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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 304: Blown

After the explosion, the entire valley was devastated.

The mountains and forest around were burnt down, making it appear like a sea of flames.

The dark sky was illuminated by the fire painting a sunset-like picture.

After half an hour, Kite, Gon, Killua, and Morel arrived outside the Valley.

On a big rock, everyone saw Netero.

Netero was sitting on the rock watching the fire burn.

Although he wanted to go in and look at the situation, the fire was too strong, so he could only wait temporarily.

“Chairman!” Morel shouted from below.

“Oh, it’s you guys.”

Netero jumped down from the boulder and glanced at everyone before nodding in relief.

Although Killua, Shoot, and Morel were injured, these injuries weren’t threatening.

After a few seconds, Kite finally asked on behalf of everyone: “Chairman, what happened here? Why did the valley explode? Weren’t you fighting the ant king?”

Gon then added: “What happened to Allan? Where is he?”

Seeing everyone eager to know what happened here, Netero briefly recounted the story.

Now, everyone understood that this explosion was caused by Allan and the ant king’s battle.

Netero was forced to retreat after he lost to the ant king and couldn’t withstand the aftermath of their fight.

He also mentioned that he didn’t know who caused this explosion.

As for whether Allan and the Ant king were alive or dead, it was unknown for now.

“I’m going in.” Gon stood up as he said.

Having been waiting outside for a long time, he was really worried about Allan.

Killua put a hand on Gon’s shoulder and shook his head: “Don’t, Gon, the fire is too much for anyone to enter for now.”

“Yes, Gon, let’s wait for a bit till the fire stops.” Kite also advised.

“But we don’t know whether Allan is alive or dead, what if he is still alive but too injured and would die if we don’t help him?”

Gon said with worry and anxiety.

Everyone was actually worried, but the fire was really too fierce, even from a distance, they felt the heat.

Gon finally gave up his plan to rush into the fire since he understood that he won’t be able to step out after going in.

“Don’t worry Gon, Allan should be fine,” Kite said.

Kite wasn’t really trying to comfort Gon since he actually believed his own words.

Gon nodded and could only wait for the fire to die out before he enters the valley.

Suddenly, a chill passed through the valley.

The raging flame died out and the entire valley was frozen.

Within ten seconds, the flaming hell turned into a frozen hell.

Seeing this, Kite, Gon, and the others opened their eyes widely in surprise.

Netero said: “The flames were extinguished and this ice should be Allan’s ability, it seems like he is fine.”

Not long after, a figure flew out of the valley.

“Allan, are you okay?” Gon was the first to rush up in concern.

“Well, yeah, I’m alright.” Allan smiled.

He glanced around and saw everyone, he nodded at them and said hello.

“Allan, what happened to the ant king?” Netero asked loudly.

“What does Chairman think?” Allan’s meaning was obvious.

Netero said: “Well since you are the only one coming out, it means that you already killed him.”

Allan nodded: “Well, yes he is indeed dead.”

“How did he die?” Kite asked.

“Blown,” Allan replied.


Everyone, there was shocked.

Allan explained: “I fought with him and seriously injured him, so, in desperation, he wanted to take me down with him and blew himself up.”

Thinking about the power behind the explosion, Allan felt lucky, since he, fortunately, ran fast or else…

What a tragic way to die, for a powerful enemy like the ant king to blow himself up, it was really tragic.

But they were more shocked that Allan actually won against the ant king, who even Netero could beat.

This shows that Allan’s power has already surpassed Chairman Netero.

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