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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 251: Mountain Range

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Allan’s new ability was both conjuration, manipulation, and Emission. He can change his Nen to look like a dragon and manipulate it.

A golden dragon materialized in front of Allan as his Nen surged out of his body.

The best thing about the dragon was its ability to fly.

The Dragon’s body was fifteen meters long with a two-meter long head, so I could carry two people easily.

“This ability is similar to Grand Father’s Dragon Head,” Kalluto said.

Allan smiled faintly as he thought of Zeno’s ability.

The difference between the two is that the Flying Dragon is a Nen Beast, while Zeno was just using manipulation of Nen. Of course, Zeno could create a Nen beast, but the Dragon Head wasn’t a Nen Beast.

“Go to the thousand mountain range!”

Allan gave his orders, and the Dragon flew.

Under Kalluto’s guidance, they reached the Mountain range in thirty minutes.

Compared to Kukuroo mountain which is 4,000 meters above sea level, the mountain range was way bigger.

“This place is the Bins Mountain in the thousand mountain range, it’s about 2,800 meters above sea level. The beasts here are Sabertooth tigers and black panthers.” Kalluto explained.
Allan nodded and dismissed his Nen beast then walked up the mountain.

“How are we going to train here?”

“I just agreed to let you follow me, but I didn’t say I will train you.”

Hearing this, Kalluto became a little annoyed and said: “You are obviously tricking me.”

“So what? You said that as long as I brought you here, you will call me teacher. But looking at your attitude, it’s clear that you don’t think of me as a teacher.”

“Teacher Allan, please help me train.”

[Ding! Make A Choice]

[1: Accept Kalluto’s request and help her train. Reward: Armament Haki: Internal Destruction.]

[2: Reject Kalluto’s request. Reward: 3,000 Nen]

Allan’s eyes lit up, although he knew Armament Haki, he still didn’t know how to use emission.

And as far as he knows, Emission allowed him to hit the target without directly touching them which is similar to sending a shockwave.

All in all, if he masters it, he will become stronger

Allan looked at Kalluto and said: “Well, I will train you.”

“Thank you, teacher.” Kalluto didn’t hide her joy, after all, Allan’s power was obvious.

“Let’s start training, teacher.” Kalluto couldn’t wait.

Allan nodded and then made a hand sign: “Shadow Clone!”


Seeing Allan’s shadow clone, Kalluto’s eyes opened. Kalluto thought that the clone was created by Nen, but it was actually a shadow clone created by chakra.

“Kalluto, from now on, I will train you with my clone.”

Hearing this, Kalluto was a little disappointed and said: “Are you just using a clone to fool me?”

Allan said: “Hm, don’t underestimate my Clone, it has half of my power.”

“I will work hard,” Kalluto said and lowered her head.

“Then I will go ahead, you can stay here and slowly train.”

After that, Allan left the current mountain and headed toward the next one, while Kalluto stayed with the clone.

After agreeing to Kalluto’s request, Allan directly received the reward from the system.

Although he was only training her using a clone, it was still training her, as the system didn’t specifically say he can’t use one.

With this, Allan can focus on his own training while his clone train Kalluto.

The next mountain was 5,200 Meters above sea level and was the highest mountain in the mountain range.

This was also the most dangerous mountain here.

Allan decided to master Internal Destruction of the Armament Haki here and the beast on the mountain were his test subjects.

A giant beast appeared in front of Allan suddenly, but Allan raised his hand without panicking and blasted it with a shockwave.

Suddenly, the beast was knocked out, and his eyes rolled back, dying in one blow.

“It’s unexpectedly strong.”

Unlike normal Haki, internal Destruction is far stronger and more effective.

Moreover, he felt that the longer he trained the stronger it will grow.

It can also be used in other ways.

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