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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 314: New Chairman

“Everyone, the votes have been counted, and there are 600 valid votes and only 6 didn’t vote.”

Following that, Netero announced the votes of the twelve candidates.

In the last place is Pyon with 19 votes.

The eleventh place was Gel, with 20 votes.

In tenth place was Saccho Kobayakawa, with 23 votes.

The ninth place is Ginta, with 24 votes.

The Eighth place is Saiyu, with 27 votes.

The Seventh place is Kanzai, with 30 votes.

The Sixth place is Cluck, with 37 votes.

In fifth place was Mizaistom Nana with 41 votes.

In fourth place was Cheadle, with 60 votes.

Netero stopped in the fourth place without announcing the last three.

The remaining three were Ging, Pariston, and Botobai Gigante.

The three of them had most of the votes and one of them will be the next Chairman.

Allan and the others started guessing who will get third place and so on.

“Gon, do you think your father will get the first place?” Asked Killua.

Gon shook his head and said: “I don’t think so.”

“You felt so?” Allan asked.

“Yeah.” Gon nodded.

Leorio said: “I think Ging should be second place.”

Kurapika had a different view as he said: “I think Ging is either in the first or third place.”

Hearing this, Leorio said: “Do you want to be?”

“Okay, what do we bet on?” Kurapika asked.

“How about a hundred thousand Jenny?” Leorio said.

“No problem,” Kurapika replied.

“Then I will bet that he will get the second place,” Leorio said.

Kurapika thought for a bit and said: “Then I bet that he got the first place.”

At this time Allan said: “Why don’t you let me in too.”

Kurapika and Leorio nodded at the same time and said: “No problem, so what place do you think Ging will get?”

Allan said: “I will bet he got third place.”


Both Leorio and Kurapika felt something weird.

From the way everyone voted, Ging should be first or second place.

Of course, Pariston and Botobai Gigante were also popular.

After a while, Netero announced the number of votes for the third place, which was, sure enough, Ging with 90 votes.

Allan guessed right and won the bet.

Leorio and Kurapika each gave Allan a hundred thousand Jenny.

Allan put them away happily

Killua said: “I knew that I should’ve bet on Ging getting third place.”

Leorio murmured: “You’re only saying that now.”

Allan smiled: “The first and second place is not announced yet, so let’s bet on who is first and second, and this time will also use a Hundred Thousand Jenny.”

“Then I will bet that the new chairman will be Pariston,” Leorio said confidently.

Allan then said: “Then I will be on Botobai Gigante.”

Leorio smiled: “This time I will win, you won’t be so lucky each time.”

Allan smiled back: “Then let’s wait and see.”

Following that, everyone else also gave their bets.

Kurapika said: “I will also bet on Mr. Botobai Gigante.”

“Me too.” Killua continued.

“Then, will play as well, I will also bet on Mr. Botobai Gigante.” Gon said.

Hearing this, Leorio was speechless: “You guys are that confident that Botobai Gigante will get the first place?”

At this moment, Leorio was a bit shaken, but he placed his bet first, so he can’t change it now.

If he wins the bet, he would get four hundred thousand Jenny, but if he lost, he will have to give that amount all at once.

Finally, Netero announced the first and second places, which were 114 votes for Pariston, and 115 for Botobai Gigante.

Therefore, in this election, Botobai Gigante won and became the chairman.

Botobai Gigante was one of the closest people to Netero and he had both strength and reputation.

So, no one was dissatisfied with him.

Lorio sighed.

Killua rubbed it in: “Leorio, you lost.”

Leorio was helpless, so he could only give out the four hundred thousand Jenny to the four of them. He could only accept this loss.

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