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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 311: Gon Meets Ging

After the meeting, Allan went to Ging and said: “Ging, I don’t want you to slip away, so I will take you to Gon.”

Ging smiled awkwardly. Originally, he really wanted to slip away after the meeting, but Allan didn’t allow that.

Without any other choice, Ging followed Allan to meet Gon.

Ging also wanted to meet Gon, however, he felt guilty about leaving Gon to Mito instead of looking after him himself, so he couldn’t bring himself to face his child.

He felt that he was unqualified to be Gon’s father.

Allan knew about this and comforted Ging: “Don’t worry, Gon won’t blame you.”


“Yes, I know Gon very well, better than you do.”

“It seems so.”

Ging gave a wry smile without denying this.

After a phone call, Allan found out that Gon was training with Kite and Killua.

Since the end of the battle with the Chimera Ants, they realized how weak they were and started training.

Inside a villa a few dozens of Kilometers away from the association, Gon and Killua were fighting against Kite.

Even Kite felt the pressure from fighting those two together now and he was quite surprised by the rate of their progress.

However, without relying on Nen’s abilities, they weren’t Kite’s match.

After all, Kite was older and had much experience in combat.

So, in terms of the basics, Kite was stronger than both of them combined.

Kite also got to know them better from the fights.

Gon was stronger than Killua since he was an enhancer, but Killua had better techniques. Killua was also deceptive.

“Kite, you’re really strong.” Gon admired.

“This is really good. it looks like you can help us become stronger.” Killua said.

“You two are strong as well and really talented. You are still young and have a bright future, but for now, you guys still can’t win against me.”

After saying this, Kite directly kicked Gon and Killua.

Both kids were thrown away and fell onto each other.

“Damn it, Gon, let me handle him for a bit.”

Killua was dissatisfied, so he made Gon stay back and decided to use all of his power.

Kite was quite interested now that Killua refused to admit defeat.

Killua released his Nen and turned it into an electric current.

With Killua’s God Speed activated, he became even faster than Kite.

However, with Kite’s experience, he can deal with Killua even with the additional speed.

After that, Kite pointed out the shortcomings of Killua’s ability, which was the lack of attacking power. Although the speed was good, the power was not enough. When facing a stronger opponent, as an enhancer, it will be difficult to cause them any harm.

Therefore, Kite advised Killua to increase his attacking power while maintaining his speed.

After Killua ended his spar, it was Gon’s turn.

But at this moment, two guests came from outside.

They were obviously Allan and Ging.

The scene of Gon meeting Ging was slightly awkward. Neither of them took the initiative to speak up.

Ging scratched the back of his head not knowing what to say.

Allan sighed.

Kite said: “Teacher, you’re finally willing to see Gon.”

Hearing Kite’s words, Killua said: “So, you’re Gon’s father, you look like him.”

Gon said: “Killua, this is actually my first-time seeing Ging.”

“Shouldn’t you call him father or dad? Killua asked as he heard Gon call his father by name.

“No, for now, I should call him by name, right?” Gon looked at Ging.

Ging replied: “Well, you can call me Ging, you don’t need to call me dad.”

“Really weird father and son,” Killua said speechlessly.

It wasn’t that Gon didn’t want to call him father, but in a sense, they were strangers, since Gon knew nothing about Ging other than their blood relations.

As for Ging, he was even more relaxed when Gon called him by his name instead of his father.

Allan said: “You two can talk first, let go.”

After that, Allan took Kite and Killua and left temporarily, allowing Gon and Ging to talk.

After they left, Gon said: “Ging, I have a lot to tell you, let’s find a place to sit and talk.”

Ging nodded: “I know a nice place, I will take you there.”

“Good.” Gon was looking forward to it.

“That place is called the world tree, we will talk there.”

“World tree?” Gon wondered.

Ging: “It’s the largest tree in the world, as long as you climb to the top, you can see beautiful scenery.”

Upon hearing this, Gon said: “Then let’s hurry and go.”

Ging said: “The place is quite far away, so I asked my partner to take us there.”

“Ging’s partner?”

“Strictly speaking, it’s a bird, a very big bird.”

Under Ging’s call, a huge bird appeared in the sky and then landed on the lawn near the villa.

“Wow, that’s really a big bird.” Gon was stunned.

“It’s a partner I brought from somewhere, and it helped me travel all over the world.”

After that, Ging took Gon and jumped on the back of the giant bird, and flew to the World Tree.

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