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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 240: The Battle Of The Strong

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Seeing Netero was taking the risk in bringing the Poor Man’s Rose, Allan said: “Chairman, I suggest that don’t bring the Poor man’s rose.”

“Why?” Netero was puzzled.

“Because you will surely die using it,” Allan said with a serious face.

Netero stroked his goatee and laughed: “Hehe since I decided to single-handedly challenge the Ant King, I was prepared to die. It’s my life long which to fight against someone that strong. If I really can’t beat him, I can only rely on the Poor Man’s rose.”

“Chairman, I have a suggestion,” Allan said.

“Please speak,” Netero said.

“At that time, If Kite and the Other find the Ant King’s position, allow me to walk with you,” Allan said.

Netero hesitated for a bit.

After all, He decided to face the Ant king alone.

Seeing Netero’s expression, Allan said: “In case that Chairman can’t defeat the Ant King, then I will face him. Chairman doesn’t need to use the Poor Man’s rose and die with the Ant King, I will deal with him myself if that happens.”

Hearing this, Netero looked at Allan for a bit then said: “I know you’re strong Allan, but do you think you’re strong than me? If even I can’t defeat the Ant King, I’m afraid you won’t be able to do it as well.”

Allan shrugged and smiled: “I think that currently, I’m stronger than the current Chairman.”

“Oh? Really?” Seeing Allan’s confidence, Netero couldn’t ignore Allan’s words.

“Since you think you surpassed me, how about we have a spar? Let’s see who is stronger.”

Hearing Netero’s suggestion, Allan was about to respond, but the system interrupted him.

[Ding! Make A Choice]

[1: Refuse Netero’s challenge. Reward: Three Thousand Nen.]

[2: Accept Netero’s challenge and defeat him. Reward: Meito, one of the 12 supreme grade swords, Yoru.]

The Black Blade Yoru?

Allan’s eyes lit up, he instantly picked the second option and immediately agreed to Netero’s challenge.

This is one of the 12 supreme swords we’re talking about, and it is a sword wielded by the strongest swordsman in One Piece.

It’s in a different league compared to Shusui.

If he get this sword and with his swordsmanship, he wouldn’t be weaker than Mihawk Himself.

And if he use that sword to deal with the Ant King, no matter how strong the latter’s body was, it can’t ignore the damage from Yoru.

Allan stopped his train of thoughts and said to Netero: “Chairman, let’s go, I will definitively defeat you.”

Netero laughed: “It’s really scary to be a confident youth.”

The two walked to the forest away from the Association building.

“What a good place to fight,” Allan said.

“Well, this is where I practice usually,” Netero said.

“Then, this place may be destroyed later,” Allan said.

“Let go.”

“Then I will use the most basic skills to spar with the Chairman.”

“Although I’m old, my body is still strong you know,” Netero said.

“I’m going first, be careful, Chairman.”

Soon, Allan seemed to teleport and arrive before Netero with a punch.

Allan didn’t use Armament Haki in his punch but instead used Tekkai from the six techniques of the Marine.

Although it wasn’t strong as Armament Haki, it can’t be underestimated.

Netero used his Nen to improve his body’s offense and defense and fought with Allan.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In the forest, two figures continued to collide against each other.

“Flash Steps.”

Allan appeared behind Netero quickly and kicked, but Netero reacted in time and turned around blocking Allan’s attack.


Allan immediately used another one of the Rokushiki to harden his index finger and stabbed at Netero. The latter couldn’t avoid the attack and could only defend using his palm.


Allan pulled some distance between them and kicked out.

A crescent-shaped slash flew toward Netero, who gave a low grunt and punched the slash and shattered it.

Allan then went back to close combat once again.

Netero became frightened the longer they fought. Allan actually matched him in terms of physical strength.

No, he felt that Allan was better than him, whether it’s speed or reflex, he was faster.

Fortunately, his body had gone through many years of practice, and even with age, he could still have a strong body.

As a result, Netero had to admit that Allan was stronger than him in terms of Physical skills.

“Allan, next, you try this old man’s 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva,” Netero said.

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