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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 308: The Law of Space

[Do you want to open the God Level Treasure Chest?]


Allan instantly responded.

[Ding! Congratulations Host for opening the God-Level Treasure Chest and getting: Dimensional Exchange System!]

Dimensional Exchange System?

Allan was stunned. He already has a system, but he got another one?

However, when he inquired, it seems that the two systems did not conflict.

In simple terms, this dimensional exchange system is equivalent to a dimensional store, he could sell things and buy things from it.

Allan can use his items or abilities to buy things in the store. The points were the virtual currency of the system.

In this dimensional store, there were all kinds of products from all the worlds.

For example, there are Sharingan’s, Stands, Rokushiki, Haki, Devil Fruits, Zanpakuto, etc…

But Allan had many of those abilities.

So, those things didn’t attract him much.

When he continued to check what was inside the store, he was stunned.

“This is? Even the power of the laws are sold here?”

There is something called the Space Law for sale inside the store.

According to the description the space law had four basic abilities: Teleportation, Banishment, Sealing, and Severing.

Moreover, after mastering the power of this law, new abilities will develop as you go on.

In a sense, this power was equivalent to being a god.

Allan naturally wanted this space law very much, after all, with his current abilities, he was nowhere near the power of a god.

And if he masters the power of the space law, he would enter a new realm of power.

However, the price of this law was 20 million points.

Therefore, Allan must obtain those 20 million points first, and even if he sells all the items he didn’t need, he would get at most 4 million points, which was far from enough.

Allan didn’t want to give up.

After he sold the sword, Yatsufusa, for 1 million points.

Now, he had 5 million points, and 15 million were left.

Allan proceeded to sell his Observation and Armament Haki, which got him 1.5 million points.

Allan sold Yoru for another million, and now he had 7.5 million points.

Allan gritted his teeth and sold the Rasengan, Chidori, Bunsho Ten’in, and Shinra Tensei one after the other.

Those abilities added up to 3.5 million points and now he had 11 million points.

Allan then checked all the items and abilities he currently still had and found that if he sold them, he would get 10 million points.

Allan had to reluctantly sell them.

He enjoyed using most of those abilities, and he found it a pity to actually sell them.

But he thought that as long as he obtains the law of space, it will be worth it.

Allan’s ice fruit and rumble fruit were sold at 4 million points.

Allan could only bear the pain.

Next was Star Platinum, which was sold at 3 million points.

The Mangekyou Sharingan, which was the last ability Allan had, was sold for 3 million points.

After selling those abilities and items, Allan finally gathered 21 million points.

At this time, Apart from the original Nen ability he had, Allan didn’t have any extra ability or item.

Allan abandoned all of his abilities and items for the space law which was a major choice in his life.

Allan directly used 20 million points and finally obtained the space law.

The space law should be stronger than all the abilities and items Allan had previously.

“With this power, even if it’s a god, I will be fearless.” Allan clenched his fists and looked at the sky.

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