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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 313: Chairman’s Election

Two days later, the Chairman’s election started.

There were around 635 hunters in the association currently.

According to the statistics, a total of 606 hunters came to vote for the new chairman.

On the day of the election, the association was very lively.

In addition to them, some members of the V5 came to supervise the election to ensure fairness.

Since the founding of the association, there were only twelve chairmen, and the twelfth was Netero.

Since Netero was retiring, it was time to elect the 13th chairman.

Netero stood on the edge of the stage looking at the audience who were hunters who came to vote.

As a Triple-star hunter, Allan was in the first row.

Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio were in the second row.

Other familiar faces were present, like Kite, Morel, Knov, and others.

Hisoka was sitting on the row before last. Next to him was a very vacant space.

No hunter was willing to sit next to him.

They all felt that Hisoka was too dangerous and didn’t dare sit there.

If any hunter had a bit of knowledge, they would know of Hisoka, and even the twelve Zodiacs didn’t dare provoke him.

Everyone was curious and surprised that such a dangerous person came to vote for the new chairman.

“Everyone, quiet down.”

Netero’s voice stopped all discussions in the hall.

“Let’s start the Election now. Before we start voting, I will ask the twelve candidates to come out and give a speech.”

The first person that came out was Pariston. After introducing himself, he went on and said: “I have served as the Vice-Chairman for three years now and I learned a lot from Chairman Netero. Working with him made me understand the requirement for this position.

First of all, it requires strength.

As a professional hunter, you need to be strong, but as chairman of the entire hunter association, this position needs strength above all others.

The second thing needed was the experience of being a professional hunter and managing the affair of the association.

The third requirement is temperament. This is referring to the capacity to forgive and withstand oppression from others.

People with limited resources can’t hold the Chairman Position.

If I have the chance to be the next Chairman, I will definitively work to manage the association better and ensure further development.”

After Pariston finished his speech, the next to speak was Mizaistom Nana, who didn’t give a normal speech but instead explained that he didn’t want to be the next Chairman and wanted whoever was going to vote for him to give that vote to Ging Freecss.

After that, the zodiacs each gave a different kind of speech.

After the twelve finished their speeches, only four expressed their intention to become the next chairman.

Ging also expressed that he had no interest in becoming the new chairman, and hoped that no one would vote for him.

In addition to Ging, the other three were Botobai Gigante, the dragon, Pariston, the rat, and Cheadle the dog.

Netero returned to the stage and said: “Then, let’s start the votes now, each person can vote for one candidate, and the one with the highest votes will be the new chairman.”

After saying this, the voting process started.

The Twelve Zodiacs stood on the stage with a box in front of them.

Hunters who voted only needed to write their names on a piece of paper and then drop it in the box.

“Allan, who do you want to vote for?” Kite walked toward Allan and asked.

“Well, I plan to vote for Botobai Gigante,” Allan said.

“Mr. Botobai Gigante is indeed a good candidate, but I decided to vote for Ging since he is my teacher,” Kite said.

Gon heard that kite was planning to give his vote to Ging and said: “Ging said he doesn’t want to be the chairman, so Kite, you should give your vote to someone else.”

“Then Gon, who are you going to vote for?” Kite asked.

“I don’t know much about the Zodiacs, but judging from their speech, I decided to vote for Pariston.”

After hearing this, Kite said: “Gon, do you know that Pariston and your father had a very rocky relationship? They think differently, and although they are not enemies, they think too differently. They are kind of rivals.”

“It turns out that Pariston is Ging’s rival. Mm, I will give my vote to someone else then, I have to think about it.” Gon said.

“Killua, how about you?” Seeing Gon struggling, Allan asked Killua.

“Whatever, I don’t care who will be the next chairman anyway,” Killua replied.

“Then, you have to choose someone to support,” Allan said.

“Then just like you, I will give my vote to Mr. Botobai Gigante.” Killua decided.

Allan nodded and then asked: “What about you, Leorio, Kurapika? Who are you voting for?”

Kurapika replied: “I decided to vote for Miss Cheadle.”

After that, each one voted for someone they wanted to support.

When Allan went to vote, he happened to meet Hisoka and asked: “Who did you vote for?”

Hisoka glanced at Gon and said: “I voted for Gon’s father.”

After that, everyone returned to their seats.

The staff started counting the votes and Netero finally come to announce the result of the Election.

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