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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 303: Self Destruct

As Allan’s voice fell, he gripped the handle of Yoru tightly before violently swinging it


An Azure flying slash moved straight toward the Ant King.

The power behind the slash can’t be described.

Facing the powerful Slash, the heavily injured Ant King couldn’t dodge in time.

The Ant King could only stand in front of the slash with his hand in front of him, trying to block the slash.

A huge explosion occurred as soon as the flying slash hit the ant king.

Violent shockwaves smashed the boulders in the valley one after the other before subsiding.

A huge pit appeared on the ground and inside it, the ant king was lying.

A huge wound appeared on his body and purple blood dripped out on the ground.

Seeing the Ant King’s current state, Allan said: “You’re really a monster, you’re still alive after that.”

The ant king stared at Allan gloomily without speaking.

The Ant King felt his life was coming to an end.

He was surprised when the wound caused by this slash wouldn’t heal.

No, it’s not that he can’t heal it, but the healing rate was too slow.

The bleeding was too fast for him to heal.

If this continued for ten minutes, he would lose his life.

The Ant King was aware he can’t survive today, so, he raised his head and stared at Allan.

A black aura appeared around the ant king as he roared: “You’re just a mere human, don’t be so proud, even if die today, I will kill you.”

Hearing this, Allan’s expression changed as he thought: “This guy wants to blow himself up?”

Allan quickly realized that the Ant king was released a death-like aura.

He immediately realized that the ant king was compressing all of his remaining power to blow himself and die with Allan.

As the King of the Chimera Ants, he couldn’t tolerate a loss even if it costs him his life.

So dying together with his enemy can be considered okay.

Seeing the crazy look on the Ant King’s face, Allan frowned.

Although the ant king was on his last breath, if he blows up, the energy released will be terrifying.

Allan couldn’t guarantee his survival from the explosion, so he couldn’t afford to gamble.

Allan’s first thought was to run.

As soon as Allan run at his fastest speed, the ant king blew himself up.


The Energy in the Ant King’s body erupted in an instant.

A huge mushroom cloud appeared over the valley.

The Ant King Blew himself up.

The explosion was comparable to a nuclear bomb.

Outside the valley, Netero stared solemnly at the mushroom cloud and thought: “That’s really a terrifying explosion.

Netero was watching the battle between Allan and the Ant King, but because of the intensity and danger, he had to temporarily retreat and couldn’t see everything that happened.

Therefore, he didn’t know who caused that explosion.

‘Was it Allan or the Ant King?’ Netero thought.

Netero didn’t dare approach the explosion, just the shockwave generated by it was enough to destroy mountains.

Even several Kilometers away, he could feel the terrifying energy released in that explosion.

At the Palace, Kite, Gon, and Morel also heard the explosion.

They all looked toward the valley dozens of Kilometers away and saw the huge Mushroom in the sky.

It should’ve been dark outside, but because of the explosions, the night sky was bright.

“What happened over there?” Morel frowned.

“Let’s go take a look,” Kite said.

Afterward, Kite, Gon, Killua, and the others grouped up and went toward the valley.

Pouf who was previously fighting them also noticed the explosion from the valley.


Pouf shouted and flew toward the valley as fast as possible.

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