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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 309: Choice For the New Chairman

After getting the Space Law, Allan entered seclusion.

Although he had this power now, he wasn’t able to control it, so it took practice.

Ten days later, Allan finally ended his seclusion.

Although he wasn’t proficient yet, he can use the space law at its basic level.

For example, he can teleport.

The teleport using the law of space was a genuine teleport.

It’s not a fast movement, but actually going from point A to Point B instantly.

At this moment, he received a notice from Netero inviting him to the association.

Now, as a triple star hunter, Allan was eligible to attend the important discussions held in the association.

After receiving the notice, Allan decided to use the space law to teleport to the association.

Allan’s house was located in the center of the city, and about a few hundred Kilometers away from the association.

It takes two hours by car and one hour by aircraft to reach there.

Using the law of space, Allan could use short-distance teleportation.

His current limit was teleporting a kilometer at a time, so after a few jumps, Allan was already at the association. It took only a hundred seconds, which was 1 minute and forty seconds to travel a few hundred Kilometers.

In Netero’s office, the latter looked at Allan before saying: “Well, I haven’t seen you for a while and you seem to have changed.”

Allan was startled, Netero’s eyes were sure sharp.

He smiled and asked: “What change did the chairman notice?”

Netero replied: “I don’t know exactly, but I feel like you are more powerful, or mysterious, I can’t even see through you anymore.”

Allan smiled: “Thanks for the praise, Chairman, I just gained a new ability. However, for this reason, I also abandoned all of my previous powers. It can be said that now, I entered a brand-new realm. I will let you see what I mean sometime later, chairman.”

“Haha, I look forward to it,” Netero said.

After exchanging a few words, Allan finally asked: “Chairman, what is it that required my presence this time?”

Netero said: “This old man is going to retire. I wanted to ask your opinion.”

Allan wasn’t surprised by this decision.

“Well, if you want to retire, of course, there shouldn’t be a problem, chairman.”

“So, who do you think should be elected as the new chairman?” Netero asked.

Allan thought for a while before he replied: “I’m not familiar with my colleagues in the association, but if you ask me to recommend someone, it should be one from the twelve zodiacs.”

Netero nodded: “This old think so as well. Those who take the chairman’s position must have knowledge about the association. They also need to be strong enough. The Twelve Zodiacs are indeed the most suitable candidates.”

“So which one of the twelve does Chairman think is most suitable?” Allan asked.

“Well, I have two candidates in mind,” Netero replied.

“Oh? Can you tell me who they are?” Allan asked curiously.

Netero replied: “The first one is Pariston, in addition to being one of the twelve zodiacs, he is also the vice-chairman, and knows almost everything in the association. The second one is Cheadle Yorkshire. She is strong and recognized in the association, her reputation is high amongst her peers. She is also one of the few triple star hunters.

I have no doubt that she has the qualification to be the next chairman.

Allan nodded at the candidates that Netero chose and said: “Pariston and Miss Cheadle Yorkshire are indeed the best candidates, they have the ability to be in that position, but…”

“But what?” Netero asked.

“I think there is someone else that can be the Chairman,” Allan said.

“You mean that Ging, Ging Freecss guy?” Netero asked.

“Yes, it’s Gon’s father. Although I haven’t met him yet, they say that he is a great hunter.” Allan said.

Netero said: “It’s undeniable that this guy is indeed a very good hunter. No, I should say he is a genius. At a young age, he is a very powerful Nen user, he also made a lot of contributions to the association and qualifies for the position, but…”

“But what?”

“But that guy won’t become the chairman.”

“In other words, Ging himself doesn’t want to be the chairman, he doesn’t like to be restrained?”

“Restrained? Haha, this word is used well. That’s right, Ging is a person who years for freedom and adventure. He has no interest in becoming the Chairman and managing the association. Therefore, it’s impossible for him to become the chairman.”

“Haha, in that case, you can only choose from Pariston and Miss Cheadle Yorkshire,” Allan said.

“Well, <if I pick from those two, I’m afraid the other members of the twelve zodiacs will be unhappy, I think I should hold a fair election,” Netero said.


Netero replied: “I will let the members of the association vote for the twelve zodiacs. All twelve of them will be candidates for the position, and whoever gets more votes will be the chairman, what do you think?”

“Well, that’s a good idea, I think it will work.” Allan nodded. He was also interested in electing the new Chairman.

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