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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 305: Achievement

Since Allan dealt with the ant king, the others were relieved.

In particular, Netero praised Allan more than anyone and gave him a thumb up. He even promised Allan that he would give him the Triple-Star Hunter’s title after returning to the Hunter association’s headquarters.

When the others heard this, they cast an envious look at Allan, well everyone beside Gon and Killua.

Because the two of them don’t understand the meaning and weight behind that title.

Triple-Star Hunter is a symbol of the highest status that a hunter can get. Only hunters with great contributions can get this reward.

Allan killed the Ant king by himself and avoided a great crisis for mankind.

Besides that, Allan already killed three royal guards when the extermination team was formed.

He even used a Senzu Been to make Netero recover.

The sum of those credits was more than enough.

Of course, just killing the ant king already qualified Allan for that title.

After all, Netero fought against the Ant King, and even though the latter was a few months old, he was strong enough to defeat his strongest move.

If they gave him some time to grow, it was hard to imagine the extent of strength he would reach.

Therefore, killing the ant king alone was enough for the Triple-Star Hunter’s title.

As the highest person of the hunter association, Netero was a Triple-Star Hunter himself.

Amongst the whole Association, only a few had this title, and right now, Allan was one of them.

This meant that Allan’s future status was equal to Netero’s.

Kite and Morel were hunters way before Allan, but even till now, they were still one-star hunters.

Allan was already a Double-Star Hunter and soon he will become a Triple-Star Hunter.

Such a fast upgrade made them feel envious and embarrassed.

Allan was not too surprised or happy. He smiled and said: “Now, Now, this isn’t completely over yet. Although the Ant King is dead, what happened to the royal guards? If we don’t take care of them, it will bring trouble later.

Kite seriously said: “You killed one previously, I joined hands with Knuckle and Shoot to kill another one, and the remaining one was a bit special, so Morel, Gon, Killua, and Menshi couldn’t deal with him and he escaped.

“Shaiapouf, right?” Allan asked.

Killua nodded and replied: “Yes, unfortunately, he escaped and it isn’t easy to find him.”

Previously, Killua relied on his God Speed to match Shaiapouf’s speed.

Just now, when the explosion occurred, Shaiapouf saw that Killua was distracted and escaped without a trace.

Now, they didn’t know Shaiapouf’s location.

Allan pondered for a bit: “Shaiapouf is a royal guard. After he escaped, he probably went to find the Ant King. Let’s wait for a bit here, he will definitively come. He probably will panic and come to ask about the king’s whereabouts.”

Gon said: “When he comes to ask, we will kill him, right?”

“Yes.” Allan nodded.

Everyone sat on the ground waiting for Shaiapouf while resting.

The most injured among them were Knuckle and Shoot, then comes Morel, Kite, Gon, and Menshi.

Killua didn’t suffer any harm, because he relied on his God Speed and could dodge most attacks.

However, in such battles, Stamina will be greatly consumed and everyone needed some time to recover.

To use God Speed, Killua needed to covert Nen into an Electric current, as well as charge himself with electricity beforehand.

Only after a full rest would Killua be able to use God Speed again, or he needed to be charged.

Allan knew about this so he directly activated his fruit ability and charged Killua with an electric current.

After being charged, Killua thanked Allan for his help.

Allan waved his hand and said: “It’s just a small matter.”

Killua once again entered God Speed and said: “Then, I will go into the valley and look for Shaiapouf.”

“If you find him, lead him here and I will deal with him,” Allan said.

“Okay, I’m going.”

In the next second, Killua disappeared.

After Killua entered the valley, Netero came to Allan and asked: “Allan, how is your situation?”

“It’s okay, I’m good,” Allan replied.

In his battle with the Ant King, Allan didn’t suffer any substantial damage, only his Stamina was greatly consumed.

Seeing Allan’s fatigue, Netero said: “You look tired, so go take a rest. If Killua finds Shaiapouf, this old man will deal with it. After taking that Senzu Been, I’m the one who is most rested and brimming with energy.”

Allan nodded as he was confident that even though old, Netero could deal with Shaiapouf with no problem.

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