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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 310: The Twelve Zodiacs Gathers

A week later, Netero called the Twelve Zodiacs to hold a meeting.

In a meeting room inside the Association’s headquarters, the twelve zodiacs along with Netero sat down.

The twelve Zodiacs are usually busy, so, gathering the twelve at the same time is rare.

It’s not easy to invite them all at the same time. But they didn’t refuse this gathering after Netero invited them, which shows Netero’s weight in their hearts.

Pariston Hill – The Rat!

Mizaistom Nana – The Ox!

Kanzai – The Tiger!

Pyon – The Rabbit!

Botobai Gigante – The Dragon!

Gel – The Snake!

Saccho Kobayakawa – The Horse!

Ginta – The Sheep!

Saiyu – The Monkey!

Cluck – The Chicken!

Cheadle Yorkshire – The Dog!

Ging Freecss – The Boar!

In addition to them, Allan was also invited to this meeting.

Right now, he was sitting next to Netero.

Originally, Allan didn’t want to join the fun, but Netero said all the twelve Zodiacs are coming, so he wanted to see them.

The members of the twelve zodiacs weren’t unfamiliar with Allan, after all, Allan was well known now.

Besides, he is a triple-star hunter and deserved to be here with them.

But there are several people who met Allan for the first time here, one of them was Ging Freecss.

Ging at this moment looked at Allan a few times before he said: “I didn’t expect you to be so young. You really are good.”

“You’re also younger than I thought. I thought you’d be an old man already.” Allan said casually.

“I heard that you saved Kite when he was fighting the Chimera Ants, Thank you.” Ging thanked Allan.

“You only care about Kite, your disciple? What about Gon, your son? Have you met him? He really wanted to meet you.”

Allan’s words caught the attention of all the others there.

Their eyes turned to Ging as they waited for the show.

Ging scratched his head and said: “I really haven’t met Gon yet, but I heard that he is fine from Kite, you also took care of him, thank you.”

Allan replied: “I don’t need any useless thank you, since you’re Gon’s father, you should meet him.”

Ging nodded: “Besides coming to this meeting, I wanted to look for Gon, that’s why I’m here.”

“Fine then,” Allan said.

If Ging refused to meet Gon, Allan would be greatly disappointed in him.

But the protagonist of this meeting was Netero, so he shouldn’t show off.

Netero went straight toward the main topic: “Everyone, I plan to retire.”

The Twelve Zodiacs already expected this and weren’t surprised.

After all, Netero was the chairman of the association for decades and he was already quite old.

“Chairman, are you really planning to retire?” Asked Cheadle.

“Well, I already decided,” Netero said.

He already told Allan before, and this time, he was only informing them.

“Chairman, who are you going to appoint as the next Chairman?” asked Mizaistom Nana.

“The candidate for this position has to be selected from you twelve, this is why I asked you to come,” Netero explained.

“Chairman, you’re thinking too highly of us.”

The Twelve Zodiacs looked at each other and fell into deep thoughts.

After all, the position of the Chairman was not really simple. The responsibility and workload are too great and even as senior hunters, they aren’t fully confident to take this position.

Netero said: “The next chairman will be decided by an Election. This particular election will be redone if the voting rate is less than 95%. The election will be repeated if the candidate with the most votes has not achieved the majority of votes in the first election. It is mandatory that all Hunters write their names, or else all nameless votes will be null and void.

The member with the highest number of votes, in the end, will take the position of Chairman of the association.”

The Twelve Zodiacs felt the pressure but none of them refused.

The atmosphere inside the room became gloomy, as some members disliked each other.

Pariston knew that according to normal procedure, the vice-chairman should be the one to take over the chairman’s position, but in this case, the other zodiacs won’t agree.

Because each of them doubted Pariston more or less.

It’s because of this that Netero proposed the election.

In this way, it would be fair.

At this time, the vice-chairman suddenly said: “Chairman, why don’t you add another candidate.”

“Hm? Who do you want to add?” Netero asked.

“It’s the one next to you,” Pariston said as he looked at Allan.

Allan felt as if he was targeted for no apparent reason.

Netero turned his head and asked: “Allan, what do you think?”

Allan didn’t expect Pariston to want him to join the election, but he immediately shook his head: “I’m sorry, I have no interest in being the chairman of the hunter association. I appreciate your kindness, Vice Chairman Pariston.”

Pariston said: “Well, that’s a pity, otherwise, you might become the youngest new chairman in the history of the association.”

Allan shrugged.

After all, he is freer now and can do whatever he wanted.

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