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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 249: Power Gap!

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“Listen well, in the Tsukuyomi world, I’m the only master. I can control everything, including time and space.”

Allan carried the Katana and moved toward the crucified Illumi, then stabbed.

Illumi felt the stab and blood filled the wound instantly.

He lowered his head with a pale face.

He wanted to use Nen to defend, but it was useless.

He could feel the sharpness and coldness of the blade. This was real.

He started wondering if this was really an illusion or reality.

‘Was I stabbed by a sword or is this just my imagination.’ Doubt filled Illumi’s head.

Seeing Illumi’s face, Allan stabbed again and again.

After a while, Illumi’s body was filled with Injuries.

These wounds weren’t deep and didn’t hurt any necessary organ, but it was still painful.

However, even when he was being tortured, Illumi didn’t let out a sound as he only frowned.

“Oh? You’re really an assassin from the Zoldyck family. You’re well trained and your body can endure a lot of pain that can render ordinary people a mess. I admire that, but…”

Allan sneered: “I’m the one doing the torture here, so it’s different. You will be stabbed for three consecutive days, which means more than 30,000 Stabs. So no matter how strong is your mind, you will suffer in the end.”

Illumi experienced three days in Tsukuyomi and his body was stabbed 32,453 times in total.

Tsukuyomi is the ultimate illusion and an unsolvable one, because no matter how long the illusion stands, only a second will pass in reality.

This means that Illumi experienced 3 days of torture in a matter of a second.

So everyone watching outside couldn’t tell that Illumi stayed 3 days under torture.

As soon as the second passed, Illumi who was standing in front of Allan fell to the ground.

“What happened, Master Illumi?” Gotoh stepped forward and helped Illumi up.

He saw Illumi’s face pale as if he experienced great pain.

“Allan, what did you do to Illumi?” Seeing Illumi so weak, Milluki asked Allan.

Allan shrugged and said: “Nothing, I just let him feel what being controlled by others is and made him feel the pain from thousands of stabs.”

“Thousands of stabs?”

Milluki couldn’t understand what Allan’s words meant, but he could guess that in a short second, Allan did something which led to Illumi’s weakness.

“Gotoh, take big brother to the infirmary first,” Milluki said.

“Yes, Master Milluki.” Gotoh nodded and took the frail Illumi then left.

Allan didn’t stop them. Illumi experienced Tsukuyomi which could destroy the strongest of minds.

It would take him ten to fifteen months to recover.

During this time, Killua will definitively come out.

At this time, Illumi wanted to stop Killua from leaving, but he couldn’t do anything now.

“Ding! You defeated Illumi. Reward: Hiei’s Black Dragon Wave.”

Allan was overjoyed, the reward this time was really good.

As far as he knows, the Black Dragon Wave is Hiei’s strongest move in You Yu Hakusho, which let him summon a black dragon to attack.

With this, Allan had an ultimate move.

On the other side, the news of Illumi’s defeat by Allan quickly spread and finally reached the patriarch of the Zoldyck family, Silva.

“Silva, what are you going to do? That Allan dared to Hurt Illumi, that’s too much.”

Besides Silva, a woman dressed as a noblewoman gritted her teeth and said.

Silva glared at her and said coldly: “Kikyo, Shut up!”

“What? Am I wrong?” Kikyo said puzzledly, but her eyes didn’t meet Silva’s as she was scared.

Silva stayed silent for a while and said: “Allan is Killua’s friend, and Illumi has a certain obsession with Killua. This time, When Allan and Gon came over, Illumi was first to object about Killua leaving.

Just now, Gotoh explained to me that Allan wasn’t the one to initiate the duel and even added a condition which states: Allan can’t attack in three minutes and can only dodge or defend Illumi’s attacks.

Under such a favorable condition, Illumi couldn’t even touch Allan in all three minutes.

With such weakness, it wasn’t a wonder that Illumi would lose.

Moreover, Gotoh said that Allan had a chance to kill Illumi, but he didn’t because Allan regards Killua as a friend, and since Illumi is Killua’s big brother, he tolerated him for Killua’s sake. If Illumi didn’t go too far, I don’t think would do anything to him either.”

Hearing Silva’s words, Kikyo froze and said: “You… what do you mean by those words? Illumi is your son. You’re taking an outsider’s side now, if Illumi knows about this, he will be very sad. As Illumi’s mother, I won’t say that you should kill Allan, but at least teach him a lesson for what he did to Illumi., right?”

Hearing this, Silva snorted: “even if it was me, I’m not sure that I can beat him. Moreover, once I take action, it will cause Allan to be more dissatisfied with the Zoldyck family. Although we aren’t afraid of anyone, we don’t need to make an enemy with someone as strong as Allan. Do you understand?”

“I…” Kikyo said nothing, it was the first time that she heard Silva gives such a high evaluation of someone.

“Anyways, forget about what happened, and don’t think about revenge,” Silva said seriously.

“Got it.” Kikyo nodded reluctantly.

But in her heart, she couldn’t forgive Allan so easily.

After all, Although she didn’t like Illumi that much, he was her son and said son was beaten by an outsider inside her own house. It was naturally impossible for her to leave this matter be.

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