asked with interest.

Netero smiled: “Of course there are prises.”

“Oh, what is it?” Allan asked.

Netero said: “You contributed the most in the extermination team and for that, I decided that you will be promoted to a second-star extermination hunter.”

“Extermination Hunter?” Allan froze for a moment as he didn’t expect this kind of reward.

Netero took a medal with the insignia of the Hunter association along with two shiny stars in it.

The two stars represent the honor of being a two-star hunter.

Allan directly wore the medal without any hesitation.

He jumped from an ordinary hunter to a two-star hunter in one mission.

The top in the hunter association was triple stars hunter and only three were known.

Although a two stars hunter isn’t as good as a triple one, it is already great to receive such a reward in one mission.

“At your age, you are the youngest two-star hunter since the founding of the association,” Netero said.

“The youngest two-star hunter?” Allan smiled.

“With your potential, there is a chance that you will be a triple star hunter in the future.” Netero looked at Allan with appreciation.

“So, if I kill the Ant King, and destroy the Chimera Ants, can I become a triple star hunter?” Allan asked.

“Well, in theory, yes, but in reality, it’s very difficult to achieve,” Netero said.

“Anyway, there is a chance, right?” Allan asked.

Netero nodded: “Well if you can kill the Ant King, of course, your contribution will be great and will make you eligible to become a triple star hunter.”

“That’s fine then, I will give you a hand and deal with the Ant King then,” Allan promised.

Netero facepalmed and said: “I will deal with the Ant King myself, that’s why I’ve been preparing for more than a month now.”

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