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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 250: Kalluto’s Request

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As night fell, Allan and Gon were enjoying dinner in the lobby of the Zoldyck Mansion.

The dinner included pasta, grilled meat, salad, and red wine. The Zoldyck were very hospitable to Gon and Allan.

Milluki was eating with them, along with Killua’s mother, Kikyo, Killua’s brother Kalluto, and Silva, Killua’s father.

As for Zeno, he didn’t show up at all.

The dinner went harmoniously and the atmosphere wasn’t as serious as Allan imagined.

As for Illumi’s injury, Silva didn’t blame Allan and said that Illumi was the one who proposed the duel and made the rules in his favor but still lost.

Allan was quite impressed by Silva’s mindset.

Bringing the head of the family wasn’t for ordinary people after all.

In contrast, Kikyo was a little dissatisfied with Allan’s attitude, she verbally addressed Allan several times at the table, but Allan casually responded to her or even ignored her.

After the dinner, under Gotoh’s arrangement, a dark-skinned housekeeper came to Allan and Gon.

“Mr. Allan, Mr. Gon, I’m a trainee butler from the Zoldyck family. My name is Canary, please follow me.”

Allan and Gon followed Canary to the second floor.

“This village is dedicated to guests, there are four rooms here. Please choose one to stay in.” Canary said.

Allan chose the room with the mountain view, and Gon picked the one beside his.

Since Killua still didn’t come out of seclusion, Allan and Gon temporarily lived in the Zoldyck family mansion.

After staying for a few days, Allan wandered around the mansion, because he couldn’t wait for Killua to come out and planned to find somewhere to train.

After hearing Allan’s plan, Silva gave Allan a good place to train.

“There is a mountain range filled with monsters, strong ones. It’s a good place to train.”

“Strong monster? Sounds good.” Allan decided to go.

Before leaving, Allan found Gon and incited him to tag along, but Gon decline, even though he wanted to go very much, he decided to wait for Killua to come out.

The next morning, Allan decided to head toward the Thousand Mountain range.

However, when he walked out of the testing gate, he saw a boy in a purple kimono waiting.

It was Kalluto, Killua’s younger brother.

“Why are you here?” Allan was curious.

“I heard that you’re going to train in the Thousand mountain range,” Kalluto said.

“Yeah.” Allan nodded.

“I want to go with you.” Kalluto directly said.

Allan was slightly surprised: “Why do you want to go with me?”

“Dad said that you’re very strong, and he wanted me to train with you,” Kalluto explained.

“I see.” Allan nodded, but he didn’t think that Silva will say that.

Seeing Allan thinking, Kalluto said: “I have been to that mountain range before, and I know the way.”

Hearing this, Allan didn’t answer. To be honest, he didn’t want to take Kalluto with him.

Seeing this, Kalluto became slightly worried and said: “If you take me with you, I will call you teacher.”

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Agree to Kalluto’s request and take him to train together. Reward: Conjuration Nen Beast: Flying Dragon.]

[2: Refuse Kalluto’s request. Reward: 1,000 Nen.]

Allan thought for a bit and picked the first option.

He looked at Kalluto and said: “I have two questions; you have to answer truthfully.”

“Well, you can ask.”

“The first question: Have you joined the Gen’ei Ryudan?”

Kalluto shook his head: “I’ve heard about the organization, but I haven’t joined, why do you ask?”

“It’s nothing, just a hunch that you may have joined or may join them in the future.”

Kalluto sneered: “They are a bunch of thieves, I won’t join that kind of organization.”

Allan smiled and then said: “The second question: Are you a man or a woman?”

Hearing this, Kalluto was stunned for a moment, then he looked at Allan with puzzlement and said: “What kind of strange question is that?”

“Answer me!” Allan said.

Kalluto’s expression changed as he didn’t want to answer.

But after a while, he reluctantly said: “My identity is a male, but I’m a female.”

“So you’re a woman disguised as a man?”

“That’s right, no one except for my family knows this.”

Allan nodded without saying anything else.

“Now that I answered your questions, are you going to take me with you?” Kalluto looked at him expectantly.

Allan nodded: “Yes.”

As Allan answered, he received his reward from the system.

In the next second, he activated his new ability, Flying Dragon.

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