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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 302: Spiritual Attack

Inside this space, time moved extremely slowly.

The Ant King frowned. His instincts made him feel that this world wasn’t real.

This world didn’t have any aura of life, as if it is a dead space.

As for how he appeared here, the Ant King already guessed that.

“Is it those eyes? Was I hypnotized?” The Ant King thought.

When he saw the pair of scarlet eyes, he could feel something bad about them.

“Meruem, welcome to my Tsukuyomi’s world.” A voice suddenly rang in the space.

The Ant king concentrated in front of him and saw Allan.

“Ant King, I created this world, everything here is under my command,” Allan said.

Apparently, the ant king didn’t believe him.

“You don’t believe me? Well, let me prove it.”

The next second, the ant king found himself tied to a pillar with his body locked in chains.

Even with his strength, he couldn’t break free.

This made him panic slightly since he didn’t seem to have his great power here.

In the Tsukuyomi world, everything is under the control of the caster, and the victim would be put in great mental suffering.

Now, the ant king was in Allan’s hands, and at his disposal.

Unless the mental power of the ant king is strong enough to break the Tsukuyomi, he will suffer.

A shining sword appeared in Allan’s hand, he walked toward the ant king and said: “Meruem, in the next 72 hours, you will be slashed by my sword without retaliating, I wonder if you can hold on when I’m finished.”

A chilling smile appeared on Allan’s face while the ant king was getting scared.

He felt himself facing great evil.

Allan directly inserted the sword into the ant king’s body.

The Shining blade went through the ant king’s body and purple blood flowed out.

The Ant King couldn’t believe that a mere ordinary sword was able to pierce his body.

He was most proud of his body’s defense, and now, his body was actually pierced by a sword.

The ant king finally understood that he is inside an illusion created by Allan.

That’s the only reason an ordinary sword could penetrate his defense.

However, despite figuring this out, the feeling he got was real, he felt himself being stabbed.

72 hours in the Tsukuyomi world was just a second outside.

By the time the illusion came to an end, the ant king was on his knees.

The spiritual attack was effective.

Coupled with his damaged body, the ant king was experiencing mental and physical pain.

“Let me end this right now with the strongest sword.” Allan walked in front of the Ant king.

The Ant king raised his head and looked at Allan and the black sword in his hand.

This is the reward Allan obtained before, the Saijo O Wazamono series sword, the strongest sword in existence, Yoru!

Allan looked at him and said: “Meruem, I will use the strongest sword in the world to kill you, you should feel honored.”

The Ant King didn’t say anything, he kept his eyes on the sword in Allan’s hand.

He felt a terrifying aura from the sword, and for the first time in his short life, the ant king felt death.

Allan noticed the look on the ant king’s face and smiled slightly.

So, Yoru can kill the Ant King after all.

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