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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 252: Going to Heaven’s Arena

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Half a month later, A booming sound was heard on top of a mountain in the mountain range.

In the next second, the top of the mountain collapsed and rubble flew in all directions.

Amidst the rubble, one person walked out. Allan finished his training after half a month.

He raised his Armament Haki to a new level.

The entire mountain was bombarded by Allan, his power was already at a level that matched Garp.

“I don’t know what happened to Kalluto.”

Allan made a seal and removed the Shadow Clone.

Suddenly, the Shadow clone’s memories returned to him and he knew where Kalluto was current at.

“Nen Beast: Flying Dragon.”

A huge Golden Dragon Materialized in front of Allan as he jumped atop of it.

The dragon soared into the sky toward Kalluto.

Seeing Allan appear, kalluto was puzzled: “are you Teacher, or his clone?”

“I have removed the clone just now, so of course, I’m your teacher.”

Hearing this, Kalluto realized something: “Is the training going to end?”

“Well, almost,” Allan said.

“That’s it…” Kalluto was reluctant and didn’t want her training to end here.

But she could do nothing if Allan wanted to go back.

From the Clone’s memories, Allan learned that Kalluto Trained in Nen in the past half a month.

Although she was only ten years old, she has been in contract with Nen since young.

Kalluto mastered the basics of Nen, and her Nen grew stronger as she mastered some advanced techniques.

“Let’s go back,” Allan said.

After being away for half a month, he estimated that Killua should be out of seclusion.

“Teacher, thank you for training me in the past half a month.”

Kalluto was satisfied with Allan’s teaching and respected him.

She knew that compared to half a month ago, she was significantly stronger and all of it was thanks to Allan’s training.

If Allan didn’t teach her, she wouldn’t improve as much in just half a month.

After returning to the Zoldyck family, Kalluto and Allan went directly to see Silva.

Afterward, Allan asked about Killua and Gon.

According to Silva, Killua already left with Gon in the past two days.

“Gon and Killua seemed to go to the Heaven’s Arena, if you want to see them, you can go there.”

That night, Silva hosted a banquet to thank Allan for training Kalluto.

The next morning, Allan walked out of the testing gate, preparing to leave.

However, at the door, Allan saw Kalluto waiting there.

“Do you want to go with me?” Allan frowned and asked.

“Teacher is really smart.” Kalluto laughed.

Allan glanced at her: “The training is over, why are you still calling me teacher.”

“There is a saying: a teacher for a day, a father for life. Teacher, you will always be my teacher.” Kalluto said sincerely.

Allan said coldly: “I won’t buy that nonsense.”

Upon seeing this, Kalluto kneeled down and begged Allan.”

“Please, Teacher, take me out with you to train.” Kalluto looked at Allan with expectation.

Allan was about to refuse, but he heard the system once again.

[Ding! Make a Choice]

[1: Accept Kalluto’s request and take her out with you to train. Reward: Specialist ability: Scarecrow.]

[2: Reject Kalluto’s request. Reward: 3,000 Nen]

For the sake of the reward, Allan had to agree to take Kalluto with him.

“Listen, although I will agree to take you with me, you must obey everything I say, otherwise, you will go back.”

“Yes, I will listen to Teacher’s words, and never disobey any order.”

Allan nodded. At least she was sincere and humble.

He didn’t think that Kalluto would dare to disobey him after knowing how strong he was.

“By the way, teacher, where are we going now?” On the way, Kalluto asked.

“To the Heaven’s Arena,” Allan said.

“Your brother, Killua, and Gon, went there, so let’s go see them.”

Kalluto raised her head and said: “Heaven’s Arena? I heard that it is a world-famous paradise for fighters.”

A day later, Allan and Kalluto arrived at The Heaven’s Arena, on top of the Flying Dragon.

“Teacher, have you been to The Heaven’s Arena before?”

Looking at the line of people waiting to register in the lobby, Kalluto turned her head and asked.

“Well, of course, I have been here before,” Allan said.

“It looks like a lot of people are here, and some of them are amazing,” Kalluto said.

“You go register first, after that, you start from the first floor. This is your first stop for training.” Allan said.

“I understand.” Kalluto nodded.

After an hour of queuing, Kalluto successfully registered and became a fighter in The Heaven’s Arena.

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