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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 239: Netero

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Allan had naturally heard about Netero’s challenge to the Ant King, however, when Netero said it himself, Allan couldn’t help wiping his forehead with a smile.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing Allan smile, Netero asked in confusion.

“Chairman, do you really want to challenge the Ant King alone?” Allan asked.

Netero didn’t deny it and nodded: “This old man did have such a thought. For that, I’ve been preparing myself for the past month. Even though I didn’t regain 100% of my power, I’m about 80% now.”

Allan said: “In other words, Chairman is confident in his own power, right?”

“Um… It shouldn’t be a problem to defeat the Ant King.” Netero said.

After a moment of silence, Allan said: “Chairman, there is something I don’t know if I should say or not.”

“Speak, don’t hold back,” Netero said.

“Actually, I think you can’t defeat the Ant King by yourself, chairman,” Allan said.

Hearing this, Netero stayed silent for a bit then said: “Interesting, maybe you’re right.”

“Well, chairman, can I trouble you to release your Nen and show me?” Allan said seriously.

“Okay, I will show you.”

With that, Netero released his Nen.

At the start, it was slowly gushing out, but in the end, his Nen seemed to turn solid.

Allan could feel the amazing life energy emanating from Netero’s body, just like a towering tree that withstood all Natural disasters.

“How is it?” Netero asked.

“Chairman, you’re Nen is quite strong and it seems tempered thousands of times, but…”

When Allan said ‘but’, Netero immediately asked: “But what?”

“Compared to the Ant King, Chairman’s Nen is way weaker,” Allan said his thoughts.

Hearing this, Netero thought for a bit then looked at Allan and asked: “Have you met the Ant King?”

“Never seen him.”

“Then why are you so sure that the Ant King is stronger than me?” Netero was confused.

“It’s probably my instinct.” Allan could only say this.

“Instinct?” Netero was taken aback for a moment, as he didn’t think Allan would say that.

Obviously, Netero didn’t believe this but seeing Allan not saying anything else, he didn’t ask further.

After a bit, Netero said: “Even if I can’t beat the Ant King, I still have the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva, you’ve seen it before.”

Allan said: “the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva is strong, but it won’t work against the Ant King.”

As a transmigrator, Allan has seen Netero’s fight against the Ant King.

The defense of the Ant King’s body was too strong for Netero to penetrate.

Even Netero’s 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva can’t cause much damage to the Ant King.

That’s why he was sure that Netero won’t be able to defeat the Ant King.

Netero said: “This old man is quite confident in his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva, if even the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva can’t beat the Ant King, then the entire human race will be threatened.”

“So, suppose if chairman can’t defeat the Ant King and was defeated by him, what will you do?” Allan pointed at the core of the problem.

Netero stayed silent for a moment and sighed: “We can only die together then.”

“Die together?”

“Well, we will use the power technology,” Netero explained.

“Technology? Do you mean poor man’s rose?” Allan asked.

“Oh? You actually know about it?” Netero glanced at Allan in surprise. Allan gave him more mysteries the longer they spoke.

Allan smiled slightly: “I know a little about the Poor Man’s rose, it is said to be a very powerful weapon and its effective range is tens of kilometers with strong radiations, once someone is affected, they can’t live for long.”

Hearing this, Netero was surprised: “You actually know so much about it.”

“So, Chairman, do you plan on bringing the Poor man’s rose to fight the Ant King?” Allan asked.

“Well, if I can’t defeat him, I can only use it, or else, the entire human race will be in danger,” Netero said with a righteous expression.

“The Chairman is indeed noble.” Allan admired.

“Do you think the Poor Man’s rose can kill the Ant King?” Netero suddenly asked.

“Well, of course, no matter how strong the Ant King is, it’s impossible for him to be immune to the toxicity of the bomb. Once he is affected, his fate will be death by the radiations.”

Netero nodded seriously: “Well, the Poor Man’s rose is very scary, if it wasn’t necessary, I would prefer not to use it. But after listening to you, it seems necessary.”

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