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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 312: World Tree

The world tree reached a height of 1,784 meters, which was several hundred meters taller than the tallest building in the world.

Thousands of people challenged the tree to reach the highest peak without using any tools.

However, ordinary people won’t be able to reach the peak, as ninety percent of them would give up halfway from exhaustion.

The other five percent died in accidents, and only the last five percent would enjoy the scenery at its peak.

On top of the giant bird, Gon and Ging reached the top of the world tree.

At the top, both started having a conversation all day and didn’t leave until the next day.

Gon learned a great deal of information from Ging.

In particular, Gon learned about the current ‘world’ that humans live in.

The world was vast, very vast, and the current land humans govern was just a very small part of it.

There were other continents besides the one inhabited by humans.

Those continents were very dangerous. Humans won’t be able to survive there.

Gon also learned from Ging that the Chimera Ant came from the other continents, one called Dark Continent.

After gaining a new understanding of the world, Gon was eager and curious about the dark continent.

As a hunter, he wanted to go on an adventure there.

However, Ging told him that its best to not go until he is twenty, because the place was dangerous and even strong hunters died there.

If you aren’t strong enough, you can’t go there.

Even Ging wasn’t sure he could come back from the dark continent if he went there.

Gon promised Ging that he would not go until he was twenty years old.

He still has eight years to get stronger.

When Ging saw Gon’s determination, he smiled in relief.

After that, Ging gave Gon some money and left him his contact information, before he temporarily returned to the hunter’s association.

Gong, on the other hand, returned to Kite’s villa.

In order to become stronger, Gon and Killua trained together with Kite.

As for Allan, he lived leisurely.

For him who learned the Law of Space, he was no longer busy training.

On the other hand, Netero formally submitted his Resignment letter to the twelve Zodiacs and the V5.

The V5 is another name for the five Major Powers.

The Hunter association is supported by the V5.

This is the reason that the hunter license had so much privilege around the world.

Netero’s resignation needs to be accepted by the V5 before he steps down, and if they don’t agree, Netero could only continue being the Chairman.

Fortunately, the V5 Executives finally agreed to let Netero resign.

When Netero announced his retirement, it caused a lot of discussion around the world.

In the decades that Netero held his position, he deeply influenced many people, especially the hunters.

A few days later, Netero sent an official email to all members of the association to inform them about the election of the new chairman.

After the hunters heard about the election, they rushed back from all over the world.

Allan, Kite, Gon, and Killua also received the email and went to the association.

When they reached the association, Allan and the others met Leorio and Kurapika, who they didn’t see for a long time.

Gon was the most excited and happy about this reunion.

He went and told them about the fight with the Chimera Ants which made them understand the danger humanity faced.

Besides them, Even Hisoka came to the association.

Although Gon and the others were surprised that Hisoka was here, they didn’t say much, after all, Hisoka was a Hunter.

Hisoka was pleasantly surprised by Gon and Killua’s growth.

However, because Allan was there, he didn’t dare look at them in any way.

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