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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 307: Amaterasu!

“Allan, what are you going to do? The Contract he made is directed at you.” Netero said.

The contract Pouf made was very strong, even Netero was helpless feeling it.

Allan replied seriously: “I will kill him before he could do anything.”

“Such a Nen of death would be difficult to deal with,” Netero said.

Allan reassured: “Don’t worry, I have my ways. Just watch, Chairman.”

Netero didn’t know what method Allan planned to use, but since he killed the ant king, maybe he had a way to deal with this.

In the next second, Netero noticed Allan’s eyes turn scarlet with a special pattern in the middle.

“What kind of eyes are there? Why does it feel evil?”

Netero frowned when he saw Allan’s Mangekyou Sharingan.

Allan looked at Pouf with his Mangekyou and said: “Amaterasu!”

A black flame suddenly appeared on Pouf’s body.

“A black flame?”

Netero, Kite, and everyone else was surprised by this.

The black flame of Amaterasu was extremely hot and could destroy anything. It’s a flame that will burn for seven days and seven nights.

In theory, Amaterasu can burn everything, not just people.

Pouf tried to use his ability to split his body and get rid of the black flames, but when it split, the black flame was still stuck in each copy.

A few minutes later, Pouf was finally burned to ashes by the black flames of Amaterasu.

“Huh, it is done.”

Seeing Pouf burned to ashes by Amaterasu, Allan sighed in relief.

Everyone there couldn’t believe what they saw, it took them a while to accept this.

“Allan, what kind of flame was that? It was powerful enough to wipe the Malice and Death energy from Pouf!”

“That’s a special power in my Mangekyou Sharingan eyes, it’s called Amaterasu, which is a black flame that can burn down everything, including [On], or Malice.”

Hearing this, Netero sighed: “You’re really too strong that I feel scared. Fortunately, you’re on our side.”

Allan stretched out lazily and said: “Chairman, the matter is resolved, let’s go back.”

Afterward, the group left this place and returned to the Hunter Association.

After returning, Allan rested for two days to recover all the energy he spent.

It took the other longer to recover, well except for Killua who was like a battery, all he needed was electricity and he would be like new.

A few days after their recovery, Netero summoned Allan, Kite, along with everyone else that participated in the last battle and awarded them.

Gon and Killua were now single-star hunters, and Morel became a double-star hunter, along with Kite, and Menchi. Knuckle and Shoot received the single-star hunter title as well.

Allan was now a triple star hunter, his status was equal to the twelve zodiacs, and even the vice-chairman, Pariston had to give him face now.

Of course, when Allan was about to get his triple star title, there was a vote in the twelve zodiacs, and half of them were against Allan becoming a triple star hunter.

Though, since Netero hold the most authority, he overruled their objection and gave Allan that title.

After becoming a triple star hunter, Allan received a villa from the association that can be valued at one billion Jenny.

Allan was satisfied with the villa and remembered that when he started here, it was difficult for him to even dream about getting such a high status.

He worked hard and gained his power through the system, at first it wasn’t much, but as he progressed, he became stronger and stronger, and finally, he stood at the top of the world.

After the Chimera Ant incident, Allan and Gon returned to their peaceful lives for a while.

Two days later, in his house, Allan called out the system.

Before killing the ant king, Allan received the system’s reward, the God Level Treasure Chest.

This should be the highest treasure chest in the system.

Right now, Allan was about to open this chest and see what was hidden inside.

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